1. Male Pattern Dumbness

    Male Pattern Dumbness

    What is it with people on this site with wild speculation and over-exaggeration of people's hair loss. I've noticed that Pietro Boselli and Attila Toth have particularly been subject to this. To read a lot of the posts on the threads dedicated to these guys, you'd expect to see someone who...
  2. C

    DOUBLE艾 double3852 Youtubers

    Did anyone have anything more spicy on these Chinese hunks? Sexy Photoshoot
  3. H

    Hot underwear models, influencers & photographers of YouTube

    There is some surprisingly hot stuff on YouTube. I never knew. Honestly. I went to YouTube for music, news, interviews, comedy. I went elsewhere for hot guys. But, after stumbling upon and liking one video, the YT algorithm is now servicing me dozens of videos of barely clothed models...
  4. A

    Butlers in the Buff

    Does anyone know these models from Helpful Hunks (Butlers in the Buff)?
  5. P

    ID please this hot guys

    Anyone, please ID them..
  6. pharaoh44onearth

    Anyone on amazon prime able to share episodes from this hot show?

    Hi, I've been desperately trying to find more episodes of these for years, i found a few on youtube back in 2019\2020 and saved some, which i made a thread on, but i can't access these which i really wanna watch, in my country doesnt let me purchase them cause i am not in italy or uk. The UK...
  7. ValentinDE

    Who are these underwear models?

    I wanna have babies with him!
  8. J

    Men in mesh and see-through shirts and polos

    Pictures of guys wearing mesh and see-through shirts, t-shirts, polos and whatnot. Not erotic clothes or loungewear or things of the sort - more like fashion looks and such. Post away!
  9. Keepitsmooth

    What content do you want to see on OF?

    Simple question: what do you look for when you visit someone’s OF profile page?
  10. G

    Help find these two guys going at it in a club
  11. JustinThaiPhoto

    Photographer Looking for Male Models - NYC (July 2023) or Virtual

    Hello … I’m a San Francisco-based photographer looking for male models to shoot. I am looking for guys, with or without modeling experience, who is comfortable with their body and self. I shoot everything from headshot to full-nude. I only post a few photos on my social media. However, I am...
  12. T

    Gay/Gay For Pay Pornstars

    So I was recently browsing YouTube and came across this channel (RippedTrainingDotCom) and I noticed that I'd seen a few of their models in some gay porn before. Their website is no longer up, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this channel or any of the guys on it? It seems...
  13. G

    Photo Models

    Does anyone recognize this model? He always pops up during porn ads! So hot! Need a name!
  14. W

    Dickulus Cummer - Twin Brothers

    Any information regarding their content? Is it worth it? Mina Bankz | dickuluscummer
  15. D

    Beautiful boys

    This is a thread to share pictures of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing guys. It can be models, celebrities, or just random online guys. I don't think a thread like this exists already so here it is. Feel free to post! You can also state (or not) the name of the person in the photo. Let me...
  16. D

    Help me identify these models

    Please help me identify these models, especially the one in white underwear. I found them browsing the internet and it seems to be a print of some video. Please...
  17. Dan9410

    What’s the deal with Breckie hill?

    I know she has OnlyFans? Or a fansly? modes she post nudes? Or toy videos? Or is it just lingerie?
  18. F

    Instagram Serbian Fitness Guys

    Post Hot Serbian instagram fitness guys.
  19. H

    ABS ART-Fighters

    On this thread I would like to discuss abput fighters from this webpage. ABS ART ABS ART specializes in fetished involving gutpunching, vacuuming, navel torture. What's your opinion of this site and it's models?
  20. agmxxm

    AI generated nude male photography

    I didn't really get it at first - but after playing with some AI art generators for a few hours, I've learned you can make almost anything you can think of come to life. Here's a few I made in a matter of a couple hours. Anyone else have some to share?
  21. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Men Shirtless in Jeans

    One of the sexiest things in a man: when he's shirtless in jeans.
  22. NicHalliwell

    Masturbating while thinking about celebrities who are no longer alive

    How do you feel during and after masturbation from enjoying fantasizing about celebrities who are no longer there (porn or not)?
  23. Seanconner456

    Photos & Videos MODELS MODELS MODELS

    All models fashion,runway,nude,artistic, fitness, etc..
  24. D

    Does anyone know who this is?

    I came across this hottie on Urban Outfitters' site, anyone know who he is? Thanks in advance!
  25. S

    Inch Photography onlyfans

    I really like his work inch photography
  26. C

    Ryan Kutcher (Bel Ami Model)

    Starting a thread about this Bel Ami hunk
  27. thebussyinvader

    English & Irish Models

    What do we have?
  28. 9

    Video Chaturbate Couples

    andrewxtyler more 1 2 3 4
  29. D

    How Can I Find Out The Most Popular Gay Onlyfans Accounts, Especially Foot Fetish Accounts?

    Hey guys, looks like I previously posted this in the wrong forum. It seems like onlyfans doesn't have an explore option to find models that are popular or who have accounts specifically for gay foot fetish. Is there anyway I can find this out, or do you just have to find the accounts you're...
  30. D

    How can i find out the most popular gay onlyfans accounts, especially foot fetish accounts?

    It seems like onlyfans doesn't have an explore option to find models that are popular or who have accounts specifically for gay foot fetish. Is there anyway I can find this out, or do you just have to find the accounts you're interested in searching the web?