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    This may be long so thank you for your time. I broke up with my girlfriend of a little over three years about three months ago and have seen a few girls since, but nothing really clicked. I am not super smooth with the ladies and I don't go to bars looking to get laid. I am at an age where I want to settle down and I thought I had found it but we both changed and wanted different things out of life. Anyways the girlfriend of a friend that I have known forever got me together with one of her friends. I have known this girl for a long time we just never really talked. I knew she was a virgin, but I didn't know why being that she is 23 and I didn't really know if she had had any real boyfriends. I took her out and it was great! We had fun and talked and laughed and really hit it off. She is great! She is smart, driven, funny and beautiful. We have gone out a few times and she invited me over to her parents house (where she lives) for Thanksgiving. I had also just had flowers delivered to her work for her birthday the day before. Now, I know she likes me as she has said she does. Here is my situation. I haven't asked her about being a virgin and don't know if I should or how I should. I know that at some point about a year ago she wanted to just have sex and get it over with and she didnt care who but she didn't. I also know that she has not had any real serious boyfriends and most the guys she has gone out with have been dicks just trying to get laid (this is all from her friend). Then the other thing is I haven't even kissed her yet. Now I may not be a real ladies man, but my past girlfriends have been very sexual and it never took long to move fast. Now I'm not saying that I want to just get laid because I actually like her, but she seems really shy around me. Last night, after Thanksgiving dinner and then her family and me talking and watching a coulpe movies she walked me outside. She said thanks for coming and I said thank you, we hugged and I put my hand on her waist and she seemed like she didnt want to be there. She just went inside real quick. I never get that feeling like she even wants me to try. Here are my questions

    1. We have seen each other six times including four dates, meeting for lunch one day and Thanksgiving. I know I like her and I want to see each other regularly. In the past I have just fallen into relationships and I think is different for her. How can I take the next step without scaring her away? Should I ask her to be my gf just see if it drifts into that like my previous relationships?

    2. Should I just grab her one night and kiss her or should I grab her hand and say "I really want to kiss you" or should I wait? again, I don't want to scare her away, but I don't want her to think I'm weird?

    3. She I just talk to her about how I feel about her and tell I would love for her to be my girlfriend?

    Thanks again for your help-any advice would be great.
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