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  1. A

    Driving instructor (is he flirting?)

    Sorry I’m advance first thread post So I’ve been taking driving lessons for the last few months. My driving instructor was recommended by my brother through his work, one of his colleagues who does it part time. He’s a great guys mid 40s, I’m 29. I’m gay and you can usually tell once you...
  2. JayPR

    Straight guy flirting with you. Has it ever happened to you?

    Have you ever met a straight guy, either through friends or any other social scenario, and as soon they know you're gay, the guy starts behaving kind of nicer or even flirty with you. Of course, usually kind of discrete, but you notice that he is overly friendly and touchy, especially if there's...
  3. B

    Any Stories About Home-wrecker Or Couple-wrecker?

    Ive been searching for this kind of stories on Nifty, Literotica, Gaydemon... but its hard to find anything. As long as the main character is a seducer, an aggressive seducer, and interest in married/hubby/bf...... then its my type. Hope to see alot of recommendation from you guys.
  4. spaj8987

    Green Lights That You're Into It.

    What are some green lights that you're into another person flirting with you? I'm notorious for not getting hidden messages (or what seems like hidden messages because i can't spot them personally). Which left me pretty ignorant when it comes to flirting. How to flirt, what flirting is and...