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  1. E

    Any British uni students with an OnlyFans?

    preferably well-endowed. Twitter links welcome.
  2. 7

    Robbie Anthony

    I have recently come across a really attractive model (American, of course) who can actually act the lines, is versatile (in this example he bottoms but I have seen him as a top as well - he has a nice physique, smooth chest, circumcised dick, and I love him. He has been a student, (as he is...
  3. E

    Teachers/ Professors?

    Hey everyone! Has anyone come across their old or current teacher on a dating app? Or even seen them naked? I currently saw my old Spanish teacher from High School on an dating app and they didn’t even recognize me. We exchanged nudes and eventually fucked. Any similar stories?
  4. 7

    Big Dick Belgian Stud

    Hi guys, 25 years old from Belgium. Do you guys like my cock and bush?
  5. soowavyyy

    20 Year Old Toronto Student!

    Hey boys! I'm surprised I've never heard about this site before but I'm so glad I discovered it! I'm 20years old, student living in Toronto, ON, Canada! Looking to make new friends! Ask me anything!
  6. bexrules

    Photos & Videos Gorgeous Italian University Student

    I managed to salvage this video from Tumblr before the purge and recently discovered the additional video and photo. Does anybody have any more?
  7. S_Dick

    Professor/coach Showering At School

    Saw one of my students in the shower. Not sure if I should keep showering at my institution. Any other teachers or coaches have advice on this? Hi, I am a young college professor teaching at a very small liberal arts college. I’ve only been teaching for a year now, so it’s all a little new to...
  8. 2

    Fairly New Here! Cum Take A Look ;)

    20 UK, created an account out for fun. Recently started posting again, hope you find something of ur taste and enticement☺️
  9. 1

    I'm New! Take A Look :)

    20, from the UK. Had the account a while but decided to post, hope you find something you like:sun:
  10. D

    Emmanuel Chiang

    anyone got anything on him?
  11. T

    Cfnm With Former Student

    After teaching high school for a couple years I decided to go back to graduate school to get my masters. I found a large house that was renting rooms. It was cheap, close to campus, and furnished, so it was perfect. After class on the first morning I got back to the house and saw Jane, one of...