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  1. M

    Fujii Kaze

    Fujii Kaze is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician
  2. C

    Tommy Lee

    Sooooo.... a lot of people say that Tommy Lee has the biggest cock in Hollywood. But I've seen pictures of it and I think that atleast 75% of the people here are bigger..
  3. X

    Titus Makin Jr.

    Titus Makin Jr. - 33 years old, actor and musician best known for his roles in 'Glee' and of Jackson West in 'The Rookie'. Plays a lot of gay characters but isn't gay in real life as far as I know.
  4. R

    Jon Dretto - Singer & Guitarist

  5. boyyyyxxx

    Volksgeist (Philip Damico)

    Fit American twink/otter, Philip Damico (born 21 October 1999)... also a music reviewer and general commentator of things YouTube (Volksgeist): https://www.youtube.com/c/Volksgeist YouTube (Philip): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx34fsC5mlDvYfnpnBBCkUA Instagram: volks.geist Twitter: Volksgeist_
  6. Y

    Duke Maxwell

    Musician and model Duke Maxwell Instagram @dukemaxwell TikTok @withvengeance
  7. S

    Nick Lutsko on YouTube

    I came across some silly song this guy had up on YouTube early in the pandemic and he's gotten quite a few laughs out of me in the time since. It looks like his recent live shows are a hell of a lot of fun, too! https://youtube.com/user/nicholasryanlutsko https://twitter.com/NickLutsko...
  8. T

    Taylor John Williams (The Voice)

    A long shot here, but anyone have anything of this former The Voice contestant? I’ve had the most obscure crush on him since he was on the show about 7 years ago haha. Very cute and charming. Also has some pretty great music that’s very underappreciated if that interests anyone. A couple of...
  9. Melchoir1776


    I’m obsessed with this guy. Anyone else?
  10. D

    Idris Elba

    Idris Elba is an English actor, producer and musician. He is known for roles including Stringer Bell in the HBO series The Wire and Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. If you want a real looking, sexual, chocolate man than look no further!
  11. M

    Maxwell (singer)

    Anyone have anything interesting on Maxwell aka Gerald Maxwell Rivera (RnB singer from the 90's-early 2000's)? Rivalled against D'Angelo. His music has probably been featured in many sex playlists. Great voice. Surprised there isn't a thread for him and he's aged pretty great too. Both him and...
  12. happymess

    Photos & Videos Tyler Cole

    Thread for musician and songwriter, Tyler Cole. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/existentialcrisisboy TikTok: TikTok Twitter: https://twitter.com/tyIercoIe
  13. P

    Andro (jungle)

    I think he may have left the band now, but he *was* one of the singers in the band Jungle (clip posted for anyone who doesn't know). I always found he pulled focus and frankly I wish he'd start an OF cos he looks incredible on Instagram
  14. C

    Photos & Videos David Michael Frank (singer)

    Lead singer of the bands Wellington, King The Kid, and Future Sunsets. Still making music under the name Future Sunsets. Instagram: @davidmichaelfrank Tiktok: @david.michael.frank Youtube: 1. https://www.youtube.com/user/KingTheKidLA aka Future Sunsets Official 2. (inactive)...
  15. J

    Alex Bandes

    Anyone have any pics of this stud? Recently started listening to his music on Spotify and would love to see some more of his sexy body… mainly his cock
  16. D

    Kidd G (country Singer)

    He 18, hot af and gonna be country next big star
  17. B

    Ethan Torchio (maneskin)

    Ethan is the drummer of the Italian band Måneskin and he is so sexy and big
  18. D

    Photo Country Singer Thomas Rhett

    I think he is beautiful—the most unattractive thing about him is his wife. Inevitably, She's inserted into any and all PR about him. Thus, it's next to impossible to find any photos of him where she's not pasted on him. 7176121 7176201 7176131 7176141 7176151 7176161 7176171 7176181...
  19. J

    Michael Malarkey

    Michael Malarkey is a British-American musician and actor. You may know him as Enzo from The Vampire Diaries. Totally the sexiest and most handsome actor on TVD. Period.
  20. S

    Freddy Crabs - Sticky Fingers Band

    Last night I had a sex dream in which Freddy had his legs over my shoulders while I was giving him head and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Thought I’d share some pics from his Instagram. He’s got the body type I LUST over - nice thick legs and beefy bod. Enjoy!
  21. D

    Kevin Perry/kevin Creel(kevboyperry On Tiktok)

    cute tik tok/youtube boy and he sings too i think
  22. C

    Gunnar Gehl

    Crazy good looking 19-year-old musician https://www.Instagram.com/gunnargehl @gunnargehl
  23. B

    Mingus Reedus

    He is the son of Norman Reedus and Helena Christensen. He’s a bit boyish but he’s sexy. He’s 21 and lives in NYC. He models and makes music under his stage name “Lucien”. Straight as far as I can tell. Anybody got anything?
  24. Y

    Photos & Videos Fraxiom, Food House ♡

    they/them, 21. Login • Instagram https://twitter.com/fraxiommusic/ let there be something out there from this babe ♥
  25. B

    Norman Theuerkorn

    no idea why he doesn't have his own thread yet, but he's very hot and also shows a lot on his IG
  26. H

    Kyle Simmons (bastille)

    Love the band Bastille and as well as lead singer Dan Smith being hot I also find Kyle Simmond really attractive as well, anyone else?
  27. A


    The musician. Fairly new on the scene. His real name is Tucker Pillsbury. Anyone got anything?
  28. G

    Adam Oh/adamhatepage: Tiktoker

    So as promised, he's making an OF to celebrate hitting 100k.
  29. K

    Brayden Bauers (streamer/musician)

    Anyone subscribed to his OnlyFans? He just made one and he’s already posting nudes but idk if theyre worth it. His twitter & OnlyFans @ is @Keefler_Elf .
  30. D

    Rod Thomas/bright Light Bright Light

    Anything from this hot guy?