1. M

    Best Chest/Arm/Ab Workouts

    My legs are doing pretty good, but I want my arms and exotically my chest. I want to be able to confidently take off my shirt without feeling somewhat embarrassed. Taking any recommendations!
  2. orchidcloud

    Discover limitless opportunities on OnlyFans with Orchid Cloud's support

    Hello, future superstar performer! Have you heard about the incredible opportunities offered by OnlyFans? This platform is a whole new level where new talents emerge every day, ready to showcase themselves and earn money with their unique abilities. Our team at Orchid Cloud is eagerly awaiting...
  3. S

    Men - where do you go for dating advice?

    A lot of female friends of mine use dating sites and women’s magazines for dating tips. But my feeling is men do so to a much lesser extent but still do. so my question is - if you want advice about dating or sex, where do you go as a man?
  4. D

    Tips for anal beginners.

    Even if I use small toys and anal plugs I feel some pain and my ass gets dry very fast. Any tips on products, lubricants? I have heard about coconut oil... Any starting position tips? Thanks!
  5. Durhurman

    Tips For Growing A Big Chest?

    Chest day is my favorite day to pack on the weights for. I know we all have good techniques we love to jump to to help us out. Mind sharing any of your favorites?
  6. W

    Sensitive Dick

    I have a really sensitive dick when my foreskin's retracted. I like to keep the tip covered but when i get sucked or a get handjob my foreskin retracts and it's hard for me to put it back. So it stays down throughout until I'm soft again when I can resheath. Does anyone else get this problem of...
  7. Leobakker


    Hi ladies! Has any of you ever used a flavored lubricant, or are you still using it for oral sex? My wife likes to give me (only) oral sex in the bath, because she gets ‘it’ wet and that glides better. We both don't like when spitting on it. Or do you perhaps have other tips? It's a strange...
  8. WildCub

    I Need Tips With A Friend!

    You’ll see, I’m secretly gay, no one in my town knows. I’ve been friends with a guy for like 4 years now and I’m really sexually attracted to him, the thing is he is straight and he thinks I’m too. We always play like we are “a couple” he touches my nipples, grabs my ass and my crotch, and so do...
  9. 1

    Nipple Piercing Pics

    Kinda wanna have both my nipples pierced. any tips, pics and vids about this?
  10. P

    Bottoming And Hemorrhoids, Tips, Advices, Experiences...?

    Hey Guys, I am bottom guy who does not have much experience with sex, but I certainly enjoy it way more than topping, however a lot of times I've found this experience quite uncomfortable. Not long ago I went to the doctor, and I found out I have 1st degree hemorrhoids, and wanted to know any...