1. Z

    Love the suction from the hydro max 11

    Tried it this morning without water. It works as well !
  2. B

    Lotions for jelqing after pumping

    I pump every day in the shower with my Bathmate Hydromax 7. Afterwards I like to jelq for about 10 or 15 minutes. I have been using Bathmate’s “Max Out” lotion but I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for alternatives to Bathmate’s lotion. It seems very expensive for what it is...
  3. twinkish92

    Come check it out

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  4. 2

    Just bought Bathmate....advice?

    Just bought it and arrives next week. Excited to give it a try. Would love to hear advice and routines from guys who have made gains. Looking for both length and girth. What NOT to do, best practices, etc.
  5. Post-pump bathmate

    Post-pump bathmate

    Time lapse after a bathmate pumping session
  6. O

    Photos & Videos Bath time!

    Hey guys, I love bath time, especially with a good mate. I have a difficult time finding pics that are just 2 guys enjoying a bath together though. Nothing hardcore, just the joy of being naked with a mate. Can we start a bath time photo/video thread? I don't mind if it's romantic or a bit...
  7. twinkish92

    Norwegian Viking OF

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  8. D

    New To Pe And Seeking Clarity On Gains!

    Hi all! I’m seeking some advice from the more experienced in PE out there . So I’ve been using hydromax pump almost religiously for a solid 5 months and have been using the Phallosan forte for almost 3 months now, and have just added the “Phallosan plus “ to the schedule too. I’ve been strict...
  9. twinkish92

    Bathmate Pumping, Skype

    Anyone wanna skype and pump? Share tips and tricks ?
  10. trickster28

    Bathmate Help And Advice!

    Hey guys I have a question about, the Bathmate hydromax series. I have the simple hydromax x40, and i know the hydromax Xtreme series has the attachable pump. I have a simple Bathmate Hydromax x40 and if I were to buy a hydromax Xtreme valve repleacement kit can i repleace the valve cap on the...
  11. biegeparlay


    How’s it going everyone? Well there’s a group on kik called “bathmate guys”. y’all are more than welcome to join. Probably give us some pointers and knowledge about them. hope to see you guys and gals soon.
  12. I

    Best Beginning Pump?

    Hi all, I've been interested in PE for a while--tried jelqing (with limited, non-permanent gains) and over the last few months, I've done some basic research on pumping. I've got some extra free time right now, and I'd like to buy my first pump (and start my jelq routine up again). What...
  13. Scarpin

    Does Anyone Know The Name Of These Vintage Porn Actors? *bathtub Video*

    The only video I know with them is this one of them in a bathtub...I've been looking for their name for ages but can never find the source. I wanted to know the name of the bald dude with a nike tattoo on the leg. If someone knows their name or knows more videos of them, please feel free to...
  14. Leobakker

    Bathmate Pressure

    Hi guys! I read a lot about the pressure/suction in pumps. Some guys adjust their session at it. I have a bathmate X40 Hydromax Xtreme, with the handpump. Does somebody know what pressure you can reach in a bathmate? Are there any tools what can measure it? I cant find any info on the...
  15. MhnStallion

    Bathmate - Where To Buy?

    Hey all! I've been interested in the bathmate for a long time; it looks fairly effective and I love the idea of increased flaccid hang. I've got some extra cash right now and was thinking about buying one, but I'm not sure where to buy it! There are tons of different options online and I don't...
  16. S

    Has Anyone Tried ....

    has anyone tried HydroXtreme series?
  17. Rocky1988

    Pe With Phalloson Forte And Bathmate.

    Hi guys, Been doing basic PE routine for an year on and off. Did JP 90 couple of times and modified few things suggested in Pegym website. EQ became much better because of PE. Not sure whether I got any significant gain or not. Anyways, I got a bathmate 3 months back, wearing it on and off. Now...
  18. DDReX

    Hi my love followers

    For being followers amd liking my albums! Heres for you Loves! Thanks!
  19. GettingBigger9

    I can't get bigger...

    ...without knowledge so I am curious where did you find your PE information from? I want to read as much as I can so if you have any informational forums you can link me or even PDF's please let me know. I always like to learn more and even though I am teaching PE to others I want to be taught...