1. L

    Video Video Request/Exchange Casting #1934: Jonathan Oxford featuring Donny Forza, Jack King, Jonathan Oxford

    Hi, I am looking for this video Raw Casting #1934: Jonathan Oxford featuring Donny Forza, Jack King, Jonathan Oxford and unable to find it for months. Happy to exchange this video for any video on tlavideo dot com I have membership minutes on that website
  2. S

    Photo Looking for source/porn actor - Strip Poker

    Hi everyone, I found these pictures online, and the guy on the right (without glasses) seems to be a amateur cam guy, though on pimeyes there's links to sunday times and the i, so he's been in the papers! However, it won't let me see any of the links without paying (screenshot below) Hope you...
  3. JayFantasi

    Looking for iconic solo (possible HJ) scene - guy with white shorts? Massive c*mshot

    I realize my requests and inquiries are getting vaguer over time, but I'm hoping someone knows what I'm talking about. There's this well known scene of this oiled-up stud getting off with a massive cumshot. I think he may be sitting in a chair at some point and possibly wearing white shorts in...
  4. S

    Pretty Random request in help identifying snl look a like

    so I was watching the “Please Don’t Destroy” Segments of SNL and had a really random memory unlocked. One of the members, Ben Marshall, looked a lot like some guy I saw in a gay porn video. I think it was an amateur style video. Not sure if he was a red head, but he had the same shy, adorkable...
  5. D Turkish Boy Video Request

    Hello can somebody download these videos please? I want to watch them. Account is too expensive for my country :( Males Cam - Download File: cam4 darthxxyy22 from 25 August 2015 Males Cam - Download File: cam4 darthxxyy22 from 15 August 2015 I have some pics of him. I can give you if...
  6. I

    Photo Anyone know the source of these old porn screenshots?

    Could be potentially menatplay circa early 2000's but I can't be sure
  7. J

    Source Request - Guy being held down and viciously tickled

    Seems like the OP is intentionally cagey about not giving up the source. from tiktok user
  8. Cockwise

    Photos & Videos Request for Foot Work Studios Movies

    Hi, does anyone have any of the following movies? The titles of these are: Cops, Jocks & Military Feet (1992), Foot Loose (1992), Foot Fetish (1992) All three were released by Foot Work Studios. All I have been able to find so far is this tiny bit from the first movie. I'm willing to trade...
  9. KilgoreTrout11

    Looking for a Manuel Skye Cum Compilation (Cumpilation) video. One of the best Superspurters in gay porn, but can't find one, much to my surprise.

    Looking for a Manuel Skye Cum Compilation (Cumpilation) video. One of the best Superspurters in gay porn, but can't find one, much to my surprise. Does anyone know of one? For example these (there are many, many more, he is quite prolific!): - This hot "double cum" (original video is...
  10. G

    Need to know the photo's model and/or source ?

    Hey, I have a photo of a model that I've found a few times on other sites including twitter but I can't find his name and/or even the source of the photo , Could you help me ? Links :
  11. D

    Hi all

    Hi all, new here. Love futa/futanari. would anyone be kind enough to do me a favor and download a futa video (i have the url) from a site that i can't access (i use a vpn) and send it to me please? please pm me for details. thanks :)
  12. I

    Pimeyes Search?

    Could anyone with a subscription do a Pimeyes search for me? *insert help me I’m poor GIF*
  13. Dududdd

    Bryan Jordan's photoshoot series for, anyone help?

    @bryan.a.jordan hv some nudes on and if i may, could somebody perhaps provide the uncensored photos? basicly i'm looking out for that particular photo story of bryan. here's a sample of that damn hot fella any full frontal hi-res of bryan r welcome !!! many thanks
  14. L

    Andy Arthur Smith

    I can't believe this guy doesn't have a page yet! Maybe I'm alone in this, but I feel like he is one of the cutest "social media" people that have come out in the last ten years. He only really posts videos, so it's hard to get good pics of him. I've never seen him shirtless and would kill to...
  15. S

    cum tribute request

    can somebody do a cum tribute to this picture of the icon christopher atkins
  16. S

    lost onlyfans - chrisnocturnal/nocturnalcb

    awesome dude who went by the name nocturnalcb on onlyfans - he had multiple videos but his account has been deleted and nothing of it is online. he also did cam shows. somebody must have his stuff downloaded! please help!!! some pics of him here -
  17. P

    Video Help me find this beautiful man.

    Found this videos with no name or extra info. I just fell in love. Anyone has a name or more pics/videos?
  18. jamesnslo

    Marcus Oliveira @marcusbfc

    This gymnist from Twitter/Instagram seems to have ?recently? started a account ( The price is very high ($59.90), but I'm not really sure how their model works ... i.e. if its monthly, you just buy all their content, etc. His twitter and IG only have limited...
  19. S

    Video Request

    Extremalchiki Lordflow Tannor Reed Hayden Brooks
  20. E

    Video Whose dick is this?

    U remember getting this from tumblr a few years back, but i cant find any pointers
  21. N

    (Request) Wrestler84 videos from XTube

    I used to watch these videos of this bi dude "wrestler84" on XTube back in high school - perfect muscle stud with a big dick. Catered well to the crowd that digs athletic wear. But XTube is gone, and I only have a few of his videos that "" had archived Anyone have the full collection...
  22. B

    Can't find this clip!

    I remember watching a video of a twink riding a guys cock, it was a short clip maybe 10 seconds or less but it was hot as fuck. The song Honor was playing in the background by Dj Cassidy. You guys are my last hope, i've searched everywhere!
  23. M

    Who Are These Two Known Creators

    Im confident this is just going to be lost but who are these guys? I know they have more videos but i canr remember their names at all, plus this videos audio is out of sync everywhere. Teen Skater Twink Throats and Fucks Monster Cock and Share Fleshlight
  24. E

    Video Requesting Link To Hot Cumshot Video

    Hello guys. Sometime ago I watched an awesome video, but I can't remember from where it was, so I'm not finding it anymore. I remember it was set in a kitchen. One guy was jerking off the other and, as he got close, he asked te other guy to count down from 10. When he reached 1, the guy...
  25. R

    Photos & Videos Id And/or Onlyfans Page For This Guy?

    Forgive me if this isn't the right place to put this. Google images and Yandex are not turning anything up for this guy so I was hoping to get a few more feelers out there. Does anyone know the ID and/or OnlyFans page for this guy? The tumblr watermark belongs to someone's personal blog. The...
  26. tarsonist

    Video Help Finding Out Who This Is?

    Does anyone recognize these dudes?
  27. J

    Drop Your Of

  28. M

    Does Anyone Have The Videos From Bbfckbuddies

    Does anyone have the videos from bbfckbuddies from xtube? All of their videos were deleted during the purge.
  29. P


    does anyone have links to all of the colby does america videos, the links from his twitter no longer work :(
  30. D

    Need Help Looking For Specific Video - Straight Bro Jerking Off

    The video is pretty simple, football build/thick caucasian guy in a black backwards hat jerking off on his couch - he's making the video for his girlfriend, it's pretty verbal most of him talking about how he wants to fuck her Got deleted when PH removed everything but was one of my faves -...