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tiny dick

  1. C

    Microdicks, Big Clits & Large Vaginal Lips: A place for small penises AND large clitorises & labias to be celebrated

    I love the look of a tiny micro penis or big clitoris being sucked on and played with. Also love the large vaginal labia look as well. all kinds of porn welcome (straight, gay, transgender etc) . celebrating clit-dicks, micropeens everywhere
  2. H

    Siwakorn "SP Note" Plukjai

    I adore that he has a very huge body and suckable nips and also a small cock that I could humiliate by milking it raw. His tiny cut cock look so delicious and fun to play with. I wonder how much pain can I inflict on it?
  3. D

    Small Cock Humiliation (personal)

    Would anyone be into doing some 1:1 small cock humiliation with me? I am pretty well hung (7.5ish), but I’m a 100% a grower. At baseline, I’m very small. On top of that, I take prescription ADHD medication that further shrinks my package. I enjoy trying to get hard after I’ve taken it and the...
  4. skinnymini

    Tiny Dick Man Here For The Laughs

    If you can't compete, you better at least have a sense of humour right? :p
  5. C

    The Injustice Of Having A Tiny Dick

    I just LOVE when bigger guys tell me I'm average or I'd be a good bottom. How condescending is it that these bigger guys think they can tell me how I should feel or how I should behave once they see my cock. Nobody says to them "Oh you'd be a good bottom" if they have a huge cock. The truth...
  6. Badunkbadonk

    Panama Heat (mm/mmm, Size Difference, Size Extremes)

    This is a book for which the blurb is not working. Few copies sold. Free gift to all you great LPSGers. Thank you for reading my work. Whether you’re a Quentin or a Dale, or somewhere between, i hope you enjoy this early 20th century tale. I will try to post one or two chapters a day. Replies...
  7. Badunkbadonk

    World’s Biggest... (mm/mmm Size Differences Vintage)

    As a show of gratitude for the many years of pleasure you all have shared with me on this site, I am giving you (in installments) the next Peter Schutes novel “World’s Biggest”. If you like Peter’s fiction, check out his website Www.peterschutes.com WORLD’S BIGGEST Fork Bob Follett had a...
  8. T

    Sub Married Tiny Cock Piggy For Orders

    Hi, I am a piggy slave married with a tiny cock, i like to be ordered on cam to do humiliating, degrading things. I like cum and pee denial, cbt, getting real dirty/filthy. I have wifes dirty panties to as u please and also a vibrator you can control over the internet. I like sph and like to...
  9. D

    Photo Little Dicks Of Wr

    A thread dedicated to the brave rowers who have exposed their little dicks to the world! Please share pics, thoughts and comments of your fave unhung Warwick rowers.
  10. J

    Muscle Jock Micro Cock (@musclejockmicrocock Or @bigjocktinycock On Twitter)

    This guy is beyond hot and he has a legit micro penis. He keeps it locked in a tiny chastity cage most of the time but he sometimes takes it out. It has to be less and an inch long. I’m wondering if anyone has subscribed to his OF and would be able to confirm if it’s worth it or not. Also just...
  11. N

    Photos & Videos Sph - Ladies Your Opinion?

    What do girls think about small penises and the way they can have fun with one
  12. M

    Photo Make Fun Of My Tiny Cock

    Humiliate my tiny cock please!
  13. R

    Comments Please

    28004612800471 I’d love your comments on my cock. As you can see, it’s not very big (4” hard), but I think it’s still pretty good looking. Still, being the size that I am, I’ve learned to take the bad comments with the good. So if you want to make fun of it, that’s fine. I’ve learned to...
  14. A

    Smallest Dick You've Ever Seen In The Gym Locker Room

    Describe the guy, his size, his dick size, how he act in the locker room Show us pics if you want