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  1. B

    Hi everyone, from a curious jock

    Hi all, finally found the courage to post here.. Been browsing on this page for a while, in a LTR with a girl, but been having ..thoughts about dads, coaches, older guys to teach me things. Also curious to know real, true stories of age difference experience that happened in your life, from...
  2. say995

    As a gay man,can you accept to have sex with a transgender woman and even get topped?

    It's like a question staying in my mind forever.I notice there seemingly more and more alleged gay performers and content creators have sex with transgender woman and mostly they are bottom.I don't know if they just collaborating or simply lying about sexuality.Either way regarding to me is...
  3. R

    21YO Australian Male - Nice to meet you

    Hello to who ends up reading this. I don't have much to say other than I'm a reasonable individual honestly interested in just having online interactions with new people. I'm not fussed about ages or what you seek from me either. I'm rather submissive and would be humbled to talk to new...
  4. J

    Cool Experience As Newly Bi

    I went hiking at blacks beach in San Diego this past weekend and had a great time. I went with a buddy and the weather was amazing. We’re both bi and there were tons of guys, mostly our age, late 20s to late 30s. Laid out for a bit, with clothes on then decided to head back. We ran into a super...
  5. kinkycaleb

    Hi Everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm from Mexico. I've just run into to this site and I'm hoping to connect and get along with many different people with different backgrounds and interests. I consider myself an unexperienced kinky dude looking for more spicy experience Feel free to send me a message or...
  6. M

    What An Evening

    Last night, my husband and I went out to dinner as we got a last minute reservation at a new sushi restaurant in town. We were excited for our first date night out in while and we decided to catch an Uber since we knew we would be having some drinks with dinner. The food was incredible and the...
  7. Andrea Candelli

    Hey There Lpsg@}~~~

    Andrea Candelli with not much to add or ask yet. I DO welcome experiential shares and fantastical desires. PM to and fro, general Shenanigans, etc. Plus; contemplating giving my 1% one more try , after a brief 3.5+ decades. Advice for the old maid now thinking about new meat?
  8. D

    Looking For First Time

    I am a straight NY older man who has always been curious. Not looking for sex, but a cool guy that might stroke together or even let me touch a dick for the first time. It would be kind of cool to see if I could make you cum with my hand. Very nervous, but willing to try with a sane, clean...
  9. huguest

    Did your view on sex broaden?

    I'm sure that since teenage years, your view on sex have changed. But in the last 10 years, did it change ? By that I mean, do you try other things you wouldn't have 10 years ago ? Or you don't want to do anymore ? open relationship is something that is good for a certain period of our live...