1. Tintadongpinoy

    34 Muscular Asian Otter Sub LF BWC/BBC To Make Me Feel Small

    Rape threats and raceplay very much welcome. Let me know how slutty I am. Love being emasculated. All body types welcome. Thank you for wanting to fondle my breasts and fill my pussy sir. No, sir, I don't have a cock sir. Just a clit and some nice breasts sir. I was built to be rape bait sir...
  2. B

    Twinks wearing mankinis

    I want to see twinks wearing mankinis. Does anyone have photos or videos of twinks or young men wearing mankinis?
  3. L

    Links Who is this sexy muscle hunk?

    I ran into these two vids some months ago and literally have been obsessed ever since. Anyone know of his name? OF link or anything?
  4. H

    Men in leotards

    I love seeing men in leotards it’s just so hot
  5. SkyLarkin

    Dumb Jock Adventures

    Might start a new series following a dumb horny jock, very similar to work made by Dumb Horny Jock and Daddysperfectjock, so definitely go check out their stories! I only have one story written, so any new work will be released whenever I feel really, REALLY horny and motivated enough to write...
  6. F

    Who’s this hunk?

    Found this photo on Tumblr and recognize him A LOT but I have no idea what his name is. Anyone able to help?
  7. K

    Hoàng Thích Tập Chân (IG: hoangthichtapchan)

    This guy popped up on my insta. He’s beautiful! He has an adorable face and smile. His body is built like a God and he shows off his beautiful body on his Instagram. Was wondering if anyone knows if he has a Twitter, tik tok, onlyfans or something like it? Also I wanted to start a thread on him...
  8. jw_kk_hw

    Cock Talk

    Let's talk about our cocks, the pure, unadulterated joy of showing hard, the pleasure and sensation of being on edge... join in... I love sexy dressing and teasing, showing off for an appreciative audience. I enjoy being rock hard, throbbing, right on the very edge of an explosive orgasm...
  9. C

    YouTuber Jack Cunningham

    Some older content seeing as the channel got removed
  10. S

    Playing in mesh bodysuit

    I don't normally post this type of content but here goes..
  11. A

    Does anyone know who the guy is

    Gay dude pulls thong aside to receive a firm cock Can anyone verify whose content this is or whose justforfans account this came from.
  12. A

    Does anyone know who is in the video

    Gay dude pulls thong aside to receive a firm cock Can anyone tell me where to find the original post or who is in the video
  13. Rainbowkiid

    Tserelife21 (Nyawo Lomshini)

    Guys how did we not talk about him and his huge ass!! He on TikTok and Instagram
  14. L

    Alejandro Rosaleny (Modelo español/Spanish model)

  15. T

    Are men thongs sexy?

    I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, for me men in thong look extremely sexy, but I think the popular opinion is that they are not. I personally love the idea of a man wearing a nice thong under his sweat pants so I wanted to know other guys opinions. what are your thoughts???
  16. I

    Who is this? I know he had a blogger before...

    i know he had a blogger; and his thing was exhibitionism and ball stretching any help would be appreciated!
  17. NakedCareerCoach

    New underwear - which ones do you like?

  18. F

    Can anyone ID this thong?

    I’ve seen this so many times in different colors and have to know where it’s from!
  19. Chris Levin

    Can't access creator's page on JustForFans

    Hey y'all! There this creator that I really want to subscribe to ( but it always brings me to my home feed and not on his page when I click the link on his twitter or google. Is there something I haven't done to see his profile? I'm still trying to figure out...
  20. Daveboogie

    Pink thong

    Tried to take a pic in my pink thong but you can hardly see it?
  21. B

    What happened to @Lukewestofficial?

    I used to love his content. He was huge into thongs, and large toys. His last posts were of him getting a PA piercing. I also followed his IG, where he changed his screen name and eventually disappeared from socials. I search for his name, and he really did well on scrubbing his old stuff away...
  22. B

    Jonathan Figueroa

    Hot Latino Muscle Bear living in Atlanta. Been modelling for Alfons Dovana Bussy Pink Mesh Bikini your thoughts?
  23. Dedrkangl

    Photos & Videos New twitter update

    Holy hell this twinks ass is so fuckable.
  24. F

    Help ID

    So recently I found this video and I would love to know who is this lad. If you know please let me know I would appreciate it so much. Dildo - Dildo |
  25. My exposure

    My exposure

    I have a live exposure on exposed real fun ExposedRealFun — Post: Hung fag slut It’s at 80 days extension and I want to get to at least 100. Please enjoy my pics, download, share and extend.
  26. O

    Photos & Videos tjhp23

    anyone have anything on him?
  27. N

    Sexy frog man in thong

    A few years ago on instagram I followed a guy who posted a lot of pictures wearing thongs and had a nice big ass that he always focused on showing. I tried to find him recently but I can't remember his name. He also liked to post stuff about frogs and his user had something to do with that...
  28. L

    Help me identify this hottie!

    I saw this guy on tiktok and I’d love to know where I can find more of him! Help much appreciated
  29. Hyyacinto

    Crochet thongs and cock socks

    Does anybody know how to crochet some steamy cock socks or thongs ? They are a super turn on... Something like these.....