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  1. S

    Johnny Depp's Cum Face

    just an appreciation post for this scene from the movie the ninth gate. makes me horny af!
  2. C

    From which Porn Movie is that Blowbang? Actors? (5 Bottoms sucking 5 Tops outside)

    Can someone ID this Movie or an actor? Want that scene :-)
  3. N

    Pleasure (2021) - Movie

    Have you ever seen the movie Pleasure (official selection of the Cannes festival)? It's a non-porn movie but with explicit scenes. The film was almost banned for under 18 but was finally banned for under 16. It caused a lot of controversy during the presentation at Cannes. Synopsis: Bella...
  4. S

    Photos & Videos Tv chartoon male nudity

    Check videos below for reference 0:42 Regular Show Naked Benson 1:39 The Road to El Dorado (2000) - The Trail We Blaze (3/10) | Movieclips 25:59 George of the Jungle 2015: An Experience 0:34 A Pete Scorned | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts 1:57 Spongebob the masterpiece part 3
  5. D

    Please help ID this guy from Geostorm

    Please help ID this guy from the movie Geostorm I just think he's hot and has a nice ass
  6. grubarafinada

    What the movie it is? (milking scene)

    Anyone know from what movie this is from?
  7. S

    House of Gucci model

    Anybody knows who is this House of Gucci model? His name?
  8. C

    Links Please Help Identify This Video

    Please help me identify the full movie of this clip – 2 hunks fucking in a graveyard at night. https://megaxh.com/videos/fucking-a-guy-in-a-graveyard-4642127? Looks like it's been deleted from everywhere ☹️ Thanks so much!
  9. mrt19

    Video [brazil] Do Somebody Knows Their Names? Or The Movie?

    twinks In Jail two Juvie males Scene two at Ice Gay Tube
  10. Crazyfictiony

    Teasing Daniel - Corbin Fisher

    "Teasing Daniel" - One of the hottest Corbin Fisher vids ever: Anyone have it? So I'm on a major Andrew Stark binge lately, thanks in no small part to some great vids featuring, uhh, firefighter roleplay and some baseball locker room shit on Men.com. He got his start, though, in Corbin Fisher...
  11. H

    Anyone Recognise This Russian Movie?

    Much appreciated. Thanks
  12. F

    What Movie Is This From?

    Does anyone know what movie this scene is from? Seems to be military recruits stripping getting ready to shower
  13. playashleysage

    Fate : The Winx Saga

    Anyone here amazed how they cast a lot of hot guys there? hahah especially Danny Griffin and Jacob Dudman .. love love
  14. E

    Male Celebrities Who Moan During Sex Scenes

    I'm always super horny for guys who moan when having sex, and over the years I've encountered some male celebrities who have really great sex noises. Feel free to add to this list with examples! David Tennant He has a lot of sex scenes, and in almost all of them he's louder than the woman which...
  15. geofinn

    Summer Of 85 / Été 85

    Has anyone seen it? What are your opinions? What a great movie!
  16. H

    Video Id This "discipline" Movie?

    Anyone knows the film this clip comes from?? So hot scene
  17. P

    Love, Simon/love, Victor Cast

    Anything on the cast of Love, Simon or Love, Victor? I know theres some stuff on the guy who plays Simon's boyfriend, Bram. But anyone find anything on the rest of the cast of the movie? Or the spin off TV series on Hulu, Love, Victor?
  18. E

    Links Scenes Of Male Skin Is Shutting Down

    This website has a lot of archives of naked celebrities clips. Sadly,the shutting down definitely is a huge lost. If you never heard of this website, back up as much as you can before the end of August. Link: http://soms.manicmoose.org/
  19. 3

    So I Saw “the Painted Bird”

    Ok , it’s a long movie and honestly I couldn’t tell if it was actually telling a story. It seemed like your typical shock video but in long form. “How much can we tamely do with a child?” Seemed to be the premise. And I couldn’t tell you where this movie was supposed to have taken place , I’m...
  20. JayPR

    Were You Not Allowed By Your Parents To Watch Tv Shows/movies With Gay Content?

    I would like to know if your parents banned you from watching TV shows or movies with PG gay content when you were younger. I grew up in the late 80s and 90s, so there were not many shows or movies with gay content, and, besides, my parents are pretty liberal. But I have a friend (from a...
  21. D

    Help Finding This Movie/actors

    This video is so hot, but I can't find the movie or the name of the actors. Any help?
  22. 5

    Movie Help Thread

    So I am needing some help finding a movie/scene/tv show. I only remember this part: Science fiction/fantasy/young adult(non-porn)/magical world movie of sorts. Gives me like harry potter feels Its a car with two or three women up front(these women are wizards, magicians, or have some kind of...
  23. french_lp

    What Was The Last Movie That Hit You Right In The Feels?

    I enjoy movie time with my SO and we love discovering new ones, especially those who make us feel/think/react/discuss (blockbusters are good from time to time but it's not really thought provoking". The last emotionnal rollercoaster movie we watched together was "je vais bien ne t'en fais pas"...
  24. F

    Video Help Me Id This Film Please! Thank You!

    Kidnap, chloro and bondage F/M - ThisVid.com thank you very much!
  25. M

    Movie Name

    Sex Lover
  26. D

    Who Knows These Actors?

    I have been trying to get the names of those movies, but I couldn’t do it.
  27. shirtlesshunk

    Brian Jordan Alvarez Gay Sex Videos

    Lets check out this actor, filmmaker and Youtube star – Brian Jordan Alvarez goes naked and some Gay sex scene from Special.
  28. Dan0424

    Jack Parr - Hot Hunk

    Hi. I just found this guy on youtube and I wanted to know if anyone else have anything on him. He is so hot. Here is his ig Jack Parr (@jackwparr) • Instagram photos and videos And this is the studio he is working with: Oxygen Films So anything else? Does anyone know if he is actually gay?
  29. 1

    Help Me Find A Gay Movie!

    So when i was younger i remember watching a foriegn movie (i think russian or somewhere in eastern europe maybe) that i cant find anymore! It was on netflix's lgbt page and i remember it started in the 50s or 60s with the dad getting mad at the mother for buying the protagonist (a child here) a...
  30. M


    Hi all, Long back i have seen some short of clip, from a hollywood movie where The friends (girls) abducted a hot man from a bar and tied him in pole bar and have sex with him without his wish. Anyone!! I need to know which movie is this.