1. T

    Video Help ID these guys

    burly male eating gay friend White Daddy Dom fucks his Latino boy - So I've been trying to find who these guys are or if they have more videos. I appreciate all the help!
  2. ChokeSub

    Choke Out Porn?

    Hey ya’ll. Been curiously looking across the internet and various sites, in hopes to find some clips or videos of a guy being out to sleep in a chokehold, or something similar. Could just be a simple momentary thing that occurs part way through a much longer porn or fucking. Been having...
  3. Z

    Anyone know who this huge black bodybuilder is?

    Found this video on Twitter. Huge black bodybuilder dominating a twink. He must have a profile somewhere. Anyone recognise him?
  4. Lasagna34

    "Don't Stop!"

    I find videos where the bottom says to the top things like "don't stop!" or "keep fucking me!" really hot. I know there is other people out there who find it hot as well. Post what y'all got! An Example: "KEEP GOING! OH MY GOD!"
  5. S

    ex jock needs humbled my dom says

    any doms get off humiliating? im 33 5'8 and little beefy and mostly smooth. please be able to cam and mic like me. smithtimmy71 is my skype. have a bod pic like me before chat please
  6. N hard kinks

    starting thread from videos from any full videos from them or even related videos
  7. danielXdemedici

    Make it Home

    First short story here on the forum. Would appreciate feedback. Short story about the paths we take to find home. This is story is an entirely fictional account that details sexual activities between adults. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18 and you are...
  8. H

    Where to post my story (forums…)

    I wrote a story about bodybuilders, muscle, muscle domination and muscle theft, bdsm as it is rough i cant really post it here, does anybody know a forum that allows “rough” stories?
  9. G

    East London throat

    anyone 7+ inches in london looking to use a sub/throat?
  10. M

    Who is this giant BBC in Meathole Scene This is a very rough scene. Can you help me and tell me the name of the packed black boy? He is interviewed at 00.45.00
  11. D

    Dominant Gifs/Vids

    I am looking for GIFs and videos of dominant men, grabbing their slave/subs hand and forcing it onto their hard cock/into their pants or donminant rough face fucking with slapping, bending their sub over and fucking them hard, making their sub jerk/blow them in the car etc. Any posts would be...
  12. Toyboxd

    Submissive black bottom lookin for rough older tops on Kik

    22 black bubble butt sub looking for rough older tops and groups to trade on the regular. Got a fat ass and a tight hole (pics in profile) I like to give up for hung older guys especially if you can talk shit and treat me like a bitch. Kik toyboxd
  13. J

    Source Request - Guy being held down and viciously tickled

    Seems like the OP is intentionally cagey about not giving up the source. from tiktok user
  14. J

    Guys wearing ski masks, balaclavas etc

    Hey guys, tried finding a thread for this but couldn't. Let's share hot guys wearing ski masks, balaclavas etc. I can't be the only one that finds masked guys hot af! Bonus points if you can include a name/tag. I'll start...
  15. JacobSlader

    Cock Stuffing in Throat

    How to stuff your Cocksucker’s throat properly:
  16. A

    Photo Help Me Find Them plz

    Help Me Find them plz
  17. D

    Video Anyone Have These Two Videos Or Know The Names Of The People In Them?

    Anyone Have These Two Videos Or Know The Names Of The People In Them? (Are There More Videos Of These People?)
  18. D

    Video Anyone Have These Two Videos Or Know The Names Of The People In Them?

    Anyone Have These Two Videos Or Know The Names Of The People In Them? (Are There More Videos Of These People?)
  19. JohnBear

    Women who REALLY like sex…

    Wanted to start a thread of videos where the woman is really, really into the sex and doesn’t mind showing it. Hopefully we can get a good library of links showing off really horny and enthusiastic women… Ill start with a few… Morgpie: Homemade:
  20. G

    Need agressive dom daddy over 50 c2c

    Early 40s mwm sub here looking for skype aggressive masters. pm for skype id
  21. S

    Mall Bathroom break

    So this is my experience one time at a mall bathroom lol. I visit this mall a lot but never really had to use the bathroom there. One day I went to get a hair cut at this place I normally visit. After I was done I had to go freshen up a bit since there were tiny hairs all over my ears shoulders...
  22. D

    Who is this guy?

    Please somone who is top guy. He is russian how I know but who is he Ig, Fb somthing please
  23. accommodating

    Redmond oregon

    Anyone in my area? I'd like to find a bi top to let me enjoy his cock regularly and as much as he wants mmf are one of my favorite activities even if she isn't into guys doing anything but her. 38, 6'2" 185, I've never been with a guy regularly so if it happens don't let me talk you out of...
  24. A

    Who is this bottom?

    Please help me find out who this bottom is!! And where it’s from?
  25. W

    What is that vid? Bottom says go slow, but top doesn't

    Lol. It's a studio porn. The top is a gay porn famous, 30-something top who looks Hispanic with maybe a tattoo or two and the bottom tells him to go slow but the top ignores him and fucks haaaard.
  26. F

    ID him please

    I have seen videos of him before, but can't find them anymore except this one. Can anyone ID him?
  27. I

    Verbal Top Control the Psyche/Mind of the Bottom

    A mix of rough/verbal amateur porn is so hot! But I always find it hottest when the top is able to enter and control the mind of the bottom. Here's a few examples (sorry for the pop-ups - seems hard to find any free hosts that don't have them these days)...
  28. A

    Checkered Nightie Pyjamas

    Can’t just be me that finds them checkered nightie trousers fit post your pics!!!
  29. J

    Daddy Conor Mcgregor

    This man is so fucking hot
  30. G

    Photos & Videos Very Rough Anal Insertion

    Hello guys i recently saw this cool video does anyone have similar videos