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  1. J

    Chris Diamond penis confidence

    Chris Diamond has a huge uncircumcised penis which women love and that he is very proud of.
  2. J

    Danny D fucking your girlfriend

    " “The smith found him taking a leak and for the first time had a peek at his gigantic, splendid tail (which I’ve described in some detail), and thought if only his wife, who did not despise tools like that, knew what size equipment Walter carried, she’d sooner have been...
  3. S


    Tried looking for a thread about this smoking hot dude, but seems to find blanks. Lemme create this thread discussing this hot hunk! Chaturbate Onlyfans Twitter
  4. J

    Danny D's foreskin

    Photos of Danny D's foreskin. Either it alone, women ogling over it, or posts or tweets about it and foreskin generally. It protects his huge head from any possible injuries, as well as keeping it shiny and sensitive. It also allows his huge penis to enter women without too much pain due...
  5. F

    Who is he??

    Does anyone know who either of them are?? https://twitter.com/muchmoods/status/1647395799372906499?s=46&t=QO7j7XsuBOg0pfCtciNguA
  6. U

    Bisexual chubby 30-something

    Hey, everyone, uncutchub91 here. I'm bisexual (primarily, but not exclusively, attracted to men), white, chubby, and pretty nerdy. I'm turning 32 next month and I work in health care. Still getting a feel for what this site is like. Don't hesitate to say hello!
  7. Yesterday's Dick Report

    60 yr old gave me amazing blowjob

  8. J

    Black Uncut Cocks

    Like to see some uncut cocks. I like the variation and pretty heads.
  9. AboSarieli

    Photo Full frontal nude pictures of uncircumcised men over 40

    This thread is for discussion about and for sharing of full frontal nude pictures of uncircumcised men in their 40s and older, regardless of their sexual orientation. Mature men in all their glory! Please make sure the man's face is visible in every picture you post and that you respect the...
  10. O

    itsjordan59 on chaturbate

    Anyone have anything from him? He streams frequently and has a nice ass and uncut dick
  11. M

    Photos & Videos Knudsenthomas Chaturbate Model

    I wonder what happened to Knudsenthomas. He seemed to be streaming quite regularly but eventually stopped… Does anyone have some of the live cam shows? Or pics? I just think he’s soo cute
  12. corpseboi

    Horned Crown (PPP)

    Hi everyone... I have recently rediscovered this site and did not remember that I already had an account. Anyways, lets get to the point. I have been aware of PPP for a very long time as I do have them as well. But I find them really attractive/hot on uncut men. But I find that not many if not...
  13. handsome fit hung hard uncut

    handsome fit hung hard uncut

  14. C

    Philadelphia guy here

    Hi guys, 30 year old dude in Philadelphia here. Love being naked, and I have an intact penis. I'm friendly and totally down to chat with anyone.
  15. F7B23AC3-0974-48BD-8B78-E9239B9B260D.jpeg


  16. J

    Videos that talk about foreskin

    Do you guys know any other videos that talk about foreskin or being uncircumcised? Something like this: pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph61250e496c2e3 youtube.com/watch?v=8n4JVGJ3MXw
  17. ruff diamond more than (enough) to smile about

    ruff diamond more than (enough) to smile about

  18. Hidden in the hood. About my all experiences with the foreskin

    Hidden in the hood. About my all experiences with the foreskin

    One of the last nights I was awoken by particular and not very pleasant vibes on the tip of my cock. All because I fell asleep with pulled back the foreskin and my dried cock head reacted to everything it touched. When I covered my glans again, I thought that living with foreskin is not always...
  19. M

    Soft Uncut precum

    This thread is for the love of soft uncut dicks with precum/cum. Feel free to add any videos or pictures of leaky cocks!
  20. M

    Photos & Videos Hung And Muscular Men With Reddit/twitter Or Onlyfans Accounts

    reddit: janikm98
  21. G

    Show Off Want A Man To Suck My Cock

    would you suck this?
  22. postfab

    Famous Foreskin - Uncut Celebrities

    I’m not sure if we have a comprehensive resource devoted to intact famous guys. Intact meaning uncircumcised or uncut, guys who have all of their foreskin. Famous can mean athletes, actors, public figures, or similarly recognizable people. i welcome any stories, testimonials, pics, clips...
  23. 0

    Photo Who Is This Twink?

    I've been wondering about his identity for years.
  24. C


    I didn’t know I couldn’t post my own pictures in various threads. So here’s a new thread of my own. 69206916908581690821169033916887671
  25. Z

    Finding Hung Men In Ct?

    Any idea on how or where else I can find guys with some big dicks here in CT? Honestly starting to feel like no one in the state is bigger than 7". A lot of people claim to be, but then they show pics & the inaccuracies are too obvious :( Really want to meet someone 8-10"+ (like legit pornstar...
  26. 0

    Photo Dildo Guy

    Does anyone know anything else about him?
  27. B

    Hung Brit Into Physical Exams M4m

    Hung Brit loves male on male physical exams. Any doctors or examinees?
  28. P

    Tight Foreskin

    Hey all. I have kind of a tight foreskin when I'm hard. It pulls down over the Head half way and kind of hurts then. I recently visited my GP and he gave me 4 options. Options 3 and 4 require a trip to see a urologist. 1) Leave it alone if its bearable. 2) A minor cream which might help to...
  29. M

    Sydney Cut Guy Keen To Try Docking With Uncut Guy

    33yo bi Aussie guy in Sydney, cut and curious to try docking with an uncut guy. Have a huge thing for uncut and foreskin. Hit me up on here or kik (matt_e87)
  30. Q

    I Need Help From An Uncircumcised Man...

    Okay, my husband isnt circumcised. He dont know anyone else around (isnt comfortable with talking about it either) like him. He has gotten a hair and it is trapped under his foreskin. He cant pull it because it feels like its attached but we both know it isnt... it causes pain when pulled. We...