1. R

    HELP ID German Muscle Armpit

    Anyone know this muscle German guy getting his armpit sniffed or the full video?
  2. dasluttyone

    Jake_Murphy - Colombian Streamer & Tiktoker

    Hey, some of u guys know this colombian guy? he's a webcam and tiktoker, and personally he's one of the hottest guys I've ever seen, @jake_murphy100
  3. R

    Please help me ID this very Hot Guy!

    Hi guys! Please help me ID this guy I found on Twitter. Thank You!
  4. F

    Photos & Videos Gabe Sadowsky

    Gabe Sadowksy is a model in Miami. He also appeared on Love Island Instagram: Login • Instagram He's tall, dark, and handsome. He has amazing hairy armpits, great beard and hair, and big muscles he loves to flex! On Love Island he described himself as a nerd in a Chad's body which is so hot!
  5. Vgs2

    Sebastian Stan: AI Generated

    This thread has the purpose of sharing hot pictures of our daddy Sebastian made with AI
  6. D

    Show off your armpits

    Post your pics, armpit fans:yum
  7. muskyyy


  8. A

    Help finding videos of Desi guys armpits!

    I found these videos on ThisVid by the user Georgevinay. I've tried to add them as a friend but they keep declining my invitation. Does anyone know where these vids can be found for free? I am not very adept at searching for videos online so please help. It would be very much appreciated.
  9. depravacaodemais

    Big Rocco (@bbmorocco__)

    I met this guy on Twitter yesterday. Apparently, he's a singer and definitely quite exhibitionistic. I'm not sure if he's heterosexual, but it seems so. Apparently, he doesn't have any profiles on JFF or OF. What caught my attention is that he seems to be heterosexual and really enjoys showing...
  10. A

    True story - Getting closer with my best friend/roommate

    Happy (and quite erotic) ending! English is not my mother language, so sorry for any mistakes. I wrote a bit of background for this story, as I find it important, but if you just want to skip to the raunchy part, I have marked it with X's. I will call my best friend V. V is 101% straight. V...
  11. P

    Hot Worship video. Help ID

    Hey guys.. I stumbld upon this very hot armpit worship video, but can anyone help ID the actors/scene title. Hoping to find full/HD version. Thaaaanks
  12. G

    id guys having hot armpit licking and kissing

    this is so hot, who are they
  13. F

    Who is this pierced hunk??

    He’s literally got the most perfect body hair and the pierced nips are sexy as hell
  14. reaganx

    Finn Woldhard Armpit

    any Finn Wolfhard armpits? !!!POST PICS ONLY AFTER HE TURNED 18!!!!
  15. F

    Holy shit who is this??
  16. thdorsiks

    Heyy new here

    Hello, i’m new here, gay 18 bottom, sub. Id love to talk to y’all about anything ;3 i’m fine with almost any kinks, especially into feet and armpits. let me s(uck)ee your cocks hehe
  17. F

    Photos & Videos @shortforbitch

    His twitter is @shortforbitch and instagram @s9b4s. Does he have an onlyfans or a pic of him naked?
  18. Vgs2

    Mitch Bag - Hot Singer

    This is Mitch Bag @mitchbag_ !! He is hot as fuck and is always flauting his muscular body! Just love everything about him and he's been very kind and attentive when I replied to his instagram stories I can't believe there isnt a thread for him already
  19. likwid

    Webcam Muscle Hunks

    Raw Matthews
  20. likwid

    Stock Bar - Franco

    Welcome to the collection of my favorite dancer Franco I have collected over several years. Enjoy!
  21. M

    My Armpit Addiction.

    The story you’re about to read contain true events and fictional ones too. Since I can remember myself I’ve always got attract to male armpits, I haven’t knew why till I became 16. When I saw a hot hairy steamy armpit my heart beat faster and I became red as a tomato. My cousin boyfriend at...
  22. Who is he?

    Who is he?

    Who is he?
  23. likwid

    Wrestling Piledriver

    Brian Cage
  24. D

    Show me your pit for no reason

    Post your pic
  25. B

    Straight Men Getting Pits Licked By Women

    You see plenty of male on male pit action, but what are some videos of women worshipping a man's armpit?
  26. D

    Do you like musky men?

    If so what parts of a man? I dont mind mild body odor. I think its such a turn on. Whats your take?
  27. M

    Armpit play/worship videos

    What is your favorite armpit play or armpit worship video? Tell me your best armpit experience story.
  28. D

    Can you please show me your Pits?

    Im feeling down today and armpit picture will make me feel better. Something about the smell, taste and texture makes me nut ao bad
  29. X

    Video Who is this muscular bearded guy?

  30. D

    Super horny! Send things to cum!

    Here jerking off! Im a dirty slut. Into everything!! Post it