1. Tintadongpinoy

    34 Muscular Asian Otter Sub LF BWC/BBC To Make Me Feel Small

    Rape threats and raceplay very much welcome. Let me know how slutty I am. Love being emasculated. All body types welcome. Thank you for wanting to fondle my breasts and fill my pussy sir. No, sir, I don't have a cock sir. Just a clit and some nice breasts sir. I was built to be rape bait sir...
  2. T

    Cash For Cucks

    Chapter 1: A Favour Joey sat down with his wife Marie and told her the bad news. When that drunk driver hit their car, it wrecked it completely. Not only that, but the insurance company had managed to wiggle out of the claim. Marie was devastated - she and Joey had been working hard to save...
  3. M

    sph meet manchester

    looking to meet in Manchester this week for sph and cbt session. someone to humiliate my tiny dick and bust my balls with their giant cock.
  4. JohnWill2

    Video Average to small cocks on good looking dudes

    I haven't been able to find a really good thread of videos of dudes with smaller cocks. There's the hunks with small cocks thread, but way too many photos for my liking. So I wanted to start a thread to celebrate the videos of dudes with smaller dicks in porn - amateur or pro, hunk or twink, but...
  5. P

    Small cock

    I'm a gay slave with a small cock for straight boys to bully and humiliate. I'm based in Scotland. Any boys up for it? I can post on here if you all want to bully me?
  6. P

    Small guys, tell us about your small dick problems (mild sph)

    I don't have small dick problems. Never have and never will. So I'm curious to hear about yours. When did you realize you had bad dick and what problems has it caused? Rejections? Humiliation? Other problems? Jealousy? Let's make this a thread where small guys can share their problems and hung...
  7. S

    Talk dirty

    I love when men talk dirty during sex or just in self shot videos. But the good ones are so hard to find. So post videos of yourself or others while stroking your cock and talking dirty. You can humiliate someone for having smaller dick or a roleplay kind of video, etc. don't hold back
  8. K

    Why SPH get arousal with bigger dick?

    I’m also fascinated by big guys, trigger me erection.
  9. N

    Links Subtle SPH or size comparison/mention videos (Non-POV)

    There are many SPH POV videos where a dom guy sits and do verbal SPH with no one next to them but I like SPH wit scenarios and more focused on the small guy instead of who is humiliating. For example, something like this would be hot: A classic casting / interview style porn where a guy strips...
  10. T

    Gay SPH London

    Hey. I'll be visiting London for 2 nights on the 22nd and 23rd Of March. Looking for guys interested in humiliating my dick. Love guys to degrade and make fun of my dick, comparing it to others they've played with, making me feel small, pathetic and worthless. Like to be edged, teased and...
  11. foolishqueer

    Average size boy looking for a dominant friend

    Hey all, I'm a submissive boy with a slightly below average cock looking to have some fun online with a more dominant friend. Looking more on a long term friendship than a one time thing. Then I'm all yours, when we play you can control me how you want ;) I like sending pic/video, doing...
  12. D

    Morning everyone, anyone up for some tiny cock humiliation?

    Hello, bulls, anyone wanna humiliate a small-cocked white faggot?
  13. D

    Should I enlarge my "penis"?

    Do you think I should consider enlarging my "penis" to be considered a man?
  14. B

    Bulking Season

    Nick was a cocky fucker. He’d been the star rugby player at his school, and though countless people told him university would be different, he was still the king there. 6’2 and built, he didn’t care much about being toned, but he loved being big. Big arms, big legs, and best of all: a big cock -...
  15. C

    Ultimate Humiliation: GAY with a SMALL DICK

    There is really NOTHING worse for a gay man than having a tiny dick. I cannot tell you how many times I've had promising relationships until they get my pants off and then they get soft or can't cum. It honestly is better to be ugly or fat than have a small penis. It's like the ultimate deal...
  16. D

    SPH (small penis humiliation)

    Do i fit into the category of a "small penis"? Am I worthy of humiliation? If yes, can u tear down my ego (I dont mind that at all)

    Unhung Russian from Germany

    Hey guys. I live in Germany, Cologne. I'm not new here, but I've never said hello ;):D As a teenager, I was often humiliated because of my small penis. My Penis didnt grown for years. I was straight until I was 20, then bi. But i cannot satisfy anyone well. I was kept chaste for a long time...
  18. Deerkiwibeer

    Small penis humiliation server

    Hey guys! I apologize in advance if this isn't allowed. I have a discord server called Small penis humiliation forum. Its meant as a safe space to show off and get sph. Its gay-oriented so not a lot of girls except for the occasionally bot named mistress. We do have a lot of straight guys so...
  19. A


  20. MrMoons88

    Photo Sissy Clit

    When you look between my legs what do you see?
  21. MrMoons88

    Photo Rate my Cock

    Rate my Cock!
  22. S

    Young and very hung australian looking for a sub

    I have a big fat cock and I’m proud of it, I love showing it off to subs and being worshipped. Also into findom/sph/comparing. Hit me up on snapchat: nathanveni22
  23. P

    Small cock

    I'm a gay slave with a small cock to be bullied and humiliated. Bully me on here or pm me. Feel free to spread my nudes around to be laughed at.
  24. P

    Small dick

    I'm a gay slave with a small cock to be bullied and humiliated. I especially like being bullied by young straight lads. Come make fun of me on here or pm me.
  25. P

    Sph slave

    I'm a gay slave looking for boys to bully me for my size. I especially like being bullied by young straight boys. Humiliate me on this thread or in private messages. Tell what you think of my cock.
  26. P

    Mock my small cock

    I'm a gay slave with a small cock to be bullied and humiliated. I especially like humiliation from young straight boys. Feel free to make fun of my cock on the thread or by private message.
  27. T

    The Secret Programs

    Larry Sanderson gritted his teeth, trying to keep his orgasm from boiling up. He really wanted to avoid cumming too soon. Lately, he had been having trouble with premature ejaculations. How humiliating it would be, if he came too quickly and couldn't satisfy his wife. But the pleasure around his...
  28. P

    My little dick

    Hi boys, Feel free to make fun of my cock here. You can also private message me humiliating comments. You can also spread them about your mates and social media and anywhere in the internet. I deserve sph.
  29. P

    Small cock

    I'm a gay slave with a small cock to be bullied and humiliated. Feel free to pm me mocking my cock. You can also spread it about your male mates and on any internet sites you want.
  30. P

    Small cock humiliation

    I'm a gay slave with a small cock to be bullied and humiliated. Any boys want to laugh at my cock and make fun of it? Especially any boys from Scotland