1. boysandstuds

    Video Gogo Boys & Male Strippers

    ONLY VIDEOS of the hottest guys NUDE and HARD (dancing preferred). A lot of videos have been lost to time. Feel free to upload the hottest gayest studs dancing the night away! Enjoy:)
  2. D

    Video Help ID Threesome Balcony stripping

    So many years ago, there was a scene of three guys stripping on a balcony. They were kind of dry humping and throwing the clothes off the balcony, after which they ended up fucking in bed. I cannot remember any porn actors or the name of the scene, but does anyone recall this video? Probably...
  3. 5

    Photos & Videos Strip Man John (Old YouTube Video)

    Anyone have any info on the guy stripping in this video? Strip Man John It's an old YouTube video (like maybe 14+ years ago) and he's quite hot but the recording is very dated and pixelated (his cock is barely visible because of that, but he's definitely naked in the video). The video...
  4. D

    My sexy buddy

    Hi guys I wanted to start this thread in honor of my very VERY sexy friend. He gets off on knowing that guys are looking at his explicit x rated pictures that I take during skype sessions! These are all posted with his permission I will be making sure he joins the forum guys send this man some...
  5. C

    Chris Bad Boy? Cute twink!

    I've never posted before so I hope I'm not breaking any rules here! I've found 2 videos dated back at least as far as 9 years ago of a cute twink stripping/showering, going by the title "Chris Bad Boy", I was wondering if anyone had any more on him? I've tried searching everywhere I could think...
  6. B

    Guy Stripped By Stripper

    I really like these videos of guys being stripped by strippers. A favorite of mine: Stripped by a stripper - video 43 - Share some if you like it too!
  7. 5

    Real Life Stories 2

    My Experience Stripping in College Back when I was in college I earned extra money stripping at a club and for some parties. I was superfit, then, and i've always had a fairly large cock. When i say i made extra cash, i mean a lot of extra, and i got addicted to showing off around that time...
  8. Daedalus

    Someone’s Getting Naked Challenges

    I’ve always had a thing for strip poker and other stripping games. Love the slow reveal, the squirmy embarrassment as the shy guy sheds more and more, ultimately exposed naked. I love the “Someone’s Getting Naked Challenges” where YouTubers do a series of short competitions and the loser has to...
  9. Angelgoodguy

    Big Brother Danny Wisker

    Channel fives big brother series 16 Danny wisker anything interesting on him ?
  10. Angelgoodguy

    Big Brother Danny Wisker

    Channel fives big brother series 16 Danny wisker anything interesting on him ?
  11. H

    Frottage ? Looking For Links & Vids

    watching 2 beautiful cocks rubbing on each other's foreskin is a real turn on. Anybody else ? Looking for hyperlinks & videos. thx
  12. RickyChayanne

    Photo What Happened To Jimmyz Productons?

    I used to be a big fan of this page and suddenly it disappeared it had videos of muscle worship videos adn hot live Strip Shows this is strip of Joey Van Damme blows my mind
  13. S

    Gorgeous Big Tits Strip Id

    Who dis??
  14. 1

    Hypnotised And Stripping Naked On Stage

    Hi, I’m curious if anyone has ever been to a Hypnotist Show or even been a participant in a show where the guys we instructed to strip/do the full Monty. I’d love to hear stories and if you participated how did it feel? Were you aware you were stripping? If anyone has videos that would be...