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  1. XxShaunxX

    Massive Cumshots

    Hi! (^-^) I wanted to start a thread on huge loads, edging etc. Like this guy. :)
  2. A

    Do you leak (lots of) cum when you get close, before your orgasm?

    I know that some guys leak cum before the real ejaculation. But how common is that? As an example, you can see this guy leaks like a faucet before his ejaculation...
  3. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  4. P

    Change in cum fluidity and shooting distance

    When I was in my 20's, I used to cum a lot and shoot quite far. It was kind of my thing and my sexual partners loved seeing it happen. This happened both if I was jacking off or getting fucked in the ass. In my late 30's now, I find myself putting out very thick cum that oozes out of my dick or...
  5. P.B

    Gooning discussion and experiences

    I've not been able to find a specific thread about gooning so I thought I'd start one. So; I love edging and occassionally hit goon, usually after going through a sort of mind cleansing rhythmic trance like state. Now I know what gooning is I realise I've been in that state many times before...
  6. Magnum10x2

    Intentionally or unintentionally, have you ever been fisted?

    Whether intentionally (planned) or unintentionally (spur of the moment), have you ever been fisted? How would you articulate the feeling and sensations? Did you become a fan or was it a one-time only thing?
  7. C

    Trans guy orgasms

    What are people’s fave trans guy orgasm scenes?
  8. T

    Eye-rolling fetish?

    Looking for videos of guys that get super into playing with their cocks. I’ve seen Popperbate and gooning videos but can’t find specific models that always roll their eyes back.
  9. Penis_Man112

    Photos & Videos Asian Chinese Gay Enjoyed Sex Orgasm And Masturbating

    Asian Chinese Gay Enjoyed Self Orgasm Torture And Masturbating
  10. PeppleDashed

    Shower head orgasm

    Something I’ve always wanted to know with other men, can you cum from using a shower head on your cock? I aim the water at the head of my penis and can always cum from it. I’ve never heard of anyone else trying that though. I’m uncut so probably have more sensitivity than cut men but I’m not...
  11. S

    male orgasm on horseback

    Are men able to orgasm on horseback as well? I've only heard stories about women orgasming on horseback, not so much for men. I was wondering if any men here had an experience with an orgasm on horseback?
  12. O

    Boyfriend Banging Me Raw And Dropping A Load - Epic Orgasm

    Anyone know who these two are? I find both the couple and the clip incredibly hot. Boyfriend Banging Me Raw and Dropping a Load - Epic... | xHamster
  13. G

    Trouble Reaching Orgasm

    Very recently I’ve had difficulty climaxing during sex and even masturbation. I know lasting along time is typically a good thing, but sometimes I am not able to cum at all. I had sex with a girl I met recently last night four over 3 hours and she came five times and I couldn’t blow my load. I...
  14. S

    Help Id This Hot Tied Guy

    Hey guys, can anyone help me please to id this tied guy with big cock, surrender his cum ruined 3 times by the masked man? His smile and surrendering act almost make me cum.. Help me find the source please - video 3 - ThisVid.com Thank you in advance..
  15. C

    Which Do You Enjoy Most - Piv (vaginal Sex), Blowjobs (oral Sex) Or Handjobs?

    This is for men who have had experiences with all three types. I left out anal sex since a lot less men would have had anal with a woman (at least on a regular enough basis to form an informed judgment) than the other 3 types. For me, personally, a passionate Handjob (lots of kissing etc.)...
  16. N

    Straight Guys Into Cumshots

    I've always wondered if it was leaning towards bi/gay if a guy wanted to see cumshots. Things like cumpilations. I was always into seeing cum (shoot, dribble, ooze...whatever) but that was me taking my time accepting my sexuality. I REALLY enjoy it now, you get that feeling of 'reward' when you...
  17. S

    Photos & Videos Best Orgasms

    Post here, the best orgasms you ever seen.
  18. Super_Orgasms

    Insanely Super Hyperorgasmic- I Climax Nonstop And Keep At Peak Intensity Of Orgasm For Hours

    I will try to explain this in more approachable terms, my actual experience is far more intense, vivid, colorful, and deeply sexually pleasurable than any words I could ever put together. In an extended masturbation session, I will usually begin orgasming within the first 30 seconds. I can...
  19. Marco Tony

    Super Hot Muscular Gay Daddies

    This thread is all about older good looking muscular gay men. Theres already another daddies thread. But that thread have many straight daddies. This thread only focus on sexy muscular gay daddies. Here you can post all the hottest muscular gay daddies. dougiemuscle briggzybeeating
  20. Anothrhungryslut

    Photos & Videos Timmy_real Chaturbate

    Choking Oiled God, fill me with your cum papa
  21. F

    Unusual Masturbation Experiences

    Hello dear users, in this thread I would like you to share your unique masturbation/ejaculation experiences, your special masturbation techniques, things that happened before/after you orgasm, and so on. Here are some ideas what I am talking about and what direction I mean: cum hands free, cum...
  22. H

    How To: Reverse Kegel

    Hello everyone, I am finding hard to perform reverse kegel exercise, I cannot feel if I am releasing the muscles correctly or I don't know if I am doing them the right way. If I try to do the exercise, It seems like my abs or lower abs or the lower part of my abdomen/intestine contracts or...
  23. ukdamon

    Orgasm Too Scary

    Hi I have autism and in my past, I was sexually abused. Ever since I’ve been to scared to ejaculate. I have a great dick and I like sex, but I never climax .
  24. G

    Flush/blush: Girls Who Change Color While Getting Fucked

    For all the talk about leg shaking and exaggerated screams, I haven't seen this mentioned before. One of the hotter if more subtle signs of arousal is when a woman's face, chest, etc. turn red. The more dramatic the change, the better. Not sure what makes some women more susceptible to this...
  25. 6

    Anal Orgasm

    So I had been trying to have an anal orgasm recently. Saw it on a porn and the bottom came without touching his cock, I was impressed. Maybe I just never noticed before, but I was intrigued. I've also been trying to improved my cock taking skills so ill use dildos for my jerk sessions every few...
  26. C

    Girls Orgasming From Giving Blowjob

    Does anyone know where to find more videos of this? Its super hot how there's no other stimulation involved, here's a few videos She gushes from sucking: This Woman is amazing I'd love to find more: & French couple, cute Asian: French asian bj orgasms 2 & Asian girls cums while giving head
  27. Marco Tony

    Sexy Gay Bodybuilders (instagram And Onlyfans)

    Theres already many straight bodybuilders threads. Its time to make a gay one. Here you can share your gay bodybuilders and fitness gay men pictures and videos. sebas_el_enano Joshua James Dario Tello Suso Bautista Pedro Augusto Oscar Yerushalmi Ottoniel Yañez Vagner Lima...
  28. Z

    Favorite Massage With Prostate Play Videos?

    What are some of your favorite massage/prostate play videos where the guy gets massaged and fingered?
  29. S

    Orgasm Therapy

    Hi, Trying to find this vid in beter quality and looking for the name of these actrices. Somebody can help me? Orgasm Therapy
  30. adam4

    Face During Male Orgasm

    I love seeing a man have an internal orgasm during sex. It's so hot to see him finish inside, makes it so hot to watch, especially when I can see their face. Sometimes it's really hard to hide the pleasure. These are some of my favorite because you can tell the exact moment the climax begins...