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  1. Jnastyy

    NYC Escort

    NYC Young Man Looking To Meet People And Make Some money
  2. D

    Sydney (Australia or Global) - Sponsor me, Get me Muscled, Grow me.

    31, White, Euro background Australian, discreet, normal, clean, honest, reliable, masculine looking, behaving. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, im very well mannered and respectable. I respect privacy 110%, what we talk about and do is strictly between us only, guaranteed. Live in Sydney...
  3. F

    Does cash change your mind?

    Specifically, have you ever been asked by a guy to come suck his dick, said you're not in the mood but he's offered cash so you did it because cash was on the table with no strings attached? Has happened to me, was a guy I'd meet every few weeks when he was house sitting for a friend while she...
  4. A Rentboy's Diary


    My first night as a rentboy We had met at a party for a friend, Rishi, Jake and Tyler were all 5 years older than me. I had a great time talking to them and at the end they invited me over for a few drinks at their house. As soon as the door closed Rishi grabbed my ass and leaned in with the...
  5. J

    Hottie Anonymous

    Which anonymous insta person you will like to see some nude content? Can be someone you know or Just admire but is not that famous
  6. A

    Hot Straight Guy Selling Vids/pics Cheap

    My mate Sam is a bit stuck for rent ATM and is desperate for cash. He's willing to sell pictures/videos of whatever content you desire. Please contact him on Snapchat (Sam_pascoe20) if interested.
  7. J

    Looking For Sugar Daddy

    i’m willing to sale ass, feet, and hand pics. also moaning videos. prices are negotiable and transactions will be through paypal or cashapp
  8. hifred711

    Friends Comparing Penis To Momey And Things

    my friends showing off how big they really are. compare to money and water bottles . how do you compare?