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  1. secretlifehw

    South NJ HW looking for a well hung FWB.

    Happy Holidays! I'm looking for a long-term FWB with a single, well-hung gentleman and yes, my husband knows. Please be - 33-53 years old Single Able to share hosting duties (at your own place, not a hotel) - no more than 30 mins away. Must be 8" or plus would be ideal Bonus points for...
  2. 55Jimbo

    Changes After Vasectomy?

    I pretty much had to get a vasectomy after my 2nd child was born. My wife did not do well on birth control and I HATED condoms. We were done having kids as her body did not do well being pregnant so it was an easy choice. While I love freedom not having any bullets in the gun provides, there...
  3. LukeEUSA

    Circumcision And Vasectomy - Together!

    I will soon be having simultaneous surgery for both a circumcision AND a vasectomy. I wondered how common (or not) this is - and whether anyone has any experiences, tips, or even general thoughts or advice to share?? This all started as I went to my urologist because my frenulum has been...
  4. S


    It’s on the calendar for mid-December... any advice leading up to it or for the healing process? I’m not going to lie, being a couch potato for 2 days is kind of appealing right now! Thinking about getting some chemical ice packs rather than frozen peas. Any advice or well wishes would be...