1. J


    For my money, the best OnlyFans page is UK Pleasure Boys OnlyFans This page is full of hot men, stripping completely naked in front of screaming women at their live shows. They update regularly. If you like CFNM, Public Nudity, Strippers, Exhibitionism, it is the best bang for your buck. Not to...
  2. T

    Someone pls help me ID this dude

  3. C

    Please help ID this guy!!

    And his onlyfans if you happen to know it. Kilts are such a huge turn on for me. And no its not the kiltedbros, or those one guys that did kilted workouts on youtube.
  4. A

    Exploring ourselves in Palm Springs (story and recos)

    My husband and I have been together for 15 years. I love him more than anything or anyone else in this world. We’ve both spent the last several years working to better ourselves physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. We’ve grown to a highly-connected place where we’re finally...
  5. N

    NYC voyeur looking for those who like being watched

    singles, couples or groups, Black/POC in shape, slim to muscular men please apply. Would love to watch you do what you do, if you want me to touch or assist in any way also cool.
  6. R

    Help id a white guy from two public videos?

    Pretty sure this is the same guy jerking off in public, and he is soooo fine but I can't find any more of him
  7. B

    Snapchat Stories

    I wanna post risky snap stories and am looking for anyone looking to do the same. Share nudes, that typa deal. Am 20yo, Yanterino on snap. No over 35. Message if interested
  8. A

    Voyeur who wants to receive on snapchat

    Voyeur who wants to receive dick pics and videos. I seek to worship you and give you the praising you deserve. Send on snap @adambazz2023.
  9. A

    Voyeur who wants to receive on snapchat

    Voyeur who wants to receive dick pics and videos. I seek to worship you and give you the praising you deserve. Send on snap @adambazz2023
  10. K

    Photos & Videos Homemade Videos of Straight Muscular Wankers in Public / Outdoors / Work

    Starting this thread for videos of straight muscular/athletic/hot men masturbating in public and other risky places. RULES: 1. The format of the video SHOULD NOT BE professionally filmed or scenes taken from Onlyfans or porn videos, but instead HOMEMADE (the subject filming himself for someone...
  11. Phone Sex?

    Looking for Serious ongoing Phone Jack Buddy

    Need regular guy next door type like me w/ dirty mind. :)
  12. L

    Photos & Videos Guy secretly flashing on purpose on social media

    Everything is in the title I find this type of content sooo hot
  13. Gracious_living

    Hands free orgasm

    I took a sip of water. Catching my breath, I let some cool drops of water drip down my chest to my cock. Slowly bobbing with my every breathe, the swollen purple veins throbbed and flexed as the cold drips hit. I fix my pillows I'm kneeling on, and look back at my laptop behind me. On the...
  14. N

    NYC Cruising Spots 2023

    I am aware of sniffles and other apps, but would be nice to hear from others about any new discoveries in NYC area. Gloryholes, saunas, bathrooms, parks or whatever other space you know of or have found. P.S. probably wise to add spaces to some names like those of gyms so its not as easy for...
  15. O

    Colorado man in need

    I am looking ladies with insatiable kinky needs
  16. aaronthomas247

    Exhibitionist looking to show off

    21 year old guy really into showing off my dick and body to whoever wants to worship it. Always looking for new people to flaunt my college cock to, feel free to shoot me a message!
  17. N

    Photos & Videos Gaiptwitpage / GayAFInPublic / Gafiptv

    I really need this guy's videos. Does anyone have full videos of him? His twitter account with link to onlyfans, darkfans, personal website https://twitter.com/gaiptwitpage?t=M28mP8OtvqwVaxDOa_VU2A&s=09
  18. K

    Photo The Show (Alessio Stigliano and Alessandro Tenace)

    Anyone has more of this two italian youtubers?
  19. J

    The Idea of Your Own Friends

    I know this is so common but the idea of being all turned on for your own friends/acquaintances gets me even more turned on, especially straight ones I wished I had seen them naked, or all hard and horny. I just wish sometime I can watch them jerk off and cum, or even just be playful. Has...
  20. M

    ID of Muscle Asian Hunk

    Hello everybody, I came across some videos of this Asian god on Mymuslcevideo and I find him extremly sexy; he has a very strong body and a delicious ass. He likes covering himselfs with a mask, but sometimes he doesn't wear anything and you can even see his face. Apparently, he's an...
  21. D

    New exhibitionist need advice

    So I discovered that I'm really into just being naked may enjoy people looking but I'm very new to it I got a meet up arrangement with my ex today and we are going to go for a hike in the woods naked and screw around a bit and I'm asking for things to try n do while doing so and advice is...
  22. C

    Looking for a specific locker room exhib

    A while ago I watched very intriguing videos about an exhibitionist who made some very exciting locker room/communal shower videos but (big surprise) I can't find them anymore. What I can recall: military environment, soldiers the guy who made and appeared in the videos has a tattoo on his butt...
  23. Gracious_living

    Gay smut encounters

    A place for my stories
  24. Jake1973

    CM-NM Scene

    Wondering how much of a strange unicorn I am although we do have a small group on this site. How many of you guys have heard of or are into the CM-NM (clothed-man, naked man) form of exhibitionism/voyeurism? Basically this is a scene where only one guy is naked with other guy(s) who stay...
  25. B

    Video Anyone Can Id This Guy?

    Found him through a Twitter repost page, was wondering if anyone can tell me who he is.
  26. B

    Video Can Anyone Help Me Id This Cam Guy?

    Found him on a Twitter repost account and heard the all too familiar Chaturbate chime in the background, was wondering if anyone knows who this is.
  27. M

    Photos & Videos Wanking In (busy) Public Areas

    Please post photos or videos of guys wanking in busy public places, like fitting room, sauna, gym shower, library, busy car park, etc. Getting caught is even better! Exhibitionism kind of lost its fun when doing it in empty public places or places with zero chances of getting caught. Muscle...
  28. O

    Complimentary Kinks: Exhibitionism And Voyeurism

    I never, ever thought of myself as a voyeur. The word never had the right sound to describe my tastes. It wasn't that the word was taboo, it just wasn't me. It had a non-consentual factor that never felt quite right. As soon as I heard the term "consentual voyeur" I immediately knew it was the...
  29. D

    Exhibitionism And Being Naked In Front Of Others

    Throughout most of my sex life, I've been pretty vanilla, but from time to time, I have this desire to be naked, and to be watched by someone attractive, especially within their presence, and having them enjoy what they see, even teasing them sometimes. I've purposely put myself in situations...
  30. KinkyAznBoy

    Late Night Walk In Toronto?

    Love to go out for late night walks with a little extra fun ;) Sometimes I wear lingerie and other times I end up stripping naked at a park or somewhere. I've done this many times with only a handful of previously arranged encounters during my walks and can't get over the feeling of a pair of...