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  1. happyduckfrog

    howdy howdy!

    howdy im aya ! im 19 and single ! here for a good time so dms are always open <3 <3
  2. icyfdrag

    Gaming fuck buddy

    Heya, I am a 18yo femboy looking for someone that I can play games with who will also be a sexual partner :) (not like dating or exclusive just horny lol) my discord is "cat girl Icy#7049" looking forward to being used <33 ps games like league of legends, val, genshin, ow, idrk
  3. Asphyxia8

    New ‘Mo in LA Here

    Hi all, Excited to be a new member of this sexy adult community! Looking forward to lots of fun, hot men, frivolity, more hot men, chatting, porn with hot men, uncut hot men, hot redheads, and, ultimately, LOADS OF HOT MEN! :yum Xoxoxo, Asphyxia 8 aka Derek in LA :emoji_cherries:
  4. iambraddz

    South coast South Aussie Single

    Straight South coast South Aussie Single wants to meet a couple. First timer
  5. C

    Looking For...in London

    Dont think this is the best place to find a boyfriend but it's a start to what I need. I'm petite, black female nearly 40 but look much younger. Looking for tantric massage, coffee first to make sure were both comfortable and attracted. Not had sex for nearly two years after I left my stupid ex...
  6. M

    Married Or Single Intelligent Ladies Looking For Fun In Nashville

    In search of ladies for friendship and extra in middle Tennessee. Start with good conversation and see where it goes.
  7. 7

    New Member, Looking To See What's Up

    Hey ! New member here, 24M from New York City. I'm French, meaning I'm uncut ;) Looking to see what kind of people & interactions are on this website
  8. CaioX93

    Mpumalanga Sa

    Anyone from Mpumalanga, South Africa?
  9. 1

    Feeling Like I Have A Split Personality

    It might have been covered already on here but something that I often end up feeling is being torn between wanting a real monogamis relationship with a sweet guy and moving in together and building a life together, and then there's this side (when I'm horny of course) who just wants to be the...
  10. Alina Is Thicc

    Fwb/lover Wanted In Vegas!

    Hi! I'm looking for a sweetheart to be best friends with, perhaps a potential relationship! Feel free to message me!
  11. J

    Er Sucht Sie In Deutschland

    Welche Frau / Paar in Deutschland NRW sucht einen gut gebauten single Mann. 21x6cm nur für Sie
  12. 1

    Gym Buddy

    Hey guys anyone in or around Metro Atlanta looking for a Gym Buddy? I work out at LA Fitness and am mobile to anywhere in the city. Very motivated here. Looking to tone up, build muscle and lose about 40lbs. Who's game? HMU!
  13. eletrand

    How To Tell If A Woman Is Truly Interested

    I'm asking this question to women because I've gotten a lot of mixed signals lately from many women. I get a lot of compliments, so while I'm not trying to brag I certainly don't think it's me being ugly. How can I tell if a woman is truly interested in sex, a connection, or a relationship...
  14. Oliver91

    Recently single (gay)

    Hey guys, Boyfriend and I recently broke up after a 3 year relationship. Looking to sort of "get out there" but it's been a while and I'm not totally sure where to start. I'd prefer not get back on Grindr/Scruff/gay dating apps in general (which is where I initially met him). I'm a 27 year-old...
  15. D

    Any straight/bi guys from dubai?

    Hi, I’m a 32yo gay living in Dubai now. PM me if youre looking. Not just into sex. Prefer younger men below 40yo.