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  1. alexandergregg

    help me identify this solo video clip

    I found this short clip and I want to know what is his name. His armpits are so hot
  2. Iridyceum

    Male Model Armpits

    Shaved or Hairy, it doesn’t matter. A beautiful pit is a beautiful pit. Do share your favorite photos or collection of male models if you want <3
  3. topp1993

    Pls Hel Id This Hairy Hottie

    Anyone know who this is / where to find more of him?
  4. J

    Male Celebrity Pits

    Post pics of male celebrities showing off their pits!
  5. Fastandcurious

    New Here Looking For A Virtual Fwb

    Hey guys, I’m kinda new here. I live in the East Coast, I’m 36 years old. I spend a lot of time working from home which usually translates to being constantly horny. I’m looking for a virtual FWB. Somebody to maybe JO with, share pics, stories, etc. I’m into pits and bush, but open to lots of...
  6. Krpt

    Alex Barber

    Sexy model; dunno why there's no thread on him. Or maybe I know why :P
  7. riqui22

    Beltran Gonzalez - Beautiful Spanish Model

    Thought this incredible model/photographer/filmmaker should have his own thread. He’s so beautiful!
  8. riqui22

    Eduardo Mateos - Gorgeous Spanish Model

    Beautiful model friend of Beltran Gonzalez.
  9. E

    Gary Muller

    I think this guy deserves his own thread. I posted this on the fitness model thread already but wanted to make a thread for him. Massive biceps and beautiful armpits. Name: Gary Muller Instagram: @muller_gary
  10. Grant_6000

    Show Off Your Hairy Pits, Dudes. I'll Start . . .

    My hairy pits and tits drive men and women wild. Anyone else into 'em???
  11. 6

    The Pits On This Guy!!!

    *falls on floor* Oscito_blanco on twitter/vid sites :P
  12. 1

    Sneaky Peek - Muscle Pubes

    One of my big time kinks is seeing pubes peek up above low rise jeans or undies. I think it's the hint of eroticism that really gets me. This is one of my go-to vids, and an example - fast forward to 1:45ish if you just want the goods:
  13. 1

    Photo Id Where Is This From?

    Where can I find the full video?