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Jul 26, 2011
Larry Sanderson gritted his teeth, trying to keep his orgasm from boiling up. He really wanted to avoid cumming too soon. Lately, he had been having trouble with premature ejaculations. How humiliating it would be, if he came too quickly and couldn't satisfy his wife. But the pleasure around his dick just felt so so so so good!!

"Yeah, make me cum with that whale of a willy!" Amanda squealed with delight as her lover's massive penis slickly postponed her honey hole. Her eyes bugged out and her mouth went wide open as her cunt got filled with the thick meat.
"OH MY GAWD!" Amanda bellowed as a stream of fluid gushed from her cunt. She was squirting as another orgasm crashed through her.

Larry cried out, the pressure was too much, he felt it rise from his toes, his balls tightened and he erupted in pleasure as he continued rapidly humping, pushing as deep inside as he possibly could, dumping load after load of pent up sexual aggression inside. His head spun and the room grew dark.

When Larry came to, he found his position had not changed.
"Welcome back, pinkie dick." Nurse Garret mockingly said to him as she double-checked the machine's aperture around his penis.
He was still in the test chamber, still naked, strapped into the chair and his limp noodle getting lightly stroked by the Thrive Welsh-I device.
Larry Sanderson looked quite wimpy there, his scrawny form laid out on the armchair with the device fully enclosing his crotch. His blonde hair was cut short, not much muscle was on his pale body, his tired blue eyes took effort to keep open. Three months of the Minimus Dawn Program had not been kind to his willpower and stamina, exactly as planned. The brainwashing would take only another day or two to complete.
"AAAAAHHHH!!" His wife Amanda screamed in pleasure, the video recording of her on the screen in front of him still going.
Amanda was a smokeshow, and she had only gotten even more beautiful thanks to the R Hawkings Institute's program of bodily enhancement. The sexy redhead with green eyes started the program three months ago as a fairly average woman in her early thirties. Now, she was a head taller, stronger, her skin was a healthier tan, and her stomach was taut with no stretch marks. But the real payoff of the program was Amanda's breasts had expanded to a deliciously melon-like pair bigger than her head and with a firm texture, an amazing set of bazongas fit for a pornstar. Speaking of pornstars, that was exactly who she had been fucking constantly for the last 3 weeks.

Larry's heart sank as he watched Amanda's porno, her huge tits jiggling wildly as her pussy was stretched by the pornstar. He had failed again, unable to hold out for long enough. He would be getting another full blast of Omega Radiation as punishment.
Besides him, Nurse Garret confirmed Larry cumming into the Thrive Welsh-I. Nurse Garret was also a beneficiary of the enhancement program, she was a statuesque brunette with big juicy jugs stretching her top. She had a field day with teasing and humiliating Larry since the start.
"Too bad, Larry. If you can't use it, you lose it." Nurse Garret smugly confirmed his fears as she signalled the other nurses, who hit the button for the device's cruel secondary function. On the screen, Amanda moaned in pleasure as the hung stud took his mighty cock out of her pussy.
Larry glumly felt the nozzle around his dick heat up and then heavily exhale warm poison air onto his genitals. The now familiar tingling set in as his penis and balls bathed in the radiation.
Nurse Garret smirked in triumph as she toggled off the device's restraints and set Larry free. "Alright, last test's done. Get Doctor Anders and Doctor Lain in here, they'll wanna see these results..."

Larry was still tired when the two scientists in lab coats entered the test chambers and motioned for the machine to be removed.
Larry was naturally intimidated by Doctor Anders. Not only was the black man smart and hunky, but he had a huge cock judging by the obvious bulge in his trousers. Even soft, the doc's thick and long meat was beyond what Larry could ever dream of. Since he came to the R Hawkings Institute, he had met six or seven men - all black or asian - with similarly impressive schlongs. Once than once, Larry had gone to the toilets to take a piss, only to find himself in the urinal between two handsome men whizzing like racehorses out of big veiny hogs. They would catch a glance at his short thin weiner, and snicker at his inadequacy.
Doctor Lain was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen in his life. She was a tall Nordic sex kitten with long blonde hair, soft features and charming grey eyes. She had obviously graduated from the enhancement program with flying colors, as evidenced by her proudly enormous boobs (the biggest pair even in this paradise of well-stacked femme-fatales). Larry was always embarrassed to find his penis quickly leaking pre-cum whenever he checked her out.

"Well, mister Sanderson, did you enjoy your little endurance test? Your wife is quite a performer, you should be proud!" The studly Doctor Anders chuckled as the nurses gave him the results sheet and saw to the device. What Doctor Anders was not mentioning, was the full course of subsonic hypnotic mental conditioning that Larry and his wife were both being covertly subjected to, when they were made to meditate to relaxing music or watch porn. The brainwashing corroded their wills in concert with the body modifications. Doctor Lain giggled as she scanned the paper and then looked over Larry's naked body...and the micropenis with tiny balls he now had. "Oh dear, mister Sanderson, it seems you've failed very test we've given you! And you're not the least resistant to Omega Radiation, either!"
The device always coaxed an intense orgasm out of him, only to follow it up with a devastating dose of the special radiation that shrivelled his crotch. Nurse Garret, as unprofessional as always, laughed mockingly. "Wow, the radiation got you good, Larry!"
The other well-stacked nurses joined in at pointing and laughing at Larry's teeny-weenie as it was revealed to the room.
Doctor Lain joined in on the humiliation, "Oh my, mister Sanderson! Down from 6 inches to that little thing! What will miss Sanderson think? Why, HER results have been beyond expectations! She's revealed herself to be VERY talented indeed at servicing the men in the top penile dimensions statistics! Compared to her preferred partners, your genitals are woefully under-performing!"
Nurse Garret nodded, giggling. "I'll say! Your wife can't get enough of the big cocks! She's not gonna want that baby dick!"
Doctor Anders kept up a veneer of professionalism as he logged the records and had Larry's micropenis photographed for prosperity. "This is the last time you'll be exposed to Omega Radiation, but I would not be surprised if a bit more shrinkage hit you in the following week. Your body's sexual health has been unusually frail according to our examinations. Your penis length may continue lessening until you're only 2.5 inches, which would make you a true micropenis."

Larry felt a great chill through his body as Doctor Anders' blunt words devastated him. Doctor Lain sidled up to him in faux-motherly consolation.
"Oh, that's too bad... luckily for you, there's still one way you can be with your wife." The stacked vixen scientist stroked Larry's hair, her enormous boobs gently bumping into his left arm. Larry felt a surge of hope at her words...maybe there was still some way to keep Amanda by his side.
Doctor Lain leaned close and spoke to Larry in an intimate whisper. Her hand dropped down to his lap and she began rubbing his cock between thumb and forefinger, making it soon spring to life. "Go to her. Tell her how much you love her. Tell her you know she's been riding some huge cocks. Tell her..."
She was even close now, speaking right into Larry's ear. "...that she doesn't have to stop."
Larry bucked his hips against her hand, but she skillfully pulled away, leaving the tiny weiner all revved up with nothing to stimulate it. The nurses all giggled at the babydick loser being left broken and shivering.

The two scientists stepped outside with Nurse Garret, leaving the lower ranked nurses to clean up Larry. They did a walk-and-talk back to their personal offices.
"Alright, call Brother Lee. Tell him he's got another waiter on the way. Add him to The Wall of Shame." Doctor Anders said, coldly satisfied.
"Mistress Hester will want first crack at him. She's been eager to have another guest star on the stream." Doctor Lain grinned sadistically.
"And Amanda?" Nurse Garret pondered.
"She should be inking her contract in less than a week." Doctor Lain licked her lips.

That night, Amanda met with Larry in his room in the test subject dorm.
He confessed everything. He admitted he loved her enough to forgive her. He let her know that she didn't have to give up...her newfound passion.
"Then...what the doctor said is true, then?" Amanda asked, shaking.
"Drop your pants, Larry, I want to see it with my own eyes..."
He complied. Amanda gasped in dismay as his micropenis was displayed.
"I thought...thought she was just joking...Honey, honey..." Amanda met Larry's eyes, downcast. "You're way too small."
She grabbed his tiny dick delicately.
"I know, you need...bigger...that's fine, it's fine..." Larry apologised.
"I'm glad you understand my needs, Larry, and you're willing to help. It's not your fault that you're know..." Amanda consoled him as she rubbed his inadequate nub with two fingers. Larry began to dribble right away. The mental conditioning had reduced him to a timid subservient "beta male."

Amanda frowned as Larry pathetically shot a load onto himself.
"The huge dicks here last 20 times longer than you." Amanda winked. "Now come eat my pussy, since that's what you're good at..."
Amanda laid back, spread her legs wide and hooked her panties to the side. Larry started licking her cunt. Amanda and the doctors were right, he couldn't argue with her. He had just failed at proving her wrong. But this wouldn't affect her thinking too much, right?
"Y-yeah, honey, come sucky-suck my pussy..." Amanda moaned as Larry contemplated the ball busting she just did.

Two more successful graduates of the programs. Another triumph for the Bronze Bull Society...

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