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  1. Psychotherapy

    psychotherapy: following up on things..

    in my last entry I mentioned that a Straight therapist got me to my first Gay Bar. I was early twenties. Scared and filled with anxiety. The therapist told me about a gay bar down the road and offered to take me. I was shocked and somehow ashamed. Maybe I should have said 'yes' to him taking me...
  2. Psychotherapy

    psychotherapy: what is it and why and, and, and....

    I'm writing this because I feel the need to; I see others asking questions about the their lives on this site and sometimes I think these could / should be dealt with by a therapist! But in truth I've started questioning the therapy I've received over the last 40+ years - on and off. I've had...
  3. D

    Finding Your "g-spot" As A Straight Cis Male

    At some point when growing up, all cis male have figured out that jerking off is good fun, easy to access and very effective, a no brainer. But the prostate is more elusive and requires intent. Have you ever been curious and considered to explore, locate and/or stimulate your prostate? This...
  4. L

    Would You Show Yourself?

    Hi, as a relational behavorist and artist, I’m curious to hear from straight (self identified) guys if you would feel comfortable showing your private body parts to another man regardless of his sexual orientation or the purposes? Or what circumstances would you be happy to and others no?
  5. Q

    Big Dick Psychology

    Most if not all guys are "obsessed" with their own cock- its size, its appearance, the pleasure it brings them and others etc. Often, this will also involve comparing the size of their cock to others. I am mainly gay and have a noticeable enough bulge when wearing, suit/work trousers, shorts and...
  6. spaj8987

    Object Constancy.

    Not a psychologist. Not an expert. Not anything anyone could consider as someone in the know on this at all. Though from my personal experiences this rings true for an insane amount of people i've met over the years and myself. So i figured why not try to bring it to other people's attention...