1. A

    Manchester UK: Saunas, Steam Rooms, or Similar For Fun

    Maybe a little bit random, but hope someone can help. Likely gonna be traveling around the UK in a couple of weeks with friends and curious about what Manchester has to offer for show-off/play. During my London visits, have seen that there are quite a lot of spots I like. Not really drawn...
  2. A

    Turkish Baths / Steam Clubs London: Question + Tips?

    Really intrigued about Turkish baths, Steam Rooms, Banya's, Hammams etc in London. Have always heard about these passively and a friend recently piqued my interest more after telling me about an enjoyable visit in Istanbul. Want to go to a few in London (on Men Only days) and had a few...
  3. V

    Holiday bathhouse experience

    I don't have anyone to share this with, hence why posting it here. So I (34M, 100kg, 5ft11,a bit chubby) went on a solo holiday to Tenerife recently. I thought i needed a time away from friends, family and most importantly work (stressed to hell and back). I looked for something relatively...
  4. J

    Sauna / Steam Room

    Heya I’m assuming there is probably already something similar I’m sure so my bad if there is but just wanting some place where I can find some genuine sauna / steam room fun. Had my first “sexual” experience in a sauna on a cruise ship when I was young. I chickened our while the guy was rubbing...
  5. reimaginethat

    Nyhrc In Manhattan

    Anyone go to any of the club locations, if so, any hot experiences in the locker room or sauna?