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    Bi men, how do you prep for anal?

    Hello, new here. Bi but havent been with a man yet. I took a few days looking through similar threads but I still have questions and I’d like to hear from bi men’s perspective. 1. Aside from grooming, I’ve heard douching is necessary. Is this true? 2. Can people really just randomly start...
  2. D


    Does anyone know about PrEP? I just asked my doctor about getting on it. She said it was expensive and I go back in a few weeks to get a script.
  3. Altoid

    Charles Mcbryde @charlesmcbryde On Ig

    usually on preppy, collegiate, style blogs, does anyone have anything on this blonde cutie?
  4. twtrob88

    Dating with the looming stigma attached to hiv.

    Hey everyone, I rarely post, but I have seen many older posts on this topic and wanted to revive the conversation, because I’m sure it can help positive and negative guys. I myself was diagnosed as being positive when I was around 23 years old. As soon as I found out, I was in total shock. It...