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  1. J

    brofessor emeritus

    anything on this hottie? @NoShirtFlipFlop on twitter
  2. D

    Who's this daddy?

    Do you know who's the man in the video??? Saw this on a telegram group but had no information of his name or @
  3. S

    Big Dick Daddy likes muscle

    This story is based on true events but I have created a lot of it from my imagination. Let's call it 60% true. My name is Michael Sprey. I'm a gay black male now in my 60s. I have a BIG dick. I've known this since I was in grade school. It has been a large (pun intended) blessing on my life and...
  4. I

    Photos & Videos Jay Crew

    Didn’t seem to find a Jay Crew thread on here, I’m shocked.
  5. I

    Photo Ben Giroux (@bengiroux)

    Actor on Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger” also a voice actor.
  6. S

    Dads And Their Boys

  7. gise


    Hi friends! I would like March to be a very fun month. For this I invite you to the "FULL HANDJOB!" Contest. They will have to post a photo/s with my image (any of the ones posted on LPSG!) stained with their sweet milk. IF YOU UPLOAD A VIDEO IT WILL BE MUCH BETTER! In a few days I will...
  8. little not to like

    little not to like

  9. D

    Men in assless chaps

    This thread is to share content about men of any age wearing assless chaps. Feel free to share anything related, dilfs, bikers, cowboys, etc. Just want to share fantasies really. Have fun!
  10. M

    Snowbird to suck off mature host, 513-208-7786

    Looking for a. Mature host within 30 miles of Tampa to visit and suck off. Fit, discreet, clean cut, love taking my time on a mature cock until you hit the back of my mouth with your load. Once or regular thing 5one, three, 2zero,eight, seven,seven86
  11. T

    Can Anyone Identify Who The Guy Is?

    Can anyone identify who the guy is om this video? Thanks
  12. A

    Webslut Wife

    Vote her up, comment and spread her every where TE2
  13. T

    Links 70 Year Old Bodybuilder On Nude Beach

    Can anyone help identify this dilf or where this video comes from? Thanks!!
  14. gise

    Amateur Model Art

    Hi friends! I would like to open a thread for all LPSG fans to post their photos or those they find of amateur art. For them to cheer up, I start with some of my own art
  15. C

    Mature Women With Phat Asses / Big Booty Milfs / Curvy Voluptuous Older Women / Bubble Butt Gilfs

    there's something to be said about a person who ages like fine wine. Many times a big booty milf can be much more attractive than her younger counterparts. this can range from SFW to NSFW and from pornstar to celebrity to average every day women. As long as it's a big booty on an older woman...
  16. D


    Does anyone have anything on these daddies?
  17. M

    Help Id This Big Dick Daddy!

    I used to see him everywhere and recently came across this video! Any idea?
  18. E

    Video Scenes With Mature Woman And A Very Horny Young Male Assworshipping Or Licking Feet

    These scenes below are just so great, seeing those young folks losing their mind when having their fantasies become real, it just feels very relatable. especially the first guy when he's licking Lady Ewa's perfect ass and going wild. Know similar scenes? I could see it happens most often in...
  19. gise

    Introduce Myself

    Hi friends!!! My name is Gise And I found this website by chance surfing the internet. And I really like it !! I am uploading some photos of me that I hope you like. Kisses for everyone!!!
  20. A

    Str8 Mature (40+) Skype List

    49 married str8 who likes to chat and cam with other mature (40+) str8 guys. Boys will be boys stuff. Skype: live:.cid.dfc24d38acb2a2fe If that sounds like you, add your Skype ID.
  21. monsterman15

    Who Is This Hung Mature Daddy With Twink

    What an amazing girthy cock! I must see more of it. Any clues who the daddy is?
  22. D

    Raquel Raxxx

    I really don't get why she didn't get more attention, to me she really was the ideal milf/mature with big breasts. Seems like she went out of the industry, but has a twitter account for private shows (seems inactive) Anyone know anything, or have pictures/videos of this beauty, really want to...
  23. K

    Mature And Grannies Spreading

    Women love to spread for the World
  24. 1

    Please Help Id His Russian Porn Star

    TURBOMOMS - Hot russian milf Alina sex From: 8:30 Russian Mature 254 He is so sexy. Does anybody know his stage name? Insta? Onlyfans? Thank you.
  25. N

    Removing Bra During Sex

    This is a bit of an unexpected one, but I was watching this video the other day and my god a certain part of it turned me on! The wife is having sex with another guy while the husband films. She's naked but has her bra on. Then halfway through she gets her own tits out, as though she really...
  26. Ylmzcvk

    Photo Please Tell Me Who Is He?

    if u guys know this gif come from, him or the video name anything about it let me know. cause i'm literally obsessed about it!
  27. Ylmzcvk

    Photo Please Tell Me Who Is He?

    where is this gif come from? what is the name of the original video?
  28. 5

    Hot Mature Guys

    Hi there! Looking for mature guys who like to show off and chat. Post yourself down below ;)
  29. E

    Greg Berzinsky

    Someone has anything of him??
  30. bigdick616

    Older Gentlemen I Want To See Those Big Ole’ Dicks

    To the mature members of LPSG Gay, Straight, or Bi! I want to see those BIG DICKS! Tell me what makes you hard!