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  1. C

    Videos where girl asks for a finger in her ass or fingers her own ass to orgasm

    Looking for Videos where girl asks for a finger in her ass or fingers her own ass to orgasm. There's plenty of seemingly unwanted ass fingerings where the guy just shoves it in regardless if she wants it but specifically looking for girls in porn who love/need it.
  2. Chris1223

    Chaste challenge

  3. Chris1223

    Never cum again

    My mistress doesn't allow me to have an orgasm anymore. I will tell you about my experience here in the future
  4. D

    Prostate orgasm - how?!

    Hey, i bought myself some dildos and a vibrator about a year ago because I wanted to try out getting a handsfree prostate orgasm. To this day I wasn’t able to get one and I’m slowly starting to think that I’m doing something wrong. I enjoy the feeling of penetration and I can definitely feel my...
  5. D

    Video When she's really into his body

    I find it really hot when a girl is super into her guy's body. Stroking his muscles, touching him, squeezing hard, and still doing this during sex. I just find it such a turn on. Hope I'm not alone I'm this! Does anyone know any videos with this kind of thing. Where she's really into the guy's...
  6. D

    Video Does someone knows who's this muscle bottom????

    Hey guys does someone knows who's the bottom in this video? Or at least the top
  7. T

    Russian girl masturbation

  8. Cosgood

    Squirt for the sky!

    Unless I'm blind or can't work the search function correctly, the only squirt related threads are YEARS old. If everybody's good with it I'd like to start another. Haven't been seeing much squirt content. If ya got em, share em!!
  9. My sexual experiences as a bi man.

    Solo Handsfree Dry Orgasms Galore

    I had a couple hours of alone solo time over the weekend. I was super horny and hadn't came in about a week. From my experience this is a great place to be with your body. No Ejaculation for a week and horny. I decided to try something a little different, normally I would wank or put my cock in...
  10. M

    Have you ever ran out of cum?

    Have you guys ever had orgasms with no cum coming out? Not the tantric or full body orgasm kind of way. I mean the situation where you cum couple times in a row, and your body didn’t have enough time to produce more cum, and you simply run out of cum when you reach orgasm again. I have really...
  11. NicHalliwell

    Masturbating while thinking about celebrities who are no longer alive

    How do you feel during and after masturbation from enjoying fantasizing about celebrities who are no longer there (porn or not)?
  12. lmbj

    Photo Hot Handjob Finishes from Sean Cody

    A collection of handjob finishes in non-handjob scenes from specific models or studios. Past threads: A Collection Of Cumming By Handjob In BAO Scenes Alex Mecum Being Jerked Off Until He Cums In Various Scenes
  13. M

    Can someone ID this guy?

  14. Subbearcub

    Does anyone know where this is from?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where this clip is from or who this guy is? Thank you in advance!
  15. Girthy27

    Serious Girth for wife

    Hey peops, Over many years of an open and alternative sex life, we've discovered that my wife gets seriously wet, noisy and orgasmic for thick girthy (and lengthy) cocks. I love seeing my wife's face when she cums hard, enjoys lengthy orgasms and intense pleasure that I just can't give her in...
  16. D

    Who is ready to blow your load?

    I’m so close to exploding!! Been edging since yesterday (I mean I slept, and kept going this morning) I know I will cum so much
  17. jw_kk_hw

    All-male gang-bangs?

    I've been invited to participate in an all-male gang-bang at the end of this month (my first all-male experience). Building up to the event, I'm preparing, or trying to prepare myself for what to expect. I'm an experienced banger, facilitator, and host in the FMMM+ world, but have never been a...
  18. Val Vz

    Best orgasms in gay videos

    Could you guys help me find videos where men have sexy body spasms while they are fucking. I show you my favorites. from minute: 19:25 https://m.boyfriendtv.com/videos/335932/back-at-the-spot/ [VIDEO] Hétero penetrado por dinero, llega al orgasmo prostático y se sorprende &iexcl
  19. P.B

    The noisy cummers thread

    OK lads, do you make some noise when you cum or are your orgasms silent but violent? I'm a noisy wanker/fucker because it's a part of my personality I can't control. I'm nearly always "Vocal" but my body makes me make different kinds of noises depending on the pleasure I'm getting. If I'm...
  20. XxSherlockxX

    Massive Cumshots

    Hi! (^-^) I wanted to start a thread on huge loads, edging etc. Like this guy. :)
  21. A

    Do you leak (lots of) cum when you get close, before your orgasm?

    I know that some guys leak cum before the real ejaculation. But how common is that? As an example, you can see this guy leaks like a faucet before his ejaculation...
  22. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  23. D

    Change in cum fluidity and shooting distance

    When I was in my 20's, I used to cum a lot and shoot quite far. It was kind of my thing and my sexual partners loved seeing it happen. This happened both if I was jacking off or getting fucked in the ass. In my late 30's now, I find myself putting out very thick cum that oozes out of my dick or...
  24. P.B

    Gooning discussion and experiences

    I've not been able to find a specific thread about gooning so I thought I'd start one. So; I love edging and occassionally hit goon, usually after going through a sort of mind cleansing rhythmic trance like state. Now I know what gooning is I realise I've been in that state many times before...
  25. Magnum10x2

    Intentionally or unintentionally, have you ever been fisted?

    Whether intentionally (planned) or unintentionally (spur of the moment), have you ever been fisted? How would you articulate the feeling and sensations? Did you become a fan or was it a one-time only thing?
  26. D

    Trans guy orgasms

    What are people’s fave trans guy orgasm scenes?
  27. D

    Eye-rolling fetish?

    Looking for videos of guys that get super into playing with their cocks. I’ve seen Popperbate and gooning videos but can’t find specific models that always roll their eyes back.
  28. Penis_Man112

    Photos & Videos Asian Chinese Gay Enjoyed Sex Orgasm And Masturbating

    Asian Chinese Gay Enjoyed Self Orgasm Torture And Masturbating
  29. PeppleDashed

    Shower head orgasm

    Something I’ve always wanted to know with other men, can you cum from using a shower head on your cock? I aim the water at the head of my penis and can always cum from it. I’ve never heard of anyone else trying that though. I’m uncut so probably have more sensitivity than cut men but I’m not...
  30. S

    male orgasm on horseback

    Are men able to orgasm on horseback as well? I've only heard stories about women orgasming on horseback, not so much for men. I was wondering if any men here had an experience with an orgasm on horseback?