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  1. T

    Nyc Men's Spa

    I'll be in NYC for work. Are there any good men's spas in the area? Would like to do a spa day.
  2. D

    Spa or bathhouse in bay area for chubs

    Anyone know what are the best bathhouses or spa that have more chubs in the bay area?
  3. maxbalte

    Los Angeles Spas

    I've been curious about trying out one of the Korean spas around LA. Does anyone have any experiences/suggestions/tips? I'm not really looking to cruise, more-so just get naked around other hot naked guys haha.
  4. J

    Nude spas

    With an end to the pandemic hopefully in sight, I'm excited to have my local clothing-optional spa return to not needing masks. I've really missed relaxing in the nude in their sauna and saltwater hot tub. Letting go of all that body tension and being deeply warmed get me hanging huge. The place...
  5. M

    Spas in the DMV Area

    Has anyone been to Relache Spa in the Gaylord National Resort or the Spa at MGM National Harbor (closed at the moment)? Are they anything like the Vegas spas that been discussed on here, in terms of cruising?
  6. Shadowgeist

    Aussie Gay Sauna / Spa / Bathhouse Experiences & Discussion

    Greetings fellow aussies and lpsg members who have experience living in Oz. I've recently been baptised with experiencing a night in a gay sauna (twice now in the past month) and I was wondering what other peoples' experiences have been like. I'm still trying to wrap my head around my time...
  7. T

    Twin Ponds Lodge Or Richmond Sauna

    Has anyone been to either Twin Ponds Lodge in Albion, Maine or Richmond Sauna? I'm going to be visiting Portland soon and wasn't sure if either place was worth the drive to visit for a day. Thanks in advance.
  8. A

    Nyc Masseur

    Hey Arab lookin masseur here! Hmu for more info
  9. good_guy

    Guys Hang Out Naked

    hey guys, I'm looking for a place in *Europe* / *Australia* / *New Zeland* where guys can hang out naked and it won't be weird. I know in some nordic countries in Europe is very common to go to a spa completely naked and I would love to have a list of such places - Could be spas / gyms (open...
  10. good_guy

    Photo The Ultimate List Of All The Common Naked Open Places

    hey guys, I'm looking for all places with naked open saunas/spa/showers/beaches to show off (either men only or men and women combined) I know that in some Scandinavian countries it's really common to go to a public spa and be completely naked (you don't have to put on a towel) In Germany...
  11. 6

    Homme Spa Masajes

    Hello, anyone have full videos of these massages of Homme Spa Masajes ? I find them so exciting. or similar videos Thank you in advance. https://twitter.com/homme_masajes?lang=fr
  12. 1

    Straight Spa/bath House/shvitz Recommendations

    hey guys, I posted this in the wrong third before my apologies. Have you guys been to a spa bathhouse/ shvitz that you would you recommend for a guys trip? dont want a cruise-y one and dont reallyknow how to distinguish the two online. Just a place to hang out with the guys. All male- nude is...
  13. 1

    Seattle 12/20-12/22?

    Anyone in or around Seattle next weekend? Looking for somewhere fun to check out and maybe get into a little fun ;) Clubs, bars or spa recommendations??
  14. Thomas.blake

    Harrogate Uk, Nuffield Gym Spa

    Anyone has experience with Nuffield spa in Harrogate? Any male only sessions, do ppl go nude? Best time to find some mutual wank? Let me know, if you have some info. Cheers
  15. T

    Des Moines Visit

    Heading to Des Moines, Iowa in middle of July. 31, bi-married, white. 5’8 165 fit. Looking for possible discreet meetup. Also, any good cruising spots (gyms, spas) where I can check out activity?
  16. O

    A Beginners Guide To Spa Cruising (vegas Edition)

    Hello - I've frequented quite a few spa's recently and thought it'd be interesting to make a guide for people who are new and interested in the extra curricular activities that might take place in our favorite men's wet room. The majority of my experiences are from spas in Las Vegas as I have...
  17. nicknorthern


    Apologies if this isn’t the right place for this question, but: I’m visiting a few cities in (western) Ukraine this year. I’m straight and married so I’m not looking for hook-ups, but does anyone have any recommendations for places to stay/visit that are a bit ‘fun’? I’m thinking...
  18. R

    Anyone ever been to vapor spa in ky?

    So I'm really interested in visiting a bathhouse, and Vapor is one of the closest I can find. Anyone ever been? How is it? Also, what is the etiquette for a bathhouse? Do you just walk around naked? With a towel? Where and when is nudity ok? If someone approaches with sexual advances, how do...
  19. 8

    Korean spa body scrub

    Hey I’ve recently been to century spa in Los Angeles and had such a good time. Most guys are there to show off and stroke in the steam room or outside in the sun. I got a body scrub last time and was rock hard as soon as he started scrubbing my balls and shaft. I stayed hard throughout expecting...
  20. B

    Claudius therme and other saunas in cologne/koln?

    Hi all, Travelling to Cologne next week and was thinking of checking out the Claudius Therme spa. Anyone been there before? What was your experience? Any advice or other recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  21. B

    Day spa - san jose area - suggestions?

    Hi guys - heading to San Jose this weekend - looking suggestions on a good day spa to relax (sauna, steam, jacuzzi, massage, body scrub, etc.). Found a couple places online: Lawrence Health Center and Immersion Spa & Sauna Anyone been to either of these? Any feedback (good/bad)? Really want...