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true story

  1. A

    Cucked by My Lewd Professor

    I had this crush on one of my professors in my uni in my first year. He has a wife and a kid so I know I had no chance. But I still tried to talk to him as much as possible. Like I would ask him to have a casual conversation with me if he has time. At first it was going well, we shared our...
  2. D

    True Story - First Time in a Public Restroom

    TRUE STORY So this is my first post bare with me as it’s a bit long but wanted to get as much detail in as I could and hope you enjoy… I used to have this friend (we’ll call them Tom for the purposes of privacy), we hung out a lot and got close to the point we revealed we’d had sexual thoughts...
  3. B

    Hi everyone, from a curious jock

    Hi all, finally found the courage to post here.. Been browsing on this page for a while, in a LTR with a girl, but been having ..thoughts about dads, coaches, older guys to teach me things. Also curious to know real, true stories of age difference experience that happened in your life, from...
  4. Typhoonbob

    (True Story) Caught By Roommate

    Backstory: My birthday is May 1st. I just graduated high school on May 18th. I will be starting at Baylor University in the spring. I had been openly gay pretty much all throughout HS. My best friend was also openly gay. So we decided after high school, we would take our savings and get a small...
  5. Northyara

    Most Embarrassing Sex Stories (gay)

    We would most likely keep this like of things to ourselves. But why not share it for laughs and learning from our rather embarrassing experience.
  6. AvlGH4u

    The Hottie From Spinning Class

    There was a period of time I was getting into spinning. I used to go to a Sunday morning class that was super popular at my gym. I would always choose a bike somewhere in the middle, trying to be less conspicuous so as not to be called out by the instructor when I was dogging it. There was a...
  7. Scouse_sean

    Another True Story - My First Experience, Older Bro’s Mate

    Ok so this is the story of my first time experiencing anything with a lad. I won’t put how old I actually was as not sure what the legal position is! But let’s just say I was in the middle of high school. Nothing explicit happens I’m afraid but was so horny at the time. Ok so it was summer...
  8. Gbrezzy

    My Brothers Friend *truestory*

    Well it all started off a few years ago. Me my little brother and his two friends were in the car smoking one night. But out of nowhere one of my brother's friend wanted to smoke his Black & Mild so I decided to get out the car with him to smoke my Newport. We were standing outside of the car...