short shorts

  1. Remky


  2. Remky

    Montanna Flo

  3. M

    Photos & Videos _lebbbbb (caleb Roggenbuck)

    Just thought I’d make a thread to show some love for this pint sized Prince and Tik Tok star
  4. G

    GuyWithEdge and his boyfriend JoeMongomeryJr's Ass (Tiktok Ass)

    decided to make this thread since a lot of people on tiktok booty and ass love guywithedge's boyfriend's bubble ass guywithedge has been showing off his bf's ass a lot more on tiktok lately so they're very much aware of the attention it gets lol
  5. Danielle Cockworship

    Daisy Dukes ... Short Shorts!!

    Who else here likes big asses in short shorts? I’m a bi-sexual CD, and my ass is kinda big - I work out a lot ... I do heavy squats, 500 lb+ leg presses, leg curls, and a lot of leg helps shape and tone the legs, while the heavy work builds the body up, and helps to maintain my...
  6. SonyToyo

    Udt shorts: us navy

    Hi everyone Came across these UDT shorts that US Navy divers wear and thought I’d start a thread for pictures and stories of them. They’re already some of my favourite shorts and I’m thinking about buying a pair. Here’s some pics:
  7. miamirt

    Soft cotton sleep shorts

    I’m not able to find any loose fitting but short (3” inseam or less) cotton shorts to wear around the house/sleep in. I’ve checked Amazon and all I find are Chinese branded shorts that I can’t tell it they’re too small/tight. I want to buy some here in the US at a store. Help!
  8. Sweatpants911

    Photo Show your vpl

  9. trackjock13

    Erections while trying on clothes/speedos in stores?

    I have posted this before, but maybe new members or new experiences from others. I was on my school swim team from ages 18 to 22, and several times when I was in stores trying on Speedos, or even just shorts, I'd get massive erections and the clerk(s) or other customers would see and clearly...