1. kalalakihan

    Men In Trouble

    Here's a little thread featuring hot men in trouble or is bound or bondaged
  2. D

    Help find Gay photographer indie documentary?

    I remember seeing an unrated indie documentary about an old gay photographer. There’s a scene where he is photographing a young model who is really turned on and tries to hit on the photographer but he eventually refuses his advances. Any help please?
  3. C

    WHO knows the name of this Gay Movie ?

    WHO knows the actors or this Movie name please Write
  4. R

    Walking Street (2016) Movie

    Anyone able to share link to watch this film for free? Here’s the IMDB page: Walking Street (2016) ⭐ 6.0 | Drama
  5. M

    Light/Soft cuckolding moments in television/film

    Big fan of the idea and topic of cuckolding, but recently discovered how satisfying "light"-cuckolding that is featured in mainstream media. Pretty much anything that involves a guy that sees/watches/witnesses his woman being overly affectionate to another gentleman. A nice example of this is...
  6. N

    Mon beau petit cul

    Has anyone seen that movie/documentary from 1999? It’s a German senior living in Marocco, having his sugar boys;)
  7. J

    Photos & Videos Your Favorite Vintage Porn/Movies

    I’ve seen a lot of threads about phots of vintage porn stars but not a lot of videos or movie recommendations… if you have any favorites share them down below
  8. fireice42

    Ricky Russert

  9. fireice42

    Jonathan Stoddard

  10. Marco Tony

    Is There Any Men Who Don't Love Their Sperm Being Swallowed?

    Porn often show sperm smallowing. Especially in straight porn. But porn is only a fantasy. What about gay men? Is there such thing as men who dont love their sperm being swallowed? I remember watching a 90s gay comedy years ago. I dont remember the tittle. Its a mid 90s gay comedy. In the...
  11. H

    CAMP Movie (2003) cast - Robin de Jesús, Daniel Letterle, Vince Rimoldi

    CAMP was released in 2003 and just celebrated its 20th anniversary, it's a cult classic and has some great LGBT+ storylines. The movie is notable as the film debut of future Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick, future three-time Tony nominee Robin de Jesús, future The Voice contestant Sasha...
  12. J

    Photos & Videos YouTuber Movie/TV Show Reviewer

    Who's your favorite YouTube movie reviewer you want to see naked? I want to see Jeremy Jahns. Post your favorite below ⬇️
  13. F

    Porn series

    I believe in the 2000s there was a series of porn movies that were set in San Francisco, Golden Gate. Personally I found it great the fact that we could follow characters evolve, their romances and disappointments. Are there still studios making series of films like this today? If yes, which ones ?
  14. fireice42

    Steven Murphy

  15. fireice42

    Donny Boaz

  16. T

    Aus meiner Haut / Skin Deep (German Movie 2023)

    Hello. I'm looking for the german movie "Aus meiner Haut" or the international title "Skin Deep". I heard that pretty actors Jonas Dassler and Dimitrij Schaad are naked in it and Jonas Dassler even has a gay scene. Would be happy if someone has a streaming link or something. Thank you! The...
  17. J

    ID Spanish Film Scene

    Hi, if anyone knows the name of this movie or film please lmk theres like an older man who is in his office or something and he sees his younger acquaintance getting out the shower in a towel and just before he walks back or somewhere else. The man asks him in spanish “desnudate” and then the...
  18. fireice42

    Duff Zayonce

  19. G

    Anyone knows what movie are these scenes from?

    Anyone knows what movie/tv series are these scenes from?
  20. B

    Photos & Videos Odd fascination with torture porn in horror movies

    So not too long ago, I recently saw this new movie called "Devil's Workshop." In it, a struggling actor spends the weekend alone with a demonologist to practice for an upcoming role. Spoiler alert: turns out said demonologist was a real demon who then drugs, strips, binds, and well, let's just...
  21. Gay Porn Collection

    Link for

    If you wanna a link for , please, considere use this Link
  22. S

    Johnny Depp's Cum Face

    just an appreciation post for this scene from the movie the ninth gate. makes me horny af!
  23. C

    From which Porn Movie is that Blowbang? Actors? (5 Bottoms sucking 5 Tops outside)

    Can someone ID this Movie or an actor? Want that scene :-)
  24. N

    Pleasure (2021) - Movie

    Have you ever seen the movie Pleasure (official selection of the Cannes festival)? It's a non-porn movie but with explicit scenes. The film was almost banned for under 18 but was finally banned for under 16. It caused a lot of controversy during the presentation at Cannes. Synopsis: Bella...
  25. S

    Photos & Videos Tv chartoon male nudity

    Check videos below for reference 0:42 Regular Show Naked Benson 1:39 The Road to El Dorado (2000) - The Trail We Blaze (3/10) | Movieclips 25:59 George of the Jungle 2015: An Experience 0:34 A Pete Scorned | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts 1:57 Spongebob the masterpiece part 3
  26. D

    Please help ID this guy from Geostorm

    Please help ID this guy from the movie Geostorm I just think he's hot and has a nice ass
  27. skinnyguyy

    What the movie it is? (milking scene)

    Anyone know from what movie this is from?
  28. S

    House of Gucci model

    Anybody knows who is this House of Gucci model? His name?
  29. C

    Links Please Help Identify This Video

    Please help me identify the full movie of this clip – 2 hunks fucking in a graveyard at night. Looks like it's been deleted from everywhere ☹️ Thanks so much!
  30. mrt19

    Video [brazil] Do Somebody Knows Their Names? Or The Movie?

    twinks In Jail two Juvie males Scene two at Ice Gay Tube