1. P

    Best Pits in Gay Porn?

    Who do you think has the sexiest pits in gay porn? My vote is definitely Solomon Aspen.
  2. L

    Gays into musk ?

    I love guys that are musky! Something about the aroma makes me so horny! Anyone want to swap photos shoot me a dm or just post here. Lets hear your stories
  3. P

    Photo Help find legend Tumbler fuckboy

    Can’t find him :( I think he popped off on Tumbler in 2014. Can’t read the tattoo either, I think something in portuguese
  4. M

    Sweaty jerk off vids

    Anyone fucking love watching guys jerk off while they're sweaty as fuck? Nothing manlier than being drenched in your own sweat. Doesn't even have to be jerk off vids, could just be guys showing off how sweaty and smelly they are. Fucking hot. Post your favorite vids here. Hell even post vids and...
  5. L

    schimmsky tiktok/onlyfans

    this guy from tiktok has an onlyfans and he posts workout stuff for $6 but if you request stuff in messages or PPV he does the job so well,fuck i asked him to do a little sweaty verbal play and he was soo fucking good and his muscles and ass are insaneee , worth subbing and tipping ! OnlyFans
  6. M

    Pablox Tiktoker

    This guy is literally He loves feeling himself in the shower
  7. P

    Hairy hunk Fahmi Ashouri

    This guy is so freaking HOT, plus his smile melts me... His Twitter is ogbellafahmi and insta is fahmiashouri.
  8. loveiggs

    Bridger Quirante (@bridger_quirante)

    Hey! He has the best chest in the entire world and a perfect body and he's natty Do someone has something on him?
  9. Timaios

    Photo Is there any nude of jarrod cardona, known as @thecrazytrainer on ig

    Hey is there anything spicy from him
  10. K

    Photo Luymer Navarro

    Does anyone know where to find more of this man? Pics from his IG for attention.
  11. S

    Mans Smell after Working Out

    I go to this gym where you can do hot yoga. I was getting ready to start a session and a guy who had just completed his walked by me, pretty close because of the layout of benches and lockers, etc. He was just over 6 ft, had his shirt just around his neck, and you can tell he was hot...
  12. D

    Anyone else like a little musk in a man?

    I really like when men have a little smell Haha lol Sorry if this is weird. Like after a day worth of work. Theres something about the pits and crotch that makes me so horny. Im not talking like cheese and shit smell lol, but I like to taste something besides soap. Am I the only one?
  13. M

    QuentinTyler00 young hot bodybuilder

    This gorgeous man needs his own thread
  14. M

    Mathieu .sport thick young beautiful

    Has anyone seen him?
  15. M

    Ethan Lima incredible bod

    This one knows exactly What hes doing. And those pits look ripe
  16. L

    Andy Arthur Smith

    I can't believe this guy doesn't have a page yet! Maybe I'm alone in this, but I feel like he is one of the cutest "social media" people that have come out in the last ten years. He only really posts videos, so it's hard to get good pics of him. I've never seen him shirtless and would kill to...
  17. eddie_boy

    Luke Kennard NBA

    Probably just me, but I'm in love with this guy. Well, his armpits, to be more accurate. Feel free to jump in with your own pictures.
  18. L

    Photos & Videos Hairiest Skinny Guys

    I've seen a couple threads of people finding really hairy muscle men and buff/bigger guys. But I haven't really seen one for offensively hairy guys who are skinny. And I mean like super hairy, even love seeing back hair. One of my biggest crushes right now is Petey_usa who has long hair, is...
  19. enriquehenry100

    Favorite Men's Armpit Pics

    MY FAVORITE PIT PIC OF THE DAY Simply jaw-dropping! Thanks to my Facebook bud, Ricardo Silva, for sharing Cooper Fitch's astonishing armpit selfie. Cooper is an accomplished actor, singer & dancer. Please follow the hairy hottie on Instagram: Cooper Fitch (@cdilly35) • Instagram photos and...
  20. B

    Sweaty Pit Stains

    I'm totally new here so, Hi! Just going to get right into it: Anyone else have this kink (fetish? I never know the difference) for a guys' sweaty pits? But not bare pits but seeing a sweat patch on a guy's T-Shirt/Shirt/Hoodie/Etc? It drives me insane and turns me on so much If anyone wants to...
  21. D

    Photos & Videos _es_insta (Elie Sfeir)

    Anything on this hot lebanese stud? He is not yet on this site!
  22. M

    My Armpit Addiction.

    The story you’re about to read contain true events and fictional ones too. Since I can remember myself I’ve always got attract to male armpits, I haven’t knew why till I became 16. When I saw a hot hairy steamy armpit my heart beat faster and I became red as a tomato. My cousin boyfriend at...
  23. P

    Formerlyconrad / domenick wissel

    Any pictures of him?
  24. B

    All About Pits!

    What are some videos with women worshipping men's armpits? A rare but incredible act when performed.
  25. muskyyy

    Photos & Videos Celebrities Armpits

  26. Partial Gun Show

    Partial Gun Show

  27. alexandergregg

    help me identify this solo video clip

    I found this short clip and I want to know what is his name. His armpits are so hot
  28. Iridyceum

    Male Model Armpits

    Shaved or Hairy, it doesn’t matter. A beautiful pit is a beautiful pit. Do share your favorite photos or collection of male models if you want <3
  29. topp1993

    Pls Hel Id This Hairy Hottie

    Anyone know who this is / where to find more of him?
  30. joeblowfl

    Male Celebrity Pits

    Post pics of male celebrities showing off their pits!