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  1. T

    Meat naked calendar

    Does anyone have any uncensored pictures from the various Meat naked calendars?
  2. Shofixti

    The Keto Diet Thread

    Hey forum, I'm in week three of adapting to the keto diet and I thought I'd pool some resources here and see if there's any new or fresh opinions and insights. Jeff Nippard - finds no real differences in diets, just choose the one you can maintain long term Interview with Dom D'Agustino about...
  3. 1

    Feeling Inadequate

    Yes I know this is LPSG. I'm watching the main feed with all these gigantic schlongs scrolling past and suddenly I feel very inadequate lol. The meat buffet here is incredible. As usual seems as if everyone lives not near me. Wah wah. Okay okay that's my bitchy queen moment for the day...
  4. A

    Photo My Cock

    Just thought I would start off my sharing my cock.
  5. 1

    Photo Hung guys

    Post your favorite photos from the web of hung guys!
  6. Alexis5H

    Video Body by brandon

  7. JDFatHead

    Love stuffing my ass with sausages

    Feeding my butthole jumbo sausage until anal orgasms! https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/shove-hot-dog-up-my-ass.178561/