1. A

    Photo Photo of your dick, with funny description

    Show me your cocks with funny description, me first below.
  2. CharlieJames123

    Does anyone have similar sized balls, and if so, do they cause many issues?

  3. Finishing the day off in this. Another pump tomorrow..

    Finishing the day off in this. Another pump tomorrow..

  4. Uniballer

    Testicular Cancer

    When was the last time you did a self examine? If you don’t know how YouTube has several good videos and PornHub has a few. My doctor told me long ago, sex partners catch a good deal of the cancer, they are playing with the nut nightly. If you feel something say something.
  5. C

    Big Balled Guys?

    Hey. Any natural big ballers wanna chat? Not into pumped or surgically enhanced balls. Sorry just not my thing. I also love a huge saggy sack so if you have one of those too then please message me. I’m a straight female but I don’t mind talking to anyone who’s Into the same except other women...
  6. C

    Big Ballers?

    Straight female. 25 UK. looking to chat with guys with big nuts. Like really big. Natural ones only. Prefer large sacs too but happy with large gonads. Prefer uncut guys but not essential. Will chat to anyone around the world.
  7. 5

    Ball Ring For Center Of Scrotum?

    Hi all! Please forgive me if there is a better forum for this (was thinking about all the ask a ___ man forums). I am familiar with the ball rings (to stretch) but the artist Kami Tora has a few drawings of a ball ring fitted to the center of the scrotum, does anyone have experience with this...
  8. C

    Hi Everyone. Big Nut Lover

    Hi everyone! Newbie here. Female from the UK London area who’s specifically joined this site to look for guys with big nuts. And when I say big, I mean big. Low hanging fat gonads really get me going. Look forward to hearing from you
  9. 5

    Balls Slapping Ass And Floppy Balls Fucking

    The Art of low hanging balls
  10. boytoy7502

    Arabs Men With Low Hangers

    Hello , I search arabs guys for my blog with big balls or low hangers balls . Thanks Pat
  11. D

    Show Off Your Balls And Asshole

    let’s see those ballsacks and assholes!
  12. 1

    Poll: Left Or Right Nut?

    Which one hangs lower, your left or right nut?
  13. milo1730

    Are tight ridged cold balls are a turn on.

    Post phots of guys with cold ball. I love how ridged they become when cold or after swimming. Post your own or pictures you found on the net.
  14. Jaxsurf

    Show us those balls

    I'm hot and bothered this am thinking about a big sack. Show me those nuts guys
  15. H

    L rueteri 6475?

    Has anyone heard of this probiotic that increases testesterone and ball size/weight? Apparently you can only get this specific strain from Sweden or somewhere on amazon.