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  1. J

    Questions I have always been to shy to ask

    Hi all, I've been out and gay for most of my life but have been together with my partner since almost the beginning, as was he. We are both curious about a lot of things but have no one to ask! Here are my questions: 1. do guys sometimes suck dicks after they were in the bottoms ass? Do you...
  2. S

    Is the Verification visible for everyone or only the mods?!

    Is the picture you have to put visible for everyone or only you and the mods?
  3. E

    How can I try to make a straight guy like me?

    I'm a college student who is openly gay but never had a relationship with a guy before. I have tried flirting before but it didn't really ended well, I want to ask your opinions on how I can atleast try to make a straight guy like me, without looking desperate I guess? Thanks in advance for your...
  4. A

    Overhearing comments

    Has anyone else ever overheard people discussing dick size? Recently heard a couple of lads in the gym and one was commenting on the other one's size. Always good when you hear people in public having size conversations. What are your experiences?
  5. G

    How to break with your NOT couple??

    (First of all my apologies if I misspell anything, English is not my first language) Have you ever been so attached to someone but you never passed the “friends” stage?? I met him a couple of years ago, we were studying abroad, at first I didn’t like him physically (even when he’s hot AF) or...
  6. P

    Name of this young camboy?

    Anyone know who this Cambodian is? Where to find his links more videos anything would be appreciated I’ve only seen two videos of him and the last two are just a cover up for a girl in a video MrJackedSteel
  7. C

    Big Dick Question

    I'm super curious about guys that KNOW they have big/thick dicks and the clothing they choose to wear. Do compression shorts actually help hide your true size? How much thought do you put into what pants/underwear you can wear on any given day? Any answers would be amazing! Thanks in advance!
  8. zebyper

    What celeb(s) life would you offer to resurrect a deceased one?

    I'll go first in case the thread title isn't clear enough. I would offer Kim Kardashian's, Kanye West's and Donald Trump's life to bring Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Steve Jobs back to life. Sorry everyone!!! My English is pretty shitty as you may have noticed.
  9. C

    I want to suck my best friend's cock and I think he might want me to also.

    So it's a long story but I really want to suck my best friend's dick really bad. He is already aware I have a major fetish for both his ginger pubes as well as his foreskin and we always joke flirty about him showing it to me some day. We compared back in the day but never done anything sexual...
  10. B

    3 inches hard

    I'm 18 years old and concerned about my size. I measured and my length x girth (circumference) are 51 x 44 mm (2 x 1.73 inches) soft and 75 x 69 mm (2.95 x 2.71 inches) hard. Will that be enough or is it too small? Would you be ok with someone this size?
  11. J

    5 Questions From A Baby Gay 18btw

    I have a 5 questions 1. how do I finger myself? 2. Any ways to make Orgasm better when jerking off/ how to make jerking off feel better? 3. How do I hook up with guys without downloading grinder I’m worried to download because my parents might see. 4. What is sucking dick like? I feel like I...
  12. T

    I Would Like To Know So.ething Before Posting A Thread

    Who is in the NO POST list pr if there is a list of the famous people that can not be posted here?
  13. W

    Questions For An Art Project

    Hello everyone, I don't know if I am in the correct forums for this but I thought I would give it a shot. My friend and I are participating in an experimental sound festival, and our topic is about sexual experiences as a gay/bi/curious man and the sharing of gay experiences through online...
  14. 7

    I Love Being Asked Questions

    I am a 24 year old boy from greece I love being asked questions about anything I am very thruthfull and i have any tabboos Ask me naything you want
  15. DeviantAmateur

    Noob Answering Question

    Hai y’all. Wanted to formally greet you all with some answers to get us started : 3 1.) How big are you soft & hard? About 2-3 in.soft and 7.5 in. Hard 2.) Ever met anyone as big as you or close to your size? If so how big were they? Never saw it but they said they was packin’ who knows how...
  16. solomebabes

    About Penis Enlargement

    hey guys I’m new here and I have questions lol. I’ve been wandering on this forum like a ghost for months now and this is crazy how you guys are hung. I’ve always had problems with sex cause I wasn’t confident about my body and all. I’m not sure if I need that but I was wondering if any of you...
  17. DownLow427

    How To Ask A Straight Male Worker

    My coworker is a straight male. We work in the same department and I’m always flirting with him and at times I catch him flirting back. I’ve been getting these feeling that something more could come out of this. I even joked about hooking up with him and all he does is smile. So my question is...
  18. P

    Question About Danny D's Scenes

    Hello Community I would like to ask you something. I notice that, correct if I'm wrong, but Danny D on Brazzers and Digital Playground is doing scenes with the same girls repeatedly. I mean, it is true that sometimes he is listed for a scene with a new girl, but it seems to me that he's always...