1. Belgianboy98

    Messy blowjobs

    This thread is dedicated to messy blowjobs Examples below touriste américain suce, se fait enculer et leche le cul du boss
  2. H

    Anybody know if this shooter has OF?

  3. Rebelbitch

    Gay facial - cum on face

    Post pics of men with cum on their face! Everyone has their favorite pic saved wishing they could’ve been the one to nut on their face.
  4. B

    OC, Salisbury, Lower DE lkg2serv

    In town on business and would love to find a hung man to service. I can host in hotel. Stop by, let me take those clothes off and enjoy! Don't get the chance to do this often. You can blow your load on my face or chest or even my cock then i can jerk off with it! Lkg for other bi, str8...
  5. C

    Healthy penis: cum all over my gorgeous ebony wife's face daily (cumtribute)

    I am looking for a guy who would like to keep his penis healthy by cumming all over my gorgeous ebony wife's face every day. Message me if interested in seeing her. Important: you can't be in the same city as us for privacy reasons, I'm not looking to share her nudes (looking for guys who get...
  6. B

    Knoxville UT game

    Will be in Knoxville for the Vols game this weekend and would love to meet up with a hung dude to enjoy! Must be very discreet. Looking to suck a big cock and be rewarded with a big load shot on my face. 55 and under. Prefer other straight, bi married military, frat type and love hot nerd...
  7. NakedCareerCoach

    I love cum

    some new loads, some already posted, but all in one place....I love cum...LOVE it
  8. M

    Photo Anyone ID this guy?

    Part of this: 111 Facials Massive Big Cumshots on Face watch online 28 minutes in
  9. T

    Exfeed Code

    Hi everyone, I'm asking again for your help, I recently stumbled upon a clip of a fucking hot japanese getting facial. I need a link or a code where I can watch the rest of the video. Heres the twitter link where i found this clip...
  10. M

    Help ID? Curly haired guy

    Curly haired guy fucks hot bottom Who is the curly haired guy?
  11. ViewingPleasure

    Best Cumpilations under 5 mins

    This is a great cumshot (mostly facials) compilation that I recently came across, figuratively and literally. :p;):yum Cum all over HER Please share your favorite, best are under 5 minutes for a quick cum and go, but if you have one that’s longer please share that, too!
  12. S

    The Hottest Facial Ever! Can anyone ID this guy?

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="zxx" dir="ltr"><a href="https://t.co/nGnZV9X2j5">pic.twitter.com/nGnZV9X2j5</a></p>&mdash; ‼️FaceDecorator‼️ (@cumtast1k) <a href="">May 6, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>...
  13. knatterton

    Please ID this face-fucking couple

    Blowjob Face Fuck Facial Porn GIF by mathgoodie Blowjob Caption Face Fuck Forced Freeuse Hands Free Hogtied Step-Sister Teen Throat Fuck Porn GIF by hammerpixel
  14. Antonio8inches

    Giving my stepsis a thick facial for Xmas!

    Giving Kiki my thick load! BWC Big Dick Cum Cumshot Face Fuck Oral Orgasm Thick Thick Cock Porn GIF by antonio8inches Clip belongs to me Antonio8inches (OF free sub) Kiki_isobel
  15. Antonio8inches

    Unloading my massive load on this Hotwife

  16. K

    Video Looking for video where husband talks to friends...

    There was a video posted at LPSG (in the past) where a blonde, middle-aged woman was given facials by her husband and his friends. The video was hot, for me, because the men's conversations were ironic/ordinary. They talked about not offending female colleagues (at one of their workplaces)...
  17. ashbaldwainer


  18. D

    Video Help me find these guys????

    Trying to find the name or the @ of the men of these vids Apparently the last one is brazilian???? Sorry if it was already posted here!
  19. U

    ID of porn actor

    Was wondering if anyone could identify this porn actor:
  20. B

    Everything Cum

    Leave your stories about anything cum related, precum related etc. Do you like to add cum as a secret ingredient to your cup of coffee? Do you like cum used as icing on cakes? Let know. What is it you like about cum? Do you love it on your face? Or do you save some for a treat later? Share...
  21. blueballssoretip

    Photos & Videos Manly facials

    Just images and videos of macho (straight or straight-looking guys) covered in cum, simple as that. A good example: abeardedboy
  22. W

    Virtual FPOV Cum Facials

    Hi all! Trying to find a specific type of video, but not having much luck. Not sure what term I should be searching for to find what I need. Ultimately I would like to find lots of videos of guys cumming at, or on, the camera. Doesn't have to hit the camera necessarily. I just think it's hot...
  23. L

    Hi can anyone ID this hunk ?

    found these 2 videos a while back last year but I still dont know his name. Would love it if anyone ID's him so i can see if he has more content.
  24. E

    Photo who are these guys?

    any idea who they are?
  25. J

    Gay Snowballing Videos?

    I feel like there aren’t enough hot videos of men snowballing! Do you know of/have any good ones to share?
  26. D

    100 LOADS OF CUM compilation - in my face, mouth, and down my throat!

    watch me take 100 loads of cum all over my face and in my mouth and down my throat...all in front of the camera!
  27. PervertedSon25

    Giving myself an accidentally self facial

    I accidentally gave myself a self facial, and kinda liked it.
  28. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Black&white

    Black&White Bigger Better ;)
  29. D


    Do you guys have anything on him? I have this one:
  30. J

    Photos & Videos Cum On Face

    Would love to see the best loads on the best faces ;)