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  1. F

    Help id this hot flip flop guys

    Found this hot fit guys workout and doing flip flop. Can someone id who are they and video title please? Source here.
  2. M

    Photos & Videos John Lajara

    longshot but is there anything on johnclajara? Has a pretty big tiktok following, main socials below: John Lajara (@johnclajara) TikTok | Watch John Lajara's Newest TikTok Videos https://www.instagram.com/johnclajara/?hl=en
  3. HtownTx_Muscle

    Texas - Houston, Austin, San Antonio

    Hey Guys. 30 M Houston, Texas here, but I travel extensively for work all over Texas. I’ve been less than successful in finding people to meet up with on this site. I’m really interested in finding people with similar interest etc. I’m hoping to make friends for hang out, networking, friends...
  4. M

    Photos & Videos Workout Video, With Bulge Or Secret Boner

    Guys are you into watching fitness workout videos where the guy has a huge bulge or hidden boner, or fitness talk shows, I notice a few HIIT workout videos on youtube that sometimes the trainer MUST ADJUST THEMSELVES STRIAGHT LOL Anyone else got some hot videos they like to share? not porn.
  5. Gamer166

    Online Work-out (naked)

    Hii I am 20 years old and I want to be more fit. I need someone that can train with me online. Please message me if you are interested.
  6. warblaster414

    Fitness Group

    Are you looking for a place to talk fitness? Trying to ge in it but need help from friends?You have come ot the right place!I want to make a fitness group that basically turns into a community. Accepting anyone from the start of your fitness journey to those whohave achieved their dream body...
  7. M

    Fat Guy Going To The Gym

    Used converter from CM to FT / KG to LBS (Sorry for my English) Height: 174cm/5ft + 8.50in Weight: 111kg/244Lbs Age: 36 Some background: I have an old injury (broken bone in the knee) and recent injury (twited knee on the broken leg) which happened multiple times over the years. I limp as I...
  8. Durhurman

    Tips For Growing A Big Chest?

    Chest day is my favorite day to pack on the weights for. I know we all have good techniques we love to jump to to help us out. Mind sharing any of your favorites?
  9. D

    Who's This? Workout Band Fail

    Trying to find out who the guy in this tiktok is TikTok
  10. D

    Summer Body

    Hi there! I wanna get a nice summer body this year, like bigger arms, sixpack, bigger chest. Do you have specific exercises for my body type? I will post my progress pics on my profile!
  11. B

    Favourite Follow Along Workout Videos

    With gyms being closed during lockdown, I am sure many of you have also been turning to home workouts to stay active, sane, and attempt to do some damage control from all that comfort eating (I know I am guilty of that). I have been doing a few follow-along workouts on YouTube and have been...
  12. Scouse_sean


    Hey guys, anyone seen PKT4444? He's relatively new to Onlyfans but is already posting regularly and also is on Cam4 and Chaturbate. I've had a private show with him and he's incredible. British lad. His body and dick are both amazing and he's really genuine. He's straight and is very honest...
  13. Gamer166

    Online Home-workout

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody can help me with Online Home-Workout during Skype or Zoom. I can't find my motivation at the moment. Is there somebody that can help me like a (personal)trainer of workout buddy? add me: skype: Jeffrey33221 or message me on LPSG.
  14. nycboi721

    Fav Male Bodypart

    What's the body part that grabs your attention most?
  15. F

    Male Only Gym Sauna Uk

    I travel a lot working around the uk & like to enjoy a sauna without swimwear after a workout. I am a member of total fitness which has a sauna in the men’s changing room. Does anyone know of other gyms / hotels in the uk with men’s only sauna / steam / jacuzzi.
  16. junglefever87

    Naked Workout

    I have a home gym setup that I’ve been using ever since COVID closed down the gym. It’s been great, but the airflow in my basement isn’t the best so after a few high intensity reps I find myself sweating through my gear. I’ve started working out with my shirt off but am considering just going...
  17. J

    Joe Jovani

    Does anyone have anything juicy of this gorgeous heterochromatic-eyed all-american hunky dad? instagram.com/jovani.joe/
  18. 4


    So, I'm a guy who works his abs a lot given it's my favorite body part and always want to keep them up. As a result, I've been experiencing this thing known as Coregasm. I did the research into the why and all of that, so I'm not looking for advice on how to prevent it. I just was curious as to...
  19. TrueB2

    Road To 180lb

    Hey there! I want to a place to post my progress and such, and why not here? Anyways I want to get to 180lbs and im hoping that posting here on a fairly weekly basis will help keep me motivated and hopefully some people here have advice to help me (and others struggling to gain weight). I use a...
  20. C

    Any Advice For A Beginner?

    Hi there, a very skinny guy with a belly, and I just started gym, im just following an app but i would like to get some advices from experienced guys, on what to eat, what to do, how is better, or faster, everything you wanted to hear when you just started, thank you!
  21. L

    Anyone On Here Really Into Fitness?

    And good at guesstimating BF%? Of course I know many things factor into BF% but I know some guys can guesstimate and not be too far off. I got a question for you
  22. 1

    Video Its Me!

    Check me out
  23. fireice42

    Lu Galvez

  24. TrueB2


    I did my first 20 minute-Straight jog the other day! I'm pretty proud of myself, especially because I could barely do a 5 minute jog at the beginning of the year. I feel unstoppable!!! Until next time... How many people here jog and how often?
  25. N

    Mario Tomic

    hey guys Anyone else think that these fitness YouTuber and Instagrammer are super hot? Mario Tomic (@mariotomich) • Instagram photos and videos
  26. TrueB2

    Favourite Muscles To Work

    For those of you that workout/exercise, what is your: 1. Favourite muscle group to work? 2. Favourite exercise? 3. Least favourite muscle group to work? 4. Least favourite exercise? For me it would be 1. Chest 2. One-Legged Pushups 3. Legs 4. Planks
  27. 1

    Spotter [m/m muscle worship]

    [Opening of a planned series based on fantasies coming from my own encounters at the gym (I like to worship and be worshipped). I'm a writer and amateur bodybuilder, hoping to self-publish in the future to help pay the expenses that come with muscle-building (protein, supplements and food are...
  28. M

    Looking for a gym bud in chicago

    Hey, normal guy here looking for someone to workout with and keep each other accountable with workouts. I have memberships at chain gyms and my university gym. I’m in Chicago and can drive anywhere in the city
  29. roundmidnight01

    After a good workout

    Had a solid upper body workout. Making good progress. 1487387 1487388
  30. andresuncut

    New to working out //

    hey, guys! pretty slim dude here(about 125lbs / 5’9 ) anyways, i was wondering if y’all had any advice on things i should do to bulk up and start gaining weight/seeing results. i’ve been a member at the gym but i’ve only been toning my stomach and want to start lifting and taking it...