1. E

    Photo Anyone has hus private content?

    Does anyone knows explicit contents of serbian inflicted Dusan Stevanovic? Login • Instagram
  2. msriffraff

    Charles Ramos

    Has modeled for Andrew Christian and others. Who has more?
  3. msriffraff

    Henry Hernandez!

    I need more!!!
  4. T

    Anyone know who this guy is?

    Been looking everywhere lmao
  5. N


    Any underwater videos like this one: ?
  6. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Beach Studs

    A thread for the studs you'd be thrilled to see, and especially sit next to, at the beach or pool!
  7. A

    Porn website - Tell your opinion

    Hi, We develop SexyDixy a new, easaly consumable adult site with nice high quality pictures and videos. Please tell your opinion. If you have any recommendation, let us know. ;) sexydixy.com
  8. Th1ccums

    Help me find this video

    I need help finding this porn that I find really hot. I come across it every once in a while, but then I seem to lose it just as quickly. The video starts off with this guy calling his dad saying he’s on his way home. It then cuts to him walking into the backyard to find the pool boy to where...
  9. L

    The Pool Party

    It was uncharacteristically hot for late February, even by Australian standards. The whole party was sporting some variety of t-shirts, shorts and thongs. Some were shirtless and a couple had braved budgie smugglers. I was sitting with my back to the pool, sipping on a quickly warming beer when...
  10. MrUnderwater

    MrUnderwater loves underwatersex

    Hey and good morning world! My name is Peter and I am new here... I just wanted to look around here if there are people who also want to see everything that happens underwater... Especially in swimming pools and whirlpools/ jacuzzis. And especially I like the jet streams. Have seen many women...
  11. J

    Underwater skinny dipping/diving where the guy loses his suit/thong?

    I'm hoping the lpsg community can help me find something pretty specific but very hot (IMO)... In general, I'm looking for videos (or stories) where a guy is swimming or diving in a loose or skimpy swimsuit, thong, g-string/gstring, and the force of the diving or swimming makes the swimsuit fall...
  12. V

    Can anyone identify this muscle guy?

    here is the video 20200127 - Pool 2
  13. D

    My husband's fantasy but I get all the pleasure

    Ok so this is a story that happened to me yesterday. It is very unlike me to go through with something like this, but it was so hot and I can’t wait to share it with you all. To begin with (to paint a picture), I’m 6’0, 75kg, ripped, dark features, covered in tattoos, I've got a thick but small...
  14. Wino 'n Roses

    Speedo Gay Dancing At Pool

    This vid has made it's rounds on facebook of a drunk gay dancing in a speedo by the pool. Anyone know him or have dick pics? Video: Another vid of him dancing in clothes:
  15. 1

    Please Help Id Him

    https://i.pinimg.com/736x/60/d2/82/60d28232d58e3678318f80d4cb83dddb.jpg Thank you
  16. Le3chex

    Corey Knight

    ... dayummmm.... Show is “We Are Who We Are”... and what he is, is... DAYUM.
  17. carsonmccullers

    Nudity At The Pool

    Representations of male nudity in pools, baths, or showers.
  18. E

    Who Is He?

    I've saw this vid on Twitter and I'm wondering if anyone knows their name?
  19. M

    Help Identifying Video

    Does anybody know or have the video this gif is from?
  20. B

    Name Of The Boy In This Vid??

    Really hot Dutch speaking porn. Does anyone know the name of this guy??