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  1. Trannylicious

    Transgender in spa, onsen, sauna, bath house?

    I’ve been a nudist since 2014. Been to multiple nude beaches and mixed gender nude resorts with no problem. And before my breast implants I used to go to many Korean spa, bath house, sauna with my hair done up and with my gay friends no problem. Occasionally got some surprise look from the...
  2. D

    Mtf Hormone Changes

    Hii So i’m a non-binary person who has identified with that label for about a year now and I’ve realized that I am interested in starting hormones (now identifying with the label of a non-binary women a but more). Ive been a bit worried about the impact that its going to have on my body, but...
  3. Transgirl

    Trans Girl Looking In North New Jersey New York City Area For Looking Big Dick

    Hi everyone trans girl looking for a guy who got a really big dick in New Jersey or New York city. My stats d cup breast nice ass message if you in area
  4. Transgirl

    Trans Girl From Usa Nyc North New Jersey

    Hi everyone trans girl who love big dicks any guys who into trans girls am 5 9 170 d cup breast nice ass
  5. Tagood7

    Non-binary/trans Question

    Serious question here. How do transgender people that are actually transitioning from one gender to the other or a non-binary person feels about non-binary being classified as transgender? I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this by people who are neither and I’m interested to know what you think?
  6. L

    Questions For Trans Men On Dating Cis Men.

    Hey so I am a 23-year-old gay cis man and I want to have a family someday, but I do not want to adopt. I think trans men are really cute and handsome, but I have a question on dating and developing relationships. So is there a general opinion on how trans men feel about getting pregnant? Or...
  7. Blades25

    I'm Dating A Trans Person: Am I Homosexual?

    Hello everyone! The title of the topic is not a question for me but a question from a relative of mine who has been dating a transgender girl for 6 months. He knew she is trans from the beginning, he admits he started non to have a relationship but to "have an experience" and then he fell in...
  8. A

    Dating And Sex As A Passable Trans Woman With A Dick

    :emoji_heartbeat:I'm grateful to be able to transition and pass living as a woman in society, mind, and energy in my mid 20's.. But my problem is surrounded around the topic of sex. Men who go after me are the most sexually complex men ever. I genuinely feel like I'm never considered when it...
  9. princee_9

    Transgender And Gender-neutral

    Hey guys! I've been reading about two recent topics that got my attention. 1. Cyberpunk 2077 is apparently being transphobic and sexualising transgender women on their campings in the game. 2. Mr. Potato (from ToyStory) is going gender-neutral. Any thoughts??
  10. FreeballLA

    Gay Men Don’t Like Trans Women Around

    So this is my first post, I wanted to ask a question. Before I transitioned I would love to cruise and look at VPLs or guys that freeball. Now that I’ve transitioned when I attempt to go to the areas for cursing or where guys freeball I feel unwanted or the guys seem uneasy. Of course, the...
  11. 6

    What Would You Do To That Ass

  12. W


  13. spaj8987

    Is There Such A Thing As Beautiful Genitals?

    Saw a couple of posts here talking about how good looking dicks were and as an owner of one that doesn't exactly strike me as possible. Though, i do think lady parts can be considered beautiful. Which i'm thinking is an issue of bias. So i figured a good thread might be someone asking how...
  14. H

    Looking For A Trans/cross Girl Named Sam

    hello just wondering if i could get some traction on someone im searching for content of any kind. if you know the youtube,twitter,chaturbate,Instagram,facebooks, or anything like that. post it here, she is a drag queen from last i saw of her. her name was sam. not sure if a nickname,new name...
  15. B

    New Italian Big Cock In The Netherlands!

    Hi there, I recently moved to the Netherlands, in South Holland, not so far from Amsterdam. I am 90% straight and I am open to know couples (I am very curios to interact with a couple, is a little dream) and single ladies. I feel also attracted transexuals or by dudes with big cocks (at least as...
  16. Isiahsin434

    Do You See This Trans Porn As Str8 Porn?

    Because there are websites that have biological men have sex with transmen and biological women have sex with transwomen
  17. dannytheevans1994


    Hi there, Are there any Trans people out there with snapchat?? I absolutely love trans people and really wish to get to know more! My snapchat is bicurious69999 many thanks
  18. C

    Surprised She Has A Cock

    I am looking for Trans videos where the other person does not know that he/she is going to have a cock. Once they have a little cock shock, and say something like "oh wow" or something along that line, get really into it. Basically i am looking for some surprise trans cock reveal. Any thoughts?
  19. Isiahsin434

    Do You Find Pregnant Transmen Transphobic?

    Because these trans man use their women’s sexual organs to have a baby and there some trans men who are mad about that because it reminds them they are still women no I’m not saying this in transphobic way
  20. Isiahsin434

    Do Gay Trans Man Trans Men Think They Are Better Than Biological Gay Men Because They Have A Pussy?

    Because I see a lot of gay trans man porn stars saying that they better biological gay men because they have a pussy and that they can’t get STDs And a lot of bio gay men are getting upset about that
  21. marriedasian

    Equality Creates Inequality... Example Inside.

    so this came up during one of my youtube binge sessions and i couldn't help but start searching for more discussions on this particular issue. on one side, we want equality, but then on the other side, when it creates side effects and create inequality, what do we do? as i stated in the title...
  22. T

    Thoughts On Blaire White?

    Hi, I just want to put out before any hate is received is that I am not a transgender person but a gay male. I agree with a lot of what Blaire White posts out and I agree on with her ideology is on many trans topics. As I have already asked a question hence, in the title. Another question is...
  23. 1

    Greetings From The Great State Of Texas!

    Hey y'all! My name is Riley, and I am a MtF transwoman. I've been on the site for a month now and thought it high time to get in here and post an introduction. I'm currently 34 years old, I love cooking, photography, equestrian sports, and motorcycles. I'm looking forward to having fun here...
  24. Joshua.Martiny

    Los Ángeles Ftm

    any transguys here in LA?
  25. 1

    Hi! ftm trans guy here

    What’s good everyone? I’m a trans guy who has been on hormones for 5 years, has had top surgery but not lower. I’m sexually interested in men and women. I’m in the so cal area but if you’re eager to chat, share pictures, and have conversations I’m open. Not sure what else to say but happy to...
  26. lukereynolds

    Anyone into f2m

    I’ve noticed that recently F2M (Female 2 Male) porn has become much more popular, guys I know personally have really got into seeking these guys for sex. Anyone else got any stories they want to share or pictures / videos / favourite porn?. Be interesting to know what other gay guys think also....
  27. C

    Famous male pornstar with trangender

    hi fellas, just want you guys to share which famous male pornstar have done a scene with transgender, i found Omar Galanti video the quality quite bad, but i still find it very hot to see him kissing and touching other dick.
  28. J

    San antonio cum buddy

    30 y/o single transmale in San Antonio Texas seeking a jack off and fantasy/fetish play buddy. A guy lookin for a good time to get his cock and balls drained with nothing extra. Preferably someone with hyperspermia I have a slight cum fetish.
  29. Erik_Jones

    Crossdressers and trans seekers

    So there may already be one, but wanted to find a skype group for those seeking some. So if there already is one, please let me know. But yea, as per the subject, looking for those who like to show up on cam with panties, or stockings, but something special behind them. Passable or not...
  30. Alina Is Thicc

    Is it uncommon to be a transwomen lesbian?

    Simply, it feels as though I'm the only one in (Vegas) who is a transwoman pretty much exclusively attracted to other transwomen. Not that it was a great place to look, but Craigslist closing their personals section has only absolutely annihilated my options for looking for others. How? I can...