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  1. 1

    Softcore Actors Showing Bush

    Hey all, Might be a weird topic or question. But does anyone have any favourite clips/pics/whatever of softcore actors who seem to not mind showing their bush while they're simulating a sex scene? I just think it's kinda cool that the actor is comfortable enough to be like, "Yeah, I got a pelt...
  2. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Favorite male porn actors

    Jean Valjean
  3. ValentinDE

    Photo Post Your Most Tempting Pics

    Post sexy pics of you, no full frontal, no hardcore. Go!
  4. Y

    Photos & Videos A.g. Cook? ♥

    Alexander Guy Cook (born 23 August 1990) is an English music producer, singer, songwriter, and head of record label PC Music. Saw there wasn't a thread already, took the liberty to make one myself. I find him adorably nerdy and such a soft boy hottie ♥ https://www.instagram.com/agcook404
  5. J

    Video Guy In A Rubber/latex Suit Topping A Handcuffed Guy.

    I saw this video on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GayDemonTime/status/1288314818189905921?s=19 And I would like to know where is it from, if anyone knows please let me know, I would appreciate it, thanks in advance. :D
  6. A

    Males/ Couples Wanted In Seattle For Nude Photoshoot With Wife (after Covid)

    My wife and I are planning to do a nude gangbang style photoshoot. The idea is that we will make a video and photo compilation of me, along with 3-4 other guys will stripping and dominating her and then simulating a gangbang (think boundgangbang or hardcoregangbang). I would like to make it...
  7. petera

    Video Femal Friendly Porn: What Do You Tink Of It?

    Hi all, I've bumped into a site that servers 'Female Friendly Porn' (or better: 'Erotica'). What do you think of this? Female Friendly Porn & Erotica For Women - xLoveJoy.com
  8. A

    Nick Harwood & Eli Sheppard

    Eli S (@getemeli) • Instagram photos and videos @tonyb.nimble • Instagram photos and videos Nick harwood (@industryplant) • Instagram photos and videos
  9. jaybeebrad

    Joe Souza (softcore Star, Naked Boy Singing)

    So there's this "actor" named Joe Souza who a lot of guys know from being in the movie version of "Naked Boys Singing" where he, of course, goes full frontal naked. He's around 50 these days (Still hot!) and still trying to be a legit actor, but in the late 90's / early 2000's he had a lengthy...
  10. J

    Adam film911

    Anyone know of Adam from Film911? He is hot and fit AF.
  11. O

    Todd tetreault

    Hey, Does anyone know much more about Todd? He's a pretty prolific fitness model. But he's also done a lot of softcore movie work under the name Kenneth Blake. http://softcore69.com/video/todd-tetreault-so-sexy-online-crush-3-softcore-porn He was also on the first series of Playboy's...