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  1. T

    When pain = laughter?

    LA Actor Ryan Hilt from the movie "ClickBait" gives us a quite funny and innocent take on graphic pain. :D:p:weary_face::joy::laughing::sob:
  2. Inkbro Alchemy

    Serrapeptase Enzyme

    Do intense gym workouts have you in serious recovery pain? This natural digestive enzyme is a healthy alternative to non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. As people age, bodily changes can occur due to the production of cell-signaling chemicals known as pro-inflammatory cytokines, as well as...
  3. 1

    Big Dick Problems

    So here are some things you will run into when you have a big dick: -For Oral, I experience a lot of teeth and if I don’t it’s because she is trying hard to keep her mouth open wide which leads to the other problem of her jaws getting tired fast. I also have never ever been deepthroated all the...
  4. B

    Threesome On A Pooltable

    I'm looking for a porn where 3 guys are doing on the pool table. The guy who gets fucked sucks the 3rd. When the 1st guy puts a billiard ball inside his ass and right after fucking him while ball is inside him. Then the camera shows the fucked man how he moans. Hope this was accurate and someone...
  5. J

    Links Dom/master Group To Torture A Big Cockhead On Skype

    Looking for a dom/master to torture a big cockhead on skype cam. Here dom/master can choose a sub and use his cockhead hard with toys. Let's all have a fun. Link: Join conversation P.S: My id is live:jonoxx1002
  6. J

    Photo Big Mushroom Head

  7. Messyfacial

    Video Reluctantyoungmen

    Anyone else find this fascinating? Straight jocks getting spanked by some rich old queen?? I saw a bunch more videos starring this beefy straight guy, Anthony. He's in need of money, and somewhere out there you can find videos of him getting rimmed and sucked off. He has more videos and 1:30...
  8. R

    Mature M Slave From Uk Looking For Online Dominant To Use Me

    Hi I am a mature male slave from uk looking to be used in,ine, humiliation, exposure, degrading, toilet play, some pain , any dominants want to use me please send a message prefer over 40 and genuine , would be great to find a someone into long term Kik robc54, Skype robc445 thank you
  9. R

    Mature Uk M Sub Looking To Be Used Online

    Looking for genuine dominants who were interested in using this old sub via on,ine media few limits but no financial transactions Skype robc445 Kik robc54
  10. Throwaway Forget

    Gut Punching Thread

    I didn't see any threads devoted to gut punching (GP) so I decided to start one. GP content is hard to find, and good GP content is even harder to find. Feel free to make recommendations to websites or post your original content! :) If you use Reddit, click here to go to the GP subreddit...
  11. M

    Tough Penetration

    Hello, I am looking for the scenes where girls have problem with taking dicks. I mean that their faces or budies express that the penetration is problematic. Best Regards
  12. M

    Photo Tough Penetration

    Hello, I am looking for the scenes where girls have problem with taking dicks. I mean that their faces or budies express that the penetration is problematic. Best Regards
  13. deine_huendin

    Hardest Moment For A Newbie Bottom ?

    beside a hard and deep fucking later- what is the greatest challenge, the big point, for a newbie bottom: 1. the moment when the glans opens the sphincter ? or 2. the moment when he shoves his cock balldeep inside ?
  14. D

    Another anal question!!

    Hey lads! So, before saying anything, just wanna say sorry for posting yet another anal question as I am aware there are already hundreds of these out there!! But they aren’t me, and I want answers pertaining to me!! Hahaha Alrighty, so I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year, fucking...