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  1. Cosgood

    Squirt for the sky!

    Unless I'm blind or can't work the search function correctly, the only squirt related threads are YEARS old. If everybody's good with it I'd like to start another. Haven't been seeing much squirt content. If ya got em, share em!!
  2. N

    Squirt/precum webcam guys

    Theres a bunch of guys ive seen on chaturbate who are pretty popular, mostly because of they show off themselves squirting several times. feel free to share those you know about and some of the videos you get
  3. Girthy27

    Serious Girth for wife

    Hey peops, Over many years of an open and alternative sex life, we've discovered that my wife gets seriously wet, noisy and orgasmic for thick girthy (and lengthy) cocks. I love seeing my wife's face when she cums hard, enjoys lengthy orgasms and intense pleasure that I just can't give her in...
  4. Creoleken

    Photos & Videos What is this called and who has more?

    Who has more videos of ass creaming?
  5. S

    Cum on your feet?

    Straight guys, would you let another guy cum on your feet? My straight and married best friend and I have jacked off together for many years. He likes when I watch and having the power to make me horny. He’s not gay at all but I’ve asked him a few times if he’d do something for my own pleasure...
  6. D

    When did you seen/heard about female squirting?

    First post! I've been having this account and I really thought it was high time to make a post on this great website here after being a member for so long. Anyway, just like the title I'm really wondering on here with everyone on what was your discovery on squirting. For myself, the first...
  7. aladddin

    Waffleempire, can't get enough of him...

  8. O

    Briefly Describe Your Hottest Sexual Encounter.

    I’ll go first… Hot fit soccer mom milf type roughly 10 years older than me. Recently separated from a long marriage, Described her ex as uninterested and on the smaller side. Anyway, I was giving her oral and she went absolutely crazy moaning & squirming… and then squirted all over my face...
  9. C

    Id Gay Cam Model

    Does anyone know who this is or if there are more videos of him? BIG BOY WITH BIG BIG ASS HOLE - ThisVid.com
  10. X

    Video Hung Muscled Dude With Insane Precum Loads!

    Just stumbled on this video of a really lovely hung muscled dude. But the thing that shocked me was the insane amount of precum this guy seems to shoot-I’ve never seen anything like it. Several times in video he goes from standard jerking to rubbing his glans—and then a sort of pre cum...
  11. S

    Orgasm Therapy

    Hi, Trying to find this vid in beter quality and looking for the name of these actrices. Somebody can help me? Orgasm Therapy
  12. B

    I'd Hot Guy Cumming #2

    I've introduced to this guy video long ago and thought maybe it's just a one off, but I came to this compilation, suggesting that there's more video of him. Can someone tell me who he is and where can I find more of him
  13. B

    Id Hot Guy Cumming Videos

    I have these videos of him, I don't know who he is and I'm trying to find the rest of his content, seeing as there's no of watermark.
  14. C

    Video Call The Plumber. She's Leaking From Her Tits And Pussy

    Full Vid Here
  15. S

    Milano Couple Looking For Big Penis (mfm)

    We are a straight couple in their 20s looking for a man with a big penis (preferrably 20cm+) to satisfy the lady in Milano. She is very orgasmic, and has a lovely figure. Hit us up :)
  16. S

    Milano Mfm

    New member here! We're a couple in their 20s looking for a hung guy in Milan to fuck her brains out. I'll post more details if someone replies...
  17. hungguyinva

    Huge, Girthy Bbc Stretching Pussy

    One of my favorite videos. She squirts multiple times as this big cock stretches her so good.
  18. W

    Video Videos Of Self Facials

    Hey all, Looking for some new videos of good self facial videos! Any recommendations help. Prefer if they're natural rather than forced (ie: doing a summer salt to aim at their face). I'll post one of my favorites to start. XXXSuperSoaker95 (@SSoaker95) | Twitter Prefect example of what I'm...
  19. M

    Have You Been With A Squirter??

    General poll for guys and gals here. Ever been with a woman who squirts during sex? Been a dream of mine but never had the good fortune to be with one. I think it's so hot.
  20. M

    Looking For A Squirter

    Hi there! It's been my biggest fantasy to one day have sex with a woman who squirts. I think it's the biggest turn on but have never had the fortune to experience it. I love pleasing women and making them cum more than I enjoy being pleased. I've never not made a woman cum using fingers...
  21. H

    2019 Exploited College Girls - Jade - Who`s Jake?

    Hey there, I would like to know who is the male talent called Jake in this Video. And where can I find more videos with him. Can anybody help? His tattoos and body hair are some kind of a features. Alongside his cock. Thanks a lot.
  22. P

    Male Squirting

    recently heard about male squirting but I just can’t do it. Anyone have any cool experiences with it? Anyone tried it? Every time I try I just cum normally
  23. C

    Nicole aniston squirting scenes

    Here are the Existing (highly rare) Scenes Where Nicole Aniston Squirts. Please post any additional links with timestamps that you know about or find which are not posted already. All contributions are appreciated Enjoy
  24. UpTheBracket

    Doggy squirt

    Squirting in doggy really turns me on. Post any videos that are relevant please :) 4:28
  25. C

    Girthgasms: when girth/thick fat cock makes her squirt

    as the title states, videos where girl squirts while being fucked by a girthy penis/meaty dick * http://www.xvideos.com/video22537833/thick_fat_bbc_makes_her_squirt_during_behind_the_scenes_fucking *...