Altering your body for others?

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    Lately I talked a lot about circumcision with people, it's also spoken about here on LPSG, but rather than writing a new thread, I thought of just looking for websites where it has been already discussed, but the search results surprised me so much that I decided to write a different topic about it.

    Most search results were like "Cut or Uncut? What do girls prefer?" Many MANY articles which are all suppose to give you advice on what to do with your member… so girls like you…… And perhaps I’m just a weirdo, but I personally find this whole thing ridiculous!

    You know those teenage girls that go around dressing up, acting unnatural so boys like them? I always thought that was wrong and pathetic. But turns out guys are willing to sink this low too! Some guys just go to websites and let them tell you what ALL WOMEN IN THE WHOLE WORLD PREFER! And of course… some guys will go crazy about restoring their foreskin now OR will pay hundreds of dollars to get cut… all depending what website they visit.

    I wanted to get some information on what the differences are between having a foreskin and not having one. Information based on scientific and medical studies, I certainly didn’t want to know what girls like! What do they know?

    Girls often cannot understand the guy’s love for his penis, they don’t get how we think of them and stuff… and they will tell me what the right thing is? If a girl DEMANDED me to get cut, I would demand she cuts her hair bald. I bet she wouldn’t do it, while the hair would grow back easily…

    And even if girls understood it … or even if it was the case of a topic for homosexuals “What do guys prefer?” … Everyone is different. Isn’t it better to meet “the right person” before you undergo such extreme things? I wouldn’t do such things for a casual encounter!

    And if it was the right person… Why would he/she DEMAND me to do such a thing or otherwise he/she broke up with me? My partner could like… ask me for it, but he/she would have to accept if I decided not to. I have problems understanding people who put such body things above emotions, but I’m not them so…. Guess that’s the reason.

    So, guys and girls… What do you think? Would you do such things like circumcision (or other things), because someone asked you to or because there was an article about it in the net? Or are you like me and go by facts and your own decisions based on your knowledge?
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    I agree wholeheartedly. It's all about confidence and self-respect. If a person wants you to "change and they'll love you more", they don't love you enough in the first place. Move on, because they will - usually after screwing up your life and damaging your self-esteem. If you change yourself to suit other people, you're never going to really be happy in your own skin. You make yourself into an object, a doll for people to play with rather than a person.

    If you're in love with someone, you want to make them happy, but if the price for that is your own misery, it kind of turns it into an abusive relationship. And if you're starting to make changes to your body because you read it in a glossy magazine or because someone told you that's what other people like, that's just pathetic.

    I'm willing to make or negotiate on small changes, and would consider something like a nipple piercing, but that's because these are all things I've thought about in the past, so it's not as if I would be doing it just for that person. However, when it comes to major permanent changes to my body, unless it's my idea in the first place, it's non-negotiable. I stopped smoking and started going to the gym and took up cycling for myself, not for anyone else. In fact, if my other half had told me I should do any of those things, I'm pretty stubborn and would have dug my heels in.
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