1. fireice42

    What's Up My Butt Challenge

    Dustin and Jai stumbled into Jai's apartment, still feeling the effects of the club party they had just left. Both of them were a bit tipsy and in high spirits, laughing and joking as they made their way to the living room. They plopped down on the couch, bottles of beer in hand as they...
  2. selena_2016

    Try Not to Get a Boner Challenge (Gay/Bisexual Men Only)

    Hello to my fellow gay men and also to all of bisexual men in this site, First of all, thank you for clicking this thread because I want a lot of y'all to participate in this fun challenge! Here's what the game goes: 1. I will posts some links of LPSG threads of hot men that you will...
  3. S

    Germany: Female judge for cockfighting

    Hallo, wir, 2m, suche eine Schiedsrichterin für einen Cockfight in Norddeutschland. Das Ganze soll real stattfinden und wir haben schon Ideen, wie es ablaufen soll. Du kannst aber gern auch eigene Ideen einbringen. Hast Du Interesse und Lust, dann melde Dich - wir freuen uns auf Antworten.
  4. Chris1223

    Challenge: Masturbating with open door

    I have a challenge. Who is up to the challenge? You masturbate on webcam while leaving the door open even though someone is in the house closeby. the idea is combinable with other suggestions. If you are up for this, write me
  5. Who are they?

    Who are they?

    Who are they? @?
  6. D

    Photo Challenge?!

    Anyone else have up for the balance challenge? Not as easy as it looks! Any way to raise the stakes?
  7. More hair, more pleasure? Two years after the last cock shaving

    More hair, more pleasure? Two years after the last cock shaving

    On June 19, it's been 2 years since my penis last saw a razor. It was 2020 and I shaved my shaft and testicles with the intention that I will not do it for next year. I made it, but today, after an extra year, I still have all the hair on my cock. I found that living with it is just as good, and...
  8. I

    Help to find a video

    I need to find a video, it was more or less JOI style. It was a compilation with different categories and at the same time it had a beat that was indicating the speed at which you had to masturbate. I saw it about a year ago on PornHub but I have not found it. I would appreciate your help
  9. ItalianHorse98

    New Italian Hung Lad!

    Ho everyone! I joined you a few days ago, this site is great! I'm looking for other fit guys or men, maybe hung too. I love comparisons, challengers and trading in generale with people who have good-looking bodies. I hope i'll have a lot of fun!
  10. No shaving, no trimming. How I learned to love my pubic hair?

    No shaving, no trimming. How I learned to love my pubic hair?

    I have never shaved completely my bush above cock, but for many years I tried to find the best cut style for my pubic hair. Finally, I said to myself: "I'm done with it, let them grow as they want" and I stopped shaving or trimming them for one year. It wasn't easy, but today I'm pleased with...
  11. Ginger9x

    Photos & Videos Silhouette Challenge

    Latest trend from TikTok... Enjoy and post more!
  12. 8

    How To Fix My Sexual Cravings Without Cheating On My Partner?

    I'm 20 and I have a partner. I discovered a few years ago that I like being a slave or a master and that I'm into a bit of CBT, BDSM you know. I know my partner doesn't feel the same way about it. I used to go on omegle for example and find slaves or masters. I also like to do challenges or...
  13. K

    Mtv Challenge Stud Zach Nichols

  14. spunkie

    Photos & Videos Nude Tiktok Challenges

    Tiktok is increasing daily with more sexy guys.. a lot of them are sharing Tiktok challenges but fully nude.. so.. It would be nice if we all share what we have ☺️ i will start with these hot guys :
  15. D

    Beer Glassware Challenge

    Since this is all the rage, why not add another? Post a GIF or vid (no pics) of your dick (preferably hard) in relation to piece of beer glassware. Raise a glass to the spring! ;) I’ll start:
  16. Matx

    Snapchat - Dares And Challenges

    Looking for some guys who likes to do dares on Snapchat; exhib, play, kinky, rough... Looking for guys who likes to push their limits and challenge each others! PM me!
  17. U

    Wooch Graff [spartan Race]

  18. W

    Orgasm Challenges Or Bets

    Any of you know any videos where the couple tries challenging each other to see who can last longer, or how long can one last?? Here is some of my findings for research purpose: Meana Wolf – Accidental Cuckold pt1 Lets see who can make who cum first We Played Cock Hero, How long can you last...
  19. D

    Curious New Guy Cock Contets

    New to the site, and looking to have some kind of cock contest. Willing to entertain some bets and what not on the outcome.
  20. T

    Girls Are Challenged/competition/contest To Ride Big Toys Or Dicks. Posted Some Examples.

    Recently saw these scenes and found them hot. Hegre Art – Julietta Magdalena Twins Dildo Experiment HD Porn Videos - SpankBang Also saw one from kink where the girls had to one-up eachother while riding dildos. And wonder if you guys know more dildo or toy challenge contest or...
  21. I

    Challenge prove your 8 inches or over correct measurements only

    Let's get the thread rolling ruler or tape measure on top bone pressed ill start.
  22. A

    Skype cockfight challenge

    Looking for guys interested in having a cockfight/cumrace over skype. 21/M/UK