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  1. M

    Day in London

    Hi I'm Miles and I'm new here, thought I'd share a story of mine, I hope this is ok to share here and not to long, just let me know. Once when I was 18, not super long ago, I finished college early so spent the day walking around London You probably know what I was like at 18, like all other...
  2. joeste09

    My Train Journey

    So I thought these “train stories and videos" were mainly fantasy or set ups until I had my own experience on Wednesday on the EM service on the Liverpool to Norwich line. There I am quietly tapping away on my laptop, getting some work done. As I look up there is a fit lad looking over, he...
  3. X

    To Train Or Be Tight?

    I have only been fucked 3 times. The lastest today but it still hurts. The dude was only like 6 inches and it hurt sometimes. Should I train by buying a dildo? I want to still keep a sorta tight hole . Will training with the dildo make me loose? I know im loose rn but it tightens after a while
  4. Seth Segura

    Who is this? please help!

    I found the vid on myvidster, titled "Slow Morning in a Train," although it looks like he's in a fire engine and not a train. I tried looking the video up on thebananablog but it looks like the site is temporarily unavailable, so i've had no such luck IDing him. Anyone know who he is?
  5. MotorcycleCop

    Frottage on a train...one of the best cums i have ever had!

    While on vacation in a heavily populated Asian city, I decided to take the train. These things get extremely packed during rush hour and everyone gets smushed up against each other. At one point, a nice looking professional guy with glasses got on and got in front of me with his back turned to...