Delay Foam used when going commando

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    The one off label item we tried was this high tech foam band that wraps around your balls and makes you look bigger in clothes. It acts like a shelf to present your dick way forward and even without a hard on it gets attention.

    She gets off seeing the outline of my cock under clothes and does not like seeing me wear underwear. We bought it because it claimed it would bring my cock forward even when I was going commando so it would show up flaccid even in tight jeans and especially under dress pants. It keeps me placed right in front so I don't have to adjust as much to keep things front and center. Pretty obscene in public with my equipment, but it gets us off with the stares and red faced moms!

    The way she gets off on people's reactions to the outline of my member in public is probably like the rush I get when I catch women and men staring at her cleavage or erect nipples.

    It looks like it is a medical product or something for confidence building of smaller guys and delaying cumming for guys that can't last very long.

    The site does not have any advertising that I can see. There are no photos of it on the balls, probably the medical ethics thing.

    index (link to site)

    Let us know if this seems like a kinky way to step out at night or not. We got the black one without the handle. If I get a blow-job or want to get fondled, it comes off with one hand and I can palm it and no one knows I was wearing it.
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