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  1. G

    Need agressive dom daddy over 50 c2c

    Early 40s mwm sub here looking for skype aggressive masters. pm for skype id
  2. S

    Mall Bathroom break

    So this is my experience one time at a mall bathroom lol. I visit this mall a lot but never really had to use the bathroom there. One day I went to get a hair cut at this place I normally visit. After I was done I had to go freshen up a bit since there were tiny hairs all over my ears shoulders...
  3. E

    Who is this guy?

    Please somone who is top guy. He is russian how I know but who is he Ig, Fb somthing please
  4. accommodating

    Redmond oregon

    Anyone in my area? I'd like to find a bi top to let me enjoy his cock regularly and as much as he wants mmf are one of my favorite activities even if she isn't into guys doing anything but her. 38, 6'2" 185, I've never been with a guy regularly so if it happens don't let me talk you out of...
  5. A

    Who is this bottom?

    Please help me find out who this bottom is!! And where it’s from?
  6. W

    What is that vid? Bottom says go slow, but top doesn't

    Lol. It's a studio porn. The top is a gay porn famous, 30-something top who looks Hispanic with maybe a tattoo or two and the bottom tells him to go slow but the top ignores him and fucks haaaard.
  7. F

    ID him please

    I have seen videos of him before, but can't find them anymore except this one. Can anyone ID him?
  8. I

    Verbal Top Control the Psyche/Mind of the Bottom

    A mix of rough/verbal amateur porn is so hot! But I always find it hottest when the top is able to enter and control the mind of the bottom. Here's a few examples (sorry for the pop-ups - seems hard to find any free hosts that don't have them these days)...
  9. A

    Checkered Nightie Pyjamas

    Can’t just be me that finds them checkered nightie trousers fit post your pics!!!
  10. J

    Daddy Conor Mcgregor

    This man is so fucking hot
  11. G

    Photos & Videos Very Rough Anal Insertion

    Hello guys i recently saw this cool video https://mobile.twitter.com/Zubee1230/status/1447140294307110915 does anyone have similar videos
  12. T

    Need New Gay Porn Vids

    hey everyone! Lol okay so let me get to the point. I’ve been having trouble finding porn videos to well ya know...and all the threads that had recommendations have videos that are mostly deleted. anyways so i was wondering if yall could help. You can post really anything but just know i am not a...
  13. T

    Male Spit On Girl In Str8 Porn

    I know it can be concidered hardcore or rough, but i really like when men spit on girls in straight porn (or spit in their mouth). only in this way, not girls to guys. If you enjoy it like me, please share picture and videos about it :)
  14. A

    Video Who Is This? Latin Hard Fucking.

    Well to make it short: Any ideas on who this is or one of these two are?? :( https://twitter.com/OBruVideos/status/1361875277253644289
  15. younghungnj

    Huge Cock Extreme Deepthroat

    Hi all, I’ve posted some videos of me with my friend, who has a very unique talent in that he can get (pretty brutally) pounding down his throat with my big cock for quite a while. I’m thinking he might be non-human. YounghungNJ’s videos YounghungNJ’s Photos
  16. BDYMD

    Train Your Bf To Fuck You Harder.

    Hi everyone, my BF has a nice fat and long dick, which is very pleasurable being fucked with. The only problem is that the whole sex is a bit vanilla - it's missing some power. :) He's clearly the top and doesn't even want to talk about to bottom, but apart from having sex he is more on the...
  17. jrdnwn

    Group Prison Scene Id

    Anyone know what this was called/where it was originally from and if its available in better quality?
  18. Selvadorada

    Rough Gay Porn

    My goal is to find the roughest gay porn, please share videos you think would fit the title.
  19. twinkish92

    Kinky, Perverted,fetish-sex

    I have been in a relationship with this guy for two years now. We love sex and are horny all the time. I have noticed that he is chatting with other dudes, previously hookups, and i figured out that im not kinky and enough perverted. Is like he has this rape fantasy.. Im very dominant on my...
  20. M


    Does anyone please have any of their stuff from their onlyfans? The partner looks real hot and fucks rough, would really love to see their full vids etc if anyone has them please OnlyFans
  21. Chachababy

    Video My Favorite Vids

    Making this thread to post my favorite videos to share with y’all. I did make albums for them but you can’t post photos of other people in your gallery so I’ll be putting them here. Feel free to add your favorite videos that get you off too
  22. P

    Scenes Using A Head Box

    My new favourite scene includes where a girl is being abused and they put her head in a box, I've only found 2 scenes like this, one is Madison Scott & the other is Cheyenne Jewel, are there any others out there? Vid for reference: Busty blonde Madison Scott gets brutally fucked and enjoy... |...
  23. rockwmeee

    Sub Bottom Here!

    Total bottom boy here love giving head. Love to be roughed up forced and having strong aggressive men savage me. Love being spanked. Face down butt up and tied is how I love it. Always down for crazy experience. Love receiving facials as well. Love when a guy just throws me down or corners me...
  24. M

    Photos & Videos Toddy_xxx

    Does anyone by any chance have any videos etc from this sexy guys only fans? Would really appreciate anyone sharing please Fit tradie with a big cock and pounds hard
  25. C

    Photos & Videos Forrest Griffin Fans?

    I can’t be the only one to find him hot in that ugly/cute way! He’s giving me what I need in these rough times!!
  26. B

    Crazy Kinky Fun With Mf Couple And 6 Guys, Very Bi/gay

    So this happened a few weeks ago it and it was so fun. before all this covid-19 going around. All the stories I write are true and fantasies. If you have any questions feel free to ask anytime either here or in private convos, or skype I was at the couples house and everyone was there. the...
  27. M

    Photos & Videos Scottxxx

    Does anyone know or have any way of obtaining any newer videos from Scottxxx.com for free? If anyone would be willing to share a Google drive with videos or any good download sites etc that would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you
  28. I

    Controlling Bottom By Headlock Through The Legs

    It's super hot when a bottom submits to a top, but even hotter when a top asserts his domination. It drives me crazy (in a good way) when a top controls the bottom's head by headlocking him through his legs. Here's two examples: MyVidster - collect the videos you love (@ around 1:04) NO...
  29. I

    Controlling Bottom By Headlock Through The Legs

    It's super hot when a bottom submits to a top, but even hotter when a top asserts his domination. It drives me crazy (in a good way) when a top controls the bottom's head by headlocking him through his legs. Here's two examples: MyVidster - collect the videos you love (@ around 1:04) NO...
  30. I

    Hard And Deep Throat Fucking

    Looking for more vids like these Literally nothing gets me off like a dom top forcing his cock down a dude’s throat (This one more 1:50 and on) grekogay (all his videos are great examples of what I’m looking for): FACE FUCKING THE ITALIAN FΑG AGAIN