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    Advice Needed: I’m Failing At Sucking Dick

    I am a submissive bottom and love to please, but I am failing to suck my boyfriends dick well. He is very well endowed; over 9 long and about 7 around with a great up-curve when he is really enjoying himself. I’ve managed to deepthroat him fairly well on a number of occasions, but when he gets...
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    Sucking Big Dick, Teeth Scraping, Need Advice

    I am involved with a man who is over 9 inches and thick. When He is really enjoying himself it has a steady upward curve. It’s really an awesome cock! I have always enjoyed sucking cock but never felt I was excellent at it. We are having a problem where when I am attempting to deepthroat him...
  3. 1

    I've Never Enjoyed Bj

    Hey guys, I've got a problem as in the topic above. It's just since the first time someone gave me a BJ - it's never felt good. I always feel the teeth and because of that I can't enjoy it at all - I instantly loose boner. Do U have the same problem? Well I know my dick (because of the girth)...
  4. D

    Deepthroat issues

    So i dont have the girth some of you guys do but im pretty thick. One issue i continue to run into is not being able to be deepthroated. Everytime i scrape against teeth. Is this one of the curses to being above average or have i had bad luck with bad blow jobs