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  1. S

    Photo I need someone to help push my head down

    The only dick I've tasted
  2. M

    Gorgeous and sexy model Dean Simon

    Who has more?
  3. S

    Photo Work boner

    Boners in jeans are the worst
  4. S

    Photo I have an ugly penis

    Dark scar from being circumcized
  5. C

    Show off your soft and hard cut cock

    Show off your soft and hard circumcised cock here.
  6. M


    Russian trash streamer Vjlink has a lot of nude content out there! A while back he live streamed his dick enlargement where he talks with the doctor about his circumcision but I can't seem to find that video uncensored, so here's one where he's naked and HARD next to his friend! Vjlink трясет хуем
  7. ChuChiPapi

    Whatever happened to Scottish Twink Willow Scott aka x3 aka PrinceWillows from Tumblr?

    He apparently was famous on Tumblr, but I didn't know about him till after he "retired" like in 2016. Anyway, I figure we might as well share some pictures. Please share if you have more. Hopefully someone can find some videos.
  8. F

    Who is he!?

    Anyone got his name/nudes plsss?
  9. M

    Am cut or uncut?

    So, it might seem like a weird question, but I am trying to figure out if my dick is cut or not. Have lots of loose skin, and when completely soft about 3/4 of the head is covered. When hard (7.5 inches) no skin is visible but there is some loose skin you can tug on to pull up to about halfway...
  10. F

    Anyone have this video?

    Does anyone have this video??
  11. S


    Making this to share highabe12 and Highabe121 pictures and videos. I’ve been such a fan of his since his tumblr days but when tumblr ended their nsfw content he left. He used to sell videos I bought some but I can’t remember my email cause I used a different one to buy his content. But there’s...
  12. T

    Photo Show your adult circumcision

    Really interested in seeing the results of anyone who was circumcised later in life. Tell us when you were cut and the country you're from.
  13. C

    Australians circumcised as adults

    How many Australian guys have been circumcised as adults? How old are you now: How old when you were circumcised: Why did you get circumcised: How do you like the results: High or Low: Tight or loose: Circumcision method: What did your friends/family think: Would you recommend it:
  14. C

    British guy with CircumFetish

    Uncut lover of all things circumcision. Love before and after photos, chatting with other guys who want to get cut, guys have have been cut. Foreskin retraction, circumcision role play. Discussion of you and your partner/friends and family with different circumcision statuses. Circumcision...
  15. D

    circumcision discussion

    im in my 20's and I was born in Belarus, I was not circumcised. I now live in Sweden and I think about it alot. if your around my age and you think about the same thing if you were going to get cut or not and find it sexy and intresting. Hit me up and lets talk. Cut guys are just as welcome and...
  16. M

    MERLIN Hamdorf noticemrln

    What do u think 'bout this German hottie ☺️ Wonderlink notice.mrln Insta https://www.instagram.com/notice.mrln Tiktok TikTok Old: TikTok OF OnlyFans TWITTER https://twitter.com/noticemrln this is the account he has w/ his bf Jakob Mandel: @ kokarain Wonderlink: jakobkissmerlin Twitter...
  17. M


    Hey, i just found this guy hot and wanted to open a thread Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsofficialale old Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexanderTwink0 AskFM: Crazyale97 (@alessauros97). Ask me anything on ASKfm Another pseudonym: crazyale97 or Ale | Alessandro Deluca Unfortunately his Snap...
  18. Are_we_there_now

    Involuntary ejaculation again and again

  19. D


  20. D

    Anyone seen "zachsawyer95" Onlyfans?

  21. v-v

    Recently circumcised - avoiding sexual activities

    I was recently circumcised (at 20 years old for medical reasons), it's been a bit over a week since the surgery. Obviously while recovering, I have been advised to avoid any sexual activity for 3-4 weeks minimum. I haven't came since, and have been very horny; do you guys have any advice on how...
  22. wow. length!

    wow. length!

  23. C

    Does my cock resemble any pornstars?

    I'm curious which pornstar my cock most resembles. Any ideas?
  24. jw_kk_hw

    Masturbation joy!

    A thread dedicated to the joyous pleasure of masturbation, in all its forms. Coconut oil on hot, hard cock is exquisite.
  25. What do you think of my dick?

    What do you think of my dick?

  26. H

    Circumcision status of countries

    Hey all, always been interested in circ status of countries! from Australia here and most younger guys are u mncut almost 70% but there is a growing trend that more are getting cut now. what’s it like in your countries
  27. not wearing playboy boxers for nothing

    not wearing playboy boxers for nothing

  28. hunk army tee

    hunk army tee

  29. selfies his dick in the warehouse

    selfies his dick in the warehouse

  30. jack of all trades

    jack of all trades