1. MissAlbedo

    The Finger Goddess

    Grand Inspector Lin looked at her. "Marry me!" "Excuse me, what?" Emperor Jinling stared up at her with pleading puppy eyes. "You smell like my grandmother. Can I sniff you?" What is going on? Mai is thrown back to ancient China and must start her life anew with a brutal but magical twist -...
  2. S

    25 yo looking to jo with older men

    26 year old bottom looking to jack off over cam with older daddy types ;) Add me on snap : modernxswitch Or comment your username below
  3. M

    Can someone help ID this daddy?

    found him on twitter.
  4. R

    Alex Montiel Escorpion Dorado (ig: @alexmonthy )

    Algo del Escorpion ?? Esta rico en esta se le paro
  5. Y

    Looking for subs - mind control roleplay - snap : rainbow_claw359

    Looking for subs for a mind control roleplay. ++ hairy, married, older. I wanna turn the "str8 friend" into my personal slut. FACE MANDATORY
  6. johnlong1991

    Photos & Videos Mature Muscle Daddy

    German Muscle Daddy, so hot OnlyFans anyone got anything?
  7. secludedbyway

    Photo Can anyone ID this guy?

  8. Dilflover1


    Any more on this gorgeous man from instagram?
  9. Z

    Who is this guy having fuck with granny lindi?

    Please help find this guy. I’ve been looking anywhere of this guy and none got me clue. If you know him whether he’s a model or hopefully a pornstar, please let me know
  10. S

    Hung Guys who Snapchat with Married couples?

    We have seen the large Snapchat lists here, but it's hard to find people that are actually legit. Is there a thread for couples that want to show off to hung guys? We are both straight. We take a ton of Snaps and we would like to mess around to Snaps people send us. We love the compliments...
  11. G

    Stag Parties / Stag Reels

    This is a question more for the mature fellas. I recently read something about "Stag Reels" and how they were often played at stag parties or men's only spaces back in the 60s and 70s, pre-VCR. Just wondering - was masturbation ever involved, either openly or discreetly? Do you have any fun...
  12. N

    Photos & Videos Fit guys with mature or chubby women

    Post pics or videos of fit guys (muscular, athletic, slim) fucking noticeably older or chubby women
  13. Yimvmligv

    Hairy Daddies

    I love an specific type of men (doesn't matter the race) that i don't see too much on internet and i would love to have more examples, so post it if you have any more content like that (naked preferably) *Mauro Cid on the photo, brazillian army man, right arm of ex president Bolsonaro, he's...
  14. E

    Photos & Videos Hot older men wanking and cumshots

    anyone has hot older men wanking and cumshots videos to share here?
  15. Rhidang

    I need your help ID this Hot Matured Daddy

    I saw this hot Daddy online and honestly I find him as one of the sexiest mature daddy out there. Does anyone know his name or if he have other videos? Please help me as I keep on dreaming about him all day.
  16. H

    Looking for dilf in San Francisco

    26yo white male living in sf looking for a hot mature dad for casual discreet hookups .. can snap/kik/telegram for pics
  17. A

    Gay Silver Foxes

    Can we like create a thread exclusively for actual Gay Silver Foxes and thirst on them instead of hoping for those Str8 ones to even look at yall. I'll start with Eric Rutherford. Lets make it steamy to on the way.
  18. M

    Sheffield Made Plants (Youtuber)

    Anyone has anything on this English guy? I know he's straight and has a wife and kids, and he might not be for everybody, but there's something about him, I find him quite hot. He published a video recently and his bulge looks pretty nice in his gray sweatpants, plus it looks like he's commando...
  19. M

    Pepe Toño

    This sexy Latino bear goes by Pepe Toño. Does anyone have more pics/videos of him? Social media? Thoughts??
  20. S

    Older Guy in the Office

    An Older Guy in the Office. Chapter One It was Wednesday... it was June 1976....I sat at my desk in the Accounts Dept... high up on the top floor of Burlington House office block. The sun was shining through the plate glass was a fabulous, summer's day...
  21. K

    Links Does anyone have this video?

    It’s a video of hotel staff “old daddy” doing room service, the guest is jerking with the door open and the staff member can clearly see him. He eventually goes up to the guest and sucks him off. The uploader on ThisVid won’t accept my request.
  22. uksissycuckhubby

    Enjoy cam2cam full sex with my mature BBW wife

    My wife loves me but my little clit dick doesn't get her wet and excited. She adores cam2cam chat with well-hung guys to provide her with the orgasm i cannot. Age is irrelevant, but the ability to seduce & excite her is. She'll be online tonight, 22 Oct 22 after 10 pm UK time and can be found...
  23. J

    brofessor emeritus

    anything on this hottie? @NoShirtFlipFlop on twitter
  24. D

    Who's this daddy?

    Do you know who's the man in the video??? Saw this on a telegram group but had no information of his name or @
  25. D

    Big Dick Daddy likes muscle

    This story is based on true events but I have created a lot of it from my imagination. Let's call it 60% true. My name is Michael Sprey. I'm a gay black male now in my 60s. I have a BIG dick. I've known this since I was in grade school. It has been a large (pun intended) blessing on my life and...
  26. I

    Photos & Videos Jay Crew

    Didn’t seem to find a Jay Crew thread on here, I’m shocked.
  27. I

    Photo Ben Giroux (@bengiroux)

    Actor on Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger” also a voice actor.
  28. S

    Dads And Their Boys

  29. gise


    Hi friends! I would like March to be a very fun month. For this I invite you to the "FULL HANDJOB!" Contest. They will have to post a photo/s with my image (any of the ones posted on LPSG!) stained with their sweet milk. IF YOU UPLOAD A VIDEO IT WILL BE MUCH BETTER! In a few days I will...
  30. little not to like

    little not to like