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  1. L

    Help me identify this hottie!

    I saw this guy on tiktok and I’d love to know where I can find more of him! Help much appreciated
  2. Hyyacinto

    Crochet thongs and cock socks

    Does anybody know how to crochet some steamy cock socks or thongs ? They are a super turn on... Something like these.....
  3. L

    Lance Striper Aguascalientes (@lance.strip_ags)

    Mexican stripper Lance from the city of Aguascalientes
  4. Zumarockwell

    Hey everyone

    What’s up guys? Gay male from Los Angeles here. I’ve been a member for a few months and am just starting to be more active so I wanted to introduce myself. Love the site and the community built here. Feel free to say hi.
  5. NeonDong

    Men's Leggings or "Meggings"

    I have found that I love to wear leggings. They are practically the only thing I wear when I am not at work. The colors and effects along with being able to easily show off my bulge have made them my favorite thing to wear, and they lend thmselves well to some unique style options. I always wear...
  6. E

    Help me find this hot guy

    Anybody know who this is? found on tumblr Coral Reef Diamond help me find him please
  7. D

    Muscle thong worship - who are these guys?

  8. V

    only fans model who is dancing in thong

    I trying to find a video of a onlyfans model. I remember he is dancing with a mask on, and even has a but plug. He dances throughout the whole video and even in one point there is Nicky Minaj song. The background is in all gold and dances in a thong. He is very fit, and but im trying to...
  9. L

    Humberto de la Torre Noriega

    Mexican model from Guadalajara that uses the name Javier de la Torre on Instagram @javierdltn
  10. S

    Anyone ID this Latino stud?

    Trying to find this former Insta account called “fitness.banana.king”. I have some screenshots of his pics, but when he deleted his account I lost all of my saved Insta pics from his profile. Just to see if he started a new account, because he was definitely one of my favorite Instagram accounts.
  11. G

    Do you know who this is? Huge ass and chest

    Hey guys! So someone followed me on my medias and I'm sure he is a fake. He's got only 3k followers on Instagram and looks dam hot, so I think it's probably someone stealing a guy's pics from his onlyfans account or something. Still he's super hot and I'd love to know who the real guy is lol...
  12. T

    Photos & Videos Torohul twitter

    Hii guys. This man is a Guatemalan man and I personally think he’s super hot. Does anybody have content of his onlyfans?
  13. 1

    Can Anyone Id These Underwear Model?

    https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0256/7965/9107/products/cover-male-cmi023-bikini-white-lif1.jpg?v=1587644214 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0067/8120/6599/products/cover-male-cml004-g-string-black-lif1.jpg?v=1615202119 Can anybody ID this model pls? Thank you
  14. E

    Marbys Negretti

    Is there already a thread with this beautiful man? if not, lets get one going
  15. A

    Help ID this model from insta?

    Saved this video from instagram, but can’t remember his handle. Any idea?
  16. vans 2808

    Sky Myles(@skymylesnyc)

  17. L

    Iván de Jesús Ruíz Chávez (ivan_officialmx) (Mexican stripper)

  18. G

    Underwear Fun London

    Looking for guys who are into speedos/underwear for some fun. Mainly into guys playing with my bulge and sucking me off through different underwear and speedos, can cum multiple times and keep going. East London preferred
  19. J

    Underwater skinny dipping/diving where the guy loses his suit/thong?

    I'm hoping the lpsg community can help me find something pretty specific but very hot (IMO)... In general, I'm looking for videos (or stories) where a guy is swimming or diving in a loose or skimpy swimsuit, thong, g-string/gstring, and the force of the diving or swimming makes the swimsuit fall...
  20. J

    Women doing normal, non-sexual activities while wearing very skimpy/sexually inappropriate clothes (eg microbikini, visible g string, nipple piercing)

    Basically what the title says. Things like going shopping at the grocery store/mall, walking the beach or park, suntanning etc. while wearing a super skimpy bikini or dress, huge cleavage with nipple piercings evident through shirt, etc Not looking for photoshoots…and not really looking for...
  21. L

    Cristóbal Castillo Moreno

    Chilean model and stripper
  22. F

    Montreal Thong Instagram Guy

    Does anyone remember an Instagram gay who used to show off his hairy ass in thongs and gstrings? He was hairy, fairly muscular, a bit short and used to live in Montreal. I can’t seem to find him on instagram now but his insta was popular around 2018-2019. There were photos of him in thongs in...
  23. L

    Mateus Garajau

    Brazilian model
  24. L

    Tombe Harvey / Tom Harvey

    An australian stripper that is not afraid to show his body.
  25. MarkusScott

    Str8 Bodybuilder / Former Marine Samson Polkinghorn OF

    I've been following this roided and razor smooth beast for years. He's never been shy about showing off his hot bulge in skimpy Joe Snyder thongs. He's finally gone ahead and started an onlyfans page! He's not shy either. So far (Well, since I joined) he's gone live every day and has happily...
  26. Hndsmdvl23

    Jock/Thong Combo

    Anyone else a huge fan of the jock/thong combo that’s making its rounds these days? I love!
  27. F

    Photo Identify - Gamer

    I use to follow him but lost his social media handles. Anybody recognize him?
  28. My entry for the backend contest ;)

    My entry for the backend contest ;)

    Came in 2nd place on day 3 ;)
  29. stealthmens

    Photo Someone Help Id Please?

  30. trev bouvier

    Id Incredible Hairy Ass

    I’ve been obsessed with this picture, handsome face, the juicy nips, hairy hole, teasing thong, and that position! Can anyone ID this sexy guy for me? I’d love to know if he has more out there.