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  1. H

    Name of this Schiesser Underwear male model please?

    Sadly i can't find anything bout him..Thanks in advance!
  2. F

    Small balls underwear recommendations?

    Hey guys! I’m looking for underwear and skimpy beach wear recommendations. I feel like I don’t fill out most underwear like most guys. I find that although I am on the bigger side while hard, I hang soft at about 3.5” and hard around 7.5”my balls end up being pretty tight most of the time. I...
  3. frank5120

    Speedo Recs

    Hi LPSG. I’m looking to purchase some speedos or other tight fitting swimwear for a vacation coming up and would love some recommendations. a little about me, I’ve never worn speedos because I’ve always been self conscious of my body and my package being a little below average. Would love some...
  4. riqui22

    Eduardo Mateos - Gorgeous Spanish Model

    Beautiful model friend of Beltran Gonzalez.
  5. JustSocks

    Turned On By Undressing More Than Being Naked?

    Anyone else get disappointed when a porn video starts with the guys naked? Love to see the removal of underwear or swimwear and the visible elastic marks on skin. Also tan lines are a big turn on for me. A springy cock being released or an smooth white ass crack being revealed are beautiful to see.
  6. good_guy

    Photo New Swimwear - You Choose - I Buy!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new swimwear for the summer :cool: Planning to go on vacation to places with a lot of water sources - nature, spas, beaches, water parks, pools etc. I am looking for a new swimwear (could be more than one pair) that would meet the following requirements: -...
  7. T

    Square-cut Swimsuit Recommendations?

    Looking for a good square-cut swimsuit. Ideally under $40. Some sungas are fine, but ideally I want something tighter and with a little bit less coverage. I hate mesh lining. I prefer solid colors or something with a very plain design. Links and personal reviews would be great. Pictures...
  8. S

    Orocojuco Brand Review

    I can't ever tell if I'm allowed to post these links but I consider this value add community content for the subject of underwear. I posted a video review of the brand Orocojuco today on Youtube. You might find in informative.
  9. 1

    Please Help Id Him

    https://i.pinimg.com/736x/60/d2/82/60d28232d58e3678318f80d4cb83dddb.jpg Thank you
  10. H

    Who Are They?

    Does anyone know the names of this 3 hot guys?
  11. 1

    Please Help Id This Male Model

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B78nz6WnosQ/ What is his insta? Onlyfans? Thank you
  12. 4

    Photo Sexy-xiong - Bara Muscle

    https://myreadingmanga.info/boys-summer-vol-1-cn/ https://myreadingmanga.info/nobi-nobita-sexnobi-summers-end-muscle-heat-eng/ https://myreadingmanga.info/nobi-nobita-muscle-milk-bath-uncensored-cg/
  13. Rafael Carlos

    Bulges And Heavy Packages

    Pictures of men displaying their bulges. Men erotically clothed.
  14. octooze

    Photo Does Anyone Know Him?

    He's the lifeguard that appears in a very fast scene during Parks and Recreation's Pilot episode and he's not listed in IMDB cast.
  15. Benlm

    Help Id This Model

    Hi guys! I need your help identifying this model. I tried finding who he is, but I had no luck. I hope you guys can help me! ;)
  16. good_guy

    You get to choose my next swimwear :)

    Hey there! I'm looking for a new swimwear for the summer time and I need your advice! Looking for something sexy for a tall and slim body type - I'm toned not muscular (You can see in my profile pic) I want a swimwear that will help me to "Show off" if someone is looking but will not catch...
  17. deepvoicedan

    Swimshorts: net lining too small?

    I've had this problem ever since I switched from trunks to shorts in my teens. The net 'pants' inside swim shorts are always too small. I'm not huge but there's not enough room for my cock and balls and I always end up sticking out rather than down after my first dip in the pool. Anyone else...
  18. NautiRogue

    Minimal swimwear at the beach

    I like to push my limits at the beach. What sexy swimwear have you worn in public?
  19. eorpach

    Boost your bulge

    Hi all, Recently discovered Spanish brand Addicted’s Swimderwear Boxer briefs. They’re very bulge boosting (outwards and upwards). They have an inside pouch, combined with a fairly unique waterproof fabric. It all gives a very “anatomical” outcome. I have caught people glancing down at my...