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  1. M

    ID of Muscle Asian Hunk

    Hello everybody, I came across some videos of this Asian god on Mymuslcevideo and I find him extremly sexy; he has a very strong body and a delicious ass. He likes covering himselfs with a mask, but sometimes he doesn't wear anything and you can even see his face. Apparently, he's an...
  2. D

    New exhibitionist need advice

    So I discovered that I'm really into just being naked may enjoy people looking but I'm very new to it I got a meet up arrangement with my ex today and we are going to go for a hike in the woods naked and screw around a bit and I'm asking for things to try n do while doing so and advice is...
  3. C

    Looking for a specific locker room exhib

    A while ago I watched very intriguing videos about an exhibitionist who made some very exciting locker room/communal shower videos but (big surprise) I can't find them anymore. What I can recall: military environment, soldiers the guy who made and appeared in the videos has a tattoo on his butt...
  4. Jake1973

    CM-NM Scene

    Wondering how much of a strange unicorn I am although we do have a small group on this site. How many of you guys have heard of or are into the CM-NM (clothed-man, naked man) form of exhibitionism/voyeurism? Basically this is a scene where only one guy is naked with other guy(s) who stay...
  5. M

    Posting Nudes Where They Don’t Belong

    Post more like this. Guys sneaking dick into their tinder photos, getting their ass out on Facebook, or dropping a full-frontal selfie on Instagram. Only interested if the pic truest goes against the original site’s terms, so no Twitter nudes.
  6. B

    Video Anyone Can Id This Guy?

    Found him through a Twitter repost page, was wondering if anyone can tell me who he is.
  7. B

    Video Can Anyone Help Me Id This Cam Guy?

    Found him on a Twitter repost account and heard the all too familiar Chaturbate chime in the background, was wondering if anyone knows who this is.
  8. M

    Photos & Videos Wanking In (busy) Public Areas

    Please post photos or videos of guys wanking in busy public places, like fitting room, sauna, gym shower, library, busy car park, etc. Getting caught is even better! Exhibitionism kind of lost its fun when doing it in empty public places or places with zero chances of getting caught. Muscle...
  9. O

    Complimentary Kinks: Exhibitionism And Voyeurism

    I never, ever thought of myself as a voyeur. The word never had the right sound to describe my tastes. It wasn't that the word was taboo, it just wasn't me. It had a non-consentual factor that never felt quite right. As soon as I heard the term "consentual voyeur" I immediately knew it was the...
  10. Playful Bottom

    Exhibitionism And Being Naked In Front Of Others

    Throughout most of my sex life, I've been pretty vanilla, but from time to time, I have this desire to be naked, and to be watched by someone attractive, especially within their presence, and having them enjoy what they see, even teasing them sometimes. I've purposely put myself in situations...
  11. B

    Tiktok Live Slips And Flashing

    i have recently been discovering that guys do flashing in TikTok more than i thought so post them below ❤️
  12. KinkyAznBoy

    Late Night Walk In Toronto?

    Love to go out for late night walks with a little extra fun ;) Sometimes I wear lingerie and other times I end up stripping naked at a park or somewhere. I've done this many times with only a handful of previously arranged encounters during my walks and can't get over the feeling of a pair of...
  13. gymnistes

    Naked In Front Of Airbnb/couchsurfing Host

    Has anyone got naked in the common areas while staying with a airbnb / misterbandb / Couchsurfing host? What did they say ? here’s a pic of me, stayed at a hot guy’s place from misterbandb for 11 days for work travel. We didn’t chat about nudism but I saw clothing optional on his listing. He...
  14. gymnistes


    has anyone been to one of these guys' nudist retreats or done their workout classes? it's a straight guy Thomas Fairman and his gay friend Jason Wimberley https://twitter.com/nakedtrainers?lang=en The straight guy (left) is really hot, would love to spend a retreat with him and workout naked
  15. Servo

    Photos & Videos Mtv Spring Break - Gay Edit

    Anyone remember these segments from MTV Spring Break? I edited footage from youtube into a "gay edit", featuring just the guys. Admittedly, it's pretty mild content. But seeing this on TV at a young age was pretty wild. MTV Spring Break Uncensored / Springer Break / Spring Break Undercover...
  16. H

    Carers, Bed Washes And Erections! Part 2.

    I have carers come in through the day now. After about eighteen months, the initial care agency that was set up to look after me in my flat, went bust. The council had to arrange for a new agency to come in, that must have been about seven years ago. They supplied three carers, one that worked...
  17. H

    Carers, Bed Washes And Erections! Part 1. [there Are 2.]

    Hi! I am Toby. I have a full head of shoulder length, dark blonde and grey hair that I tie back. I am very slim, and very, very healthy. I always used to be quite healthy, but now I am unbelievably healthy, and very much into supplements. I am in my early fifties now. When I was in my early...
  18. M


    Does anyone have any OnlyFans video of this guy?
  19. Jake1973

    Feeling Invisible

    Staring "middle age" in the face I have been pondering my motive for being on sites like this and the mostly mild forms of exhibitionism in which I embark. When you look at social media and how focused it is on the young and the aesthetically gifted, it is easy to feel a little bit invisible or...
  20. R

    Flashing, Showing Off, And Getting Caught

    I love videos were guys are caught, flash, or get caught and then a guy joins. Videos like Project Durden on OF and JFF or does anyone know who this guy is in "Jeremy Trying Swimsuits and Showing Off in Front of Friends and Clerks"? I need more:
  21. Jamesishuge

    Searching For Release!!

    HI guys, I'm looking for some advice. I used to have a huge and popular gallery here. My wife got really mad one night and made me take down all my postings. It's been a few months now and I realize that I am more than ever fantasizing and craving showing off my cock. It's irrepressible...
  22. QuadrilDeFarelo

    Algo Do @mlkmaskarado?

    Alguma coisa completa do Mlk Maskarado? https://twitter.com/MlkMaskaradoRJ MLK MASKARADO
  23. bahf

    Looking For A Public Exhib/show Off Thread

    Hi guys. I am looking for an exhib or show off thread. Show off that tou show your body to other people in real life. Like delivery guys, or naked in locker room or freeballing or voyeuring someone naked. Not saying showing off to the forum members, instead, showing off to the people around you...
  24. stones7incher

    Best Hotels To Show Off In London

    Which hotels, (floors and rooms), are best to book in London if you want to show off to any adjoining hotel rooms or flats, and likewise where you can watch in on others ?
  25. P

    London Gloryhole

    Hello guys, does anyone know about any working gloryhole in London?
  26. juexi72

    Who Is This? Please Help...

    Hey guys, Found this beauty recently on twitter.... Anyone can identify this handsome farmer boy??? https://twitter.com/GayPigDude/status/1353504166258290689 https://twitter.com/i/status/1351613726412197892 thanks in advance for your hints ;-) !
  27. L

    Forced Or Risky Public Cum

    There are plenty of threads about cumming in public (though I’ll never get enough of them!), but wondering if anyone has stories or fantasies along the lines of one of my biggest: For years I’ve wanted to meet someone who would accompany me to a public place — truly public, like a normal bar or...
  28. Chainhearts

    Young Asian Twink

    I joined in August of this year, but haven't been active until now! So I'd say I'm new :) Nice to meet ya'll~ I'm a big exhibitionist so I'm looking forward to pleasing you dudes with my nudes (haha).
  29. MENagerie

    Photos & Videos Truly Selfless Selfies

    Selfless is the opposite of selfish. If you're selfless, you think less about your self,(by sharing sexy ass selfies) and more about others (by sharing sexy ass selfies) — you're generous and kind. Being selfless is similar to being altruistic — another word for giving to others without looking...
  30. 7

    Jock Bubblebutt Likes To Show Off - South Carolina

    Horny, mid-30s fit male with big, muscular jock ass likes to show off for all would-be admirers of ass. Love exhibitionism and displays of public nudity. Hit me up if interested