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  1. B

    Dixie Lynn pierced niplles

    I seen somewhere that Dixie Lynn may have gotten her nipples pierced. Anyone have any photos?!
  2. Danter11

    Fernando Gabriel @ifskgb

  3. stanmarsh14

    Prince Albert piercings (UK)

    An issue I have came up upon concerning getting replacement jewelry, that I could use your help on. Current ring I have, is around 9.5mm (00g) thick Horseshoe (Pic's on my profile), 21mm internal diameter, and barring e-bay crap, that is all I can find. I've tried a number of places in Derby /...
  4. D

    Frenum loop piercing

    Hey all! Just got my fernum piercing today right after I saw this image of fernum loop that totally convinced me to get it done. Pain was not so terrible and I love the piercing already! Can't say I'm not thinking about getting that PA I've been wanting to have for so long already. I talked...
  5. fakboi

    Question For Y'all With Nipple Piercings

    So I was thinking about one day getting my nipple pierced. What should I expect both during and after the procedure and what to prepare for?
  6. D

    Genital Piercing

    Hey everyone! I come to you with a question. I wanted to get me a piercing on my dick. I didn't want to get something that would change the way I piss so, while I really like it, a PA is out of the question. I narrowed it down to a Lorum or a Hafada. I attached a diagram of my dick ( :)) to help...
  7. fakboi

    Harry Gregory

    Do we have anything on this lad?
  8. kink_shame_me


    I’ve had a Prince Albert for almost 10 years now. Got it when I was 18. Haven’t seen many pierced guys on here! But maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I’d love to start a thread where we can all show off!
  9. 1

    Nipple Piercing Pics

    Kinda wanna have both my nipples pierced. any tips, pics and vids about this?
  10. L

    Who Is This Massive Hunk?

    Who is the guy on the very right? I've been trying to find him for a long time now. I found some of the other guys but not him. He's hot hot! Help me please
  11. C

    Straight guy with prince albert piercing

    New topic
  12. D

    Photo Infinitynokia / nivenb tumblr naked pictures

  13. D

    My softi ..

  14. D

    New on twitter !

    Hey guys I just made a new twitter where I can be a bit more exposed - requests/ideas for photos is more then welcome ! Let me know what you thing :p aka-vildere (@aka_vildere) | Twitter
  15. nudepaul

    Nude male musicians with paul chenevey

  16. nudepaul

    Nude male musicians