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twitter famous

  1. L

    CuriousRugby / CuriousRugbyLad

    Haven’t seen anything on here about this guy. He has a great cock and bod and can almost see his face in some posts. Anyone know if he posts on any other social media? https://mobile.twitter.com/CuriousRugby
  2. E

    Photos & Videos @/beardynoise on twit

    Anyone have anything of this guy? Talks about how big his dick is a lot.
  3. M

    what's his name?

    pls does anyone know his socials or his name?
  4. Anyone have something of itsliamgold???

    Anyone have something of itsliamgold???

    he is the top guy
  5. M

    His twitter/tiktok?

    please does anyone know what are his socials? need it asap
  6. Anderlucas

    Jesus Salazar

    Alguém tem algo a mais dele? Eu tenho uma pasta no drive, mas agora que ele criou um canal no telegram já tem até vídeos dele fudendo
  7. A

    Anyone remember @twistedpants?

    Anyone remember this Twitter account? Really hot guy used to post underwear pics on Twitter a few years ago - looked like he had a big dick & balls. Account long since deleted I think :pensive:
  8. S

    Hilary Buff - Jordan

    Does anyone have more info on Jordan aka @TheHilaryBuff on twitter or @itshilarybuff on Instagram? He’s extremely hot with an amazing 6’5” muscular body and handsome face. I didn’t see a thread on him.
  9. fantaisiedroite

    @AJ_fitnesss on Twitter

    Hey I’ve been following this guy for a while now and he is so hot but has stopped posting as often as he did. Does anyone know anything or if he has an onlyfans account? he is so fucking hot I can’t wait to see him naked
  10. A

    Help me find this guy

    does anyone remember a buff redhead guy on twitter a while back? He was pretty pale, big muscles, mostly bottomed and talked about how he had sex with his personal trainer, he would pose in his underwear a lot. He was my favorite and now i can’t find him anywhere.
  11. H

    Hey does anybody know who he is?

    He was in Twitter but i can‘t find him anymore
  12. S

    Jake1o1o1o11 - Justforfans

    (o=0) This is Jake. He's from South Africa. Amazing slim toned body, tall, and a yummy big cock. He's straight but curious to experiment with guys. Pretty chill guy, I've talked to him. If anyone can grab stuff from his JFF, that would be great. These videos are from his twitter.
  13. S

    Straight Guys On Twitter

    Since there's a thread for twitter gays, might as well start a thread for straight guys on twitter (unless there already is one). Post some of your favorite straight twitter guys here, whether they're famous or not. Nudes of them are appreciated too.
  14. D


    mgmike11 @mikepapichulos on twitter anything on him? OnlyFans
  15. K

    Brayden Bauers (streamer/musician)

    Anyone subscribed to his OnlyFans? He just made one and he’s already posting nudes but idk if theyre worth it. His twitter & OnlyFans @ is @Keefler_Elf .
  16. vmc

    Anthony.gonn On Insta

    He opened a new OF just wondering of its worth the price this time around.
  17. B

    Karl Jacobs (team Mrbeast)

    People asked so I provided. Here's a thread on Karl Jacobs, a team member of the YouTube channel Mrbeast.
  18. J

    Javaughn / Javaughnsyw

    He is Kehlani's baby daddy. He always posts thirst traps on his Twitter. Anybody has them? He always deletes and I never get to see them. I heard he is hung so
  19. T


    Don’t know why but I just can’t get enough of this big dicked white boy. I know his nudes are around but he also had a Private Twitter account, Does anyone have any of his nudes that you can share? Please dm.
  20. datwhatilike

    Tay Fantasy Aka Danerdy_baedaddy

    Finally found the identity of this guy His name is Tay Fantasy “Da Nerdy BaeDaddy” on Twitter Onlyfans: OnlyFans Here are some videos from his Twitter
  21. J

    Fernandojrod / Not.nando / Matatan02

    His twitter is: fernandojrod Instagram: not.nando He just created an OF: OnlyFans If anybody is subscribed. HUNG
  22. S

    Mason Rivara (imvse) Of: Nikoknights

    Anything review or nudes of him
  23. 2


    somebody got the nudes of CIVIL_NYC? He always posting thirst straps and saying he got a big dick
  24. Gojirasaurus

    Carson Eisenhart

    Anyone got something of this hot bttm twunk? Rumor has it he has an alt on twitter
  25. X


    anything on this guy? @ryanthewarlock on twitter and insta
  26. M

    Jack_debruin Or Jacklikesdogs Or Jackforadults

    Does anyone have anything ?? He has insta, Twitter, and a +18 Twitter.
  27. J

    Photo Dprjohn

    Anything on Johnny
  28. F

    Benny Willard Onlyfans (sad Liam Hemsworth)

    Hey! Does anyone have anything from him? Would love too see what’s on his onlyfans OnlyFans
  29. G


    Omg. He is really hung. Do we have more? His Twitter is a different username than Instagram. Surely we have more videos.
  30. M

    Isaac Cabral

    Does anyone have some photos or videos of Isaac Cabral? His Twitter: @IsaacCabral_ His Instagram: Isaac Cabral (@oiisaac) • Instagram photos and videos I hope someone have his nudes